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New Site Design

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your patience whilst the new sites design has been launched.

A few key things that have changed:
  • New design, hopefully making the reading experience better
  • Easier to navigate url structure
  • Ability to change the font you read with
  • Find novels better and filter/sort them within the novel listing page
  • More information within the novel detail page, such as genres (when everyone sets them)
  • Addition of a reading log within your account
  • Better visibility of our token system
  • You can now see the teasers for all early release chapters

We are still making adjustments and I’m sure we’ll gradually add more to the site in due course so please do bear with us.

If there’s any suggestions you have please feel free to join our discord and post there.

Thank you,

UPDATE (6/3/22): You can now search within the info box (the icon on mobile has been moved into the navigation or Cmd/Ctrl+K also opens the quick search). The sticky header is back, but only when you scroll up. RSS feed icon has been re-added at the bottom.

UPDATE (6/4/22): We've adjusted the spacing and font sizes. Title has been added to the header for mobile. Adjustments to the sticky header to stop it being annoying.

UPDATE (6/5/22): Adjustment to dark colours and added the orange back in for dark mode. Added ability to delete your account. Added recent chapters to navigation. Moved user & night mode above novels in mobile nav.

UPDATE (6/8/22): Added some fixes with the notifications. I also readded the ability to be immediately emailed when a chapter is released.