New Novel: Underworld Player!
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New Novel: Underworld Player!

Heya peepah!
We have a new book on our site named Underworld Player, translated by Orizhinal!
Orizhinal has originally translated a few other works, so you can be assured that his work is good given his origins. He enjoys books a lot and often dives into new worlds from the comfort of his couch, which was what brought him here. He's also a proud cat butler who purrfectly attends to the needs of his cat, Lucky.
Introduction to Underworld Player
Bai Zhi is a thorough scumbag who has no qualms about deceiving others and prioritizes himself above everyone else. He dies in an accident and transmigrates into the body of his doppelganger in another world, an enigmatic world filled with strange creatures that lurk in broad daylight.
Bai Zhi found that people start gathering around him despite his horrid personality. People seem to think that he's more powerful than he is, and monsters struggle to understand why their tricks don't work on him.
All in all, it's a comedy of errors flavored with a pinch of problem-solving, a dash of harem, a thrill of terror, and at the core, the meaty mystery of what the hell is going on?!
Check out the first chapter here!
PS: Im proud of my puns