Chapter 9- White Cloak
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Zhan Yue Chapter 9- White Cloak

The moment I saw that it was Zhuang Huai Shui's disciple, I knew that there was a problem.

"Yes, it’s me; do you have a problem?"

"Of course," he replied coldly. "Last time, the Wind Cloud Platform opened too fast and I was in secluded meditation, so you were able to get the top position. The next time that it opens, it is when the two of us will decide the victor!"

"I thought that it’s something huge..."I waved my hands. "If you have nothing else for me, then I am going to leave."


His face flushed red. He wanted to insult me and show off, but he did not expect me not to care at all. In truth, what was the point in bickering with an NPC? Rather than waste time, why not check out the rules of Black Castle?

"There’s also me!"

A furious beast's roar echoed. When I turned around, I saw a furious Purgatory Lion standing there. He said, "July Wildfire, your battle with me has just begun!"

"Two Balls, it’s you; long time no see!" I laughed out loud.

"You!"He was furious. "July Wildfire, the two of us can't share this world; we will meet later on Wind Cloud Platform!"

"Okay, I will wait for you!"


I left and wandered at the waist of the mountain. I realized that there was not a single Wild Rabbit in the forest, and all mobs had been cleared out. It was impossible to train here.

Dang dang dang~

Someone knocked onto my helmet. Ah Fei's voice sounded. "Ah Li, why aren't you in the beginner village still?How long will your hidden job take? Have you succeeded?"

"I did, but I can't return to the beginner village in the meantime," I said awkwardly

"D*mn..."He was speechless for a moment. "Then I can only train alone."

"Are you level 10 yet?"

"Yes, I have finished my job advancement!"

His voice was filled with excitement. "I learnedtwo level 10 skills: Fireball and Wind Blade. With the two skills together, I can retreat a few steps and use them to wipe out practically all same-level mobs. Also, I have joined a training ground, and leveling there is quite safe. I’ll probably reach level 12 today."

"Not bad!"

I was actual

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