Token Updates 2!
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Token Updates 2!

Yoo everyone!

We have received reports from people who aren't receiving tokens properly when reading chapters. To be honest, it's hard to deal with them without detailed information about your reading habits because of the check system we have for earning tokens.

Our goal for the token system is not just to get page views but to encourage reading on our website, which is why we had a list of criteria one has to fulfill to earn a token instead of just going with a simple 'Click on a couple of chapters and get a token'.

However, from the reports we are receiving, the lack of transparency is causing quite a bit of frustration amongst our readers. In view of that, we decided to just announce the criteria openly. I was initially opposed to it because I felt that it takes away the enjoyment from reading by putting the focus on earning tokens (it's similar to how a hobby can feel less enjoyable once you get paid for it), but I think the lack of transparency is hurting people more now.

It was after careful consideration that we came to this decision, and here goes nothing!

In order to receive a token for reading a chapter, you'll have to meet these criteria:
  • Staying a minimum of 2 minutes for a chapter without adblock
  • The tab must be active during this period of time
  • You need to scroll through at least 50% of the chapter
  • Re-reads don't count

These are all of the criteria, and hopefully, this clarifies things up!
If you're still unable to receive a token despite meeting these criteria, please do drop us an email at [email protected] or head down to our Discord to share your problem with as much detail as possible. It'd be a bit hard for us to track down the problem without sufficient information.

We understand that there has been a bit of frustration over the no-counts, especially since the criteria have been hidden under a layer of obscurity up to this point.

To be fair to those who have been disadvantaged by their reading habits and thus didn't get any tokens, we are going to gift everyone a few tokens in line with how much they have read thus far. It should be coming in within the next few days, so do look forward to it!

Last but not least, I just want to say that the token system is not made to be intentionally hard. It's just that we underestimated how different people have different habits when it comes to reading, such that it's extremely difficult to apply the same set of criteria to everyone. We'll be looking toward how we can revise it, but till then, we can only ask you to bear with it for the time being. 

With that, see yall!

Feel free to leave any comments below to give us your thoughts