Reworking the Token System
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Reworking the Token System

Hey guys, it's Starve again~

We have gathered feedback on the token system and here's a quick overview of how it works right now!

1) The amount of chapters you have to read in order to earn a token has been lowered to 5 for the first token of the day, and 25 for subsequent ones.

2) Readers can earn a maximum of 5 tokens per day.

3) I can't reveal the details behind the mechanisms we use to determine whether a chapter has been read or not, but the conditions have been lowered so that any chapters you have read will be logged properly.

Some clarifications that were made in the previous post:

- Only unread chapters will contribute to the chapters counted for earning tokens. Unread chapters are defined by the moment the token system was launched.
For example, if I read Peerless Battle Spirit before token was launched, rereading Peerless Battle Spirit now will contribute to tokens earned. However, if I read Little Tyrant right now and reread them a month from now, it will not contribute to tokens earned.

Hopefully these changes will make the token system much more useful and enhance your reading experience! Thanks~