Amazon Ebook Release for Little Tyrant!
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Amazon Ebook Release for Little Tyrant!

Yoo everyone!!

We have finally launched our very first ebook for Little Tyrant Doesn't Want to Meet with a Bad End on Amazon! It covers the first 50+ chapters, stopping right before the first Witness State.

Many thanks to for her excellent editing work and for the chillingly beautiful cover!

We have put a lot of effort into the ebook, and this is a significant milestone for us. Hopefully, the ebook would allow us to reach out to a larger audience!

Do consider supporting us by buying the ebook and leaving a review here:
It costs $4 on Kindle. Unfortunately, we don't offer paperback at the moment. 

We'd appreciate it greatly if you could help us share our Twitter post. We'll pick out three lucky winners there to receive a free copy of the ebook (and given our social media activity, the chances of winning is very high)!

Here is the artwork we have commissioned for the ebook. It's low resolution here for some reason, but I really wanted to share it since it captures a nice heartwarming moment: