3 (Kind of) New Novels & 1 Brand New Novel
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3 (Kind of) New Novels & 1 Brand New Novel

Hello all!

I think we need to start making a bigger fuss of the new novels we have being released on the site.

I am, over the coming weeks, going to create a few more announcements outlining the new novels we've had released.

A few of the new novels we have had released:

  • Is It Too Late to Leave the Chat Group? - DragonInWhite releasing a promising 5 chapters per week with this unique chatroom based novel (I have personally read a number of chapters from this novel already, and its honestly looks really good).
  • Legend of the Asura - DXHaseoXD with a massive 188 chapters already available and another 7 chapters per week being added.
  • Give Me Another Smile - Hellscythe with another fantastic girl love novel releasing at currently 6 chapters released per week

Also today we've just had a brand new release from the wonderful Yang Wenli.

There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made!

Although standing there with only 1 chapter currently.
That first one definitely seems promising and I am looking forward to seeing more from it.

Kind regards,