Chapter 7- Perfect quest
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Zhan Yue Chapter 7- Perfect quest

"What are you afraid of? The three of us already have jobs, so why can't we defeat a mere level 10 Elite Boss?"

Man of Steel held the sword in his hand and looked really confident, "Don't worry; charge up with me to restrict the Boss and don't give him a chance to fight back. Leave the rest to the long-ranged attackers!"

As he said that, he shouted towardthe forest, "Old Li, what are you doing!Rush over; the Boss might appear at any time!"

"I am here; I am here."

A fat middle-aged man appeared from the bushes. He was so fat that his dark gray armor was too much for his body. A quiver was on his waistand he held a bow in his hands. He was actually an Archer who focused on Agility!

Old Li (Trainee Archer)

Level: 10

Party: Hidden Dragon Mountain


"A total of three people."

I hid behind a tree and looked at them from far away. Since becoming a Boss, I had not fought players with jobs. I did not know whether the damage in Illusionary Moon was high or not. Therefore, to be safe, I should make use of my strength, which was sneak attacks. Let us kill thatArcher first.

As such, I turned into an invisible shadow and stepped on the grass as I closed in on the Archer.

Old Li wiped off the sweat on his forehead and smiled. "Don't walk so fast; the party is breaking apart. Are we really not waiting for the rest?"

"They haven't had their job advancements yet, so even if they come they will just be cannon fodders. The three of us can deal with this," said Paladin Man of Steel with confidence.

Wang Yaozu frowned. "We should protect Old Li; I heard that the Boss is good at sneak attackingopponents. once he gets taken out, we may just break down."

"Is there a need?"

The moment he asked that, I appeared behind Old Li and the green dagger gave off a bright light. The Backstab skill burst forth with shocking damage!



[Battle notification: Kill success!Contribution point +2! Experience +300!]


Old Li exclaimed and his eyes opened wide. His health bar was emptied before he could even react. He held his bow and turned to look at me. "D*mn.. This Boss is so cunning..."

As he said that, he closed his eyes and fell to the ground. He turned into a white light and returned to the beginner village.


Wang Yaozu was shocked, but his movement was quick. He charged at me, his sword encapsulated in flames as it went for my chest. This heavy strike could not be dodged!


Three digits jumped up and that shocked me. It could actually penetrate my defense; level 10 players were totally different!

"Die you jerk!"

Wang Yaozu hollered. A six-star glow appeared from his sword and Double Hit was activated. His attacks were too quick, and along with his movement, this sword was hard to dodge!


I retreated, but as I retreated, I sent my dagger flying forward!




A red light flashed and Wang Yaozu's Double Hit was interrupted. He stood there in shock and was stunned, but my Gouge actually failed to insta-kill him. His green bracers definitely raised his Defense and Health; if not, he wouldhave been unable to handle it.

"Watch me!"hollered Man of Steel in rage. Right as he moved, his body was swathed in while light. This was Paladin's passive skill, Toughess, raising their Health and armor by 20%. As the tankiest job in the early game, Paladin's strengths were apparent. At the same time, the Strong-grade long sword slashed across.

A swift Judgement landed on my shoulder!



I was shocked. A Strong-grade sword actually allowed him to penetrate my defense. That was too terrifying? No, kill Man of Steel. I could let Wang Yaozu walk around for a while more!

When we passed one another, my reaction speed was quicker. My dagger slashed past Man of Steel's arm, and at the same time, I stepped and turned around. I was like a leaf attached onto his body. Backstab's 3.5 seconds cooldown was over, so I aimed for Man of Steel's back!



After two hits, he was left with a bit of Health. His overall Health was already over a thousand and that was due to his strong equipment!


He tried to flee while he shouted, "His attacks are terrifying; he can insta-kill me!"

"Turn around and try to block; don't let him backstab you again!" Wang Yaozu shouted.

However, it was too late. Man of Steel was a coward and did not know how to avoid Backstab. He ran forwardlike a madman, and once I caught up, I used a basic attack to whittle away his last sliver of Health, and then he was dead!


[Battle notification: Kill success.Contribution point +2! Experience +300!]


The moment he died, Man of Steel groaned. Some potions dropped from his bag. At the same time, his white steelcaps dropped, too. He smiled, feeling fortunate that his sword did not drop.

I turned around, and now only one was left. Moreover, I noticed that when I killed level 10 players, I got 2 contribution points. That was a huge win, so I could not release the last person.

"I will fight you to the death!"

Wang Yaozu held his sharp blade, his eyes filled with rage and determination. He charged at me, but how could he be my match? I used Gouge and Backstab to kill him!


[Battle notification: Kill success.Contribulation point +2! Experience +300!]


The notifications of kill rewards sounded better and better, but unfortunately I was unable to pick up the coins, potions, and equipment from the ground. If not, it would be a huge win.


I panted. I looked at my healthbar and a small bit was gone. Although it was not a huge problem, it was proof that level 10 players could threaten me. There were only three of them.What if there werefive; what if there were ten? My skills were all single target and I had to lifesteal, so I could not fight for long. As long as the opponent was experienced, it would be tough for me to escape the fate of death.

I was heading out for the first time as a Shura Boss, so I did not want to die on the battlefield.

I shall just be humble and not appear anymore.

Thus, I entered Stealth and headed deep into Rabbit Forest. I no longer wanted to offend those players and just wanted to spend time with the wind and the leaves.

A few minutes later, more players surged into the forest. From afar, I saw close to thirty level 10 players. There were even a few at level 11 and 12. All of them were solemn and proceeded onward carefully. This party... I could not afford to offend them! It was better to quit when I still could and not attack anymore!

Fortunately, they did not have skills to scout out invisibility, so they could only just search aimlessly in Rabbit Forest and were unable to find me, much less kill me.

Just like that, ten minutes passed.

Finally, I was out for a full 120 minutes. A bell,which made me feel really relaxed, rangin my ears—


[System notification: Congratulations!You have completed the Wind Cloud Platform's battle quest, obtaining 322 contribution points! As you did not die, contribution points increased by 50%, you have obtained 483 points from this quest!


A huge profit! With 483, I had become the richest Skeleton Soldier in Reincarnation Valley!


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I was swathed in white light and was teleported once more. With a loud thud, I was back in Reincarnation Valley. My body changed, going from that valiant looking Copper Ghost General into that thin Skeleton Warrior. This change made me feel a little uncomfortable.

Right when I landed, a black storm swept. It charged in front of me and formed into a human shape. It was the Reincarnation Valley Manager, an NPC called Zhuang Huai Shui. He looked at me with a sharp gaze. "July Wildfire, I heard that you had fought the forces from the other world and had done well."

I was stunned. "I guess so?"

"Follow me!"

A wind wrapped up my body, which I could not resist at all. I was carried up and flew out of Reincarnation Valley with the black wind that Zhuang Huai Shui had turned into. I landed at the mid-waist of a mountain and saw several buildings here. Compared to how desolate Reincarnation Valley looked, this place was really majestic.

We walked into a hall.

The environment was really dark and the copper pillar in the hall gave off thick death energy. Undead Guards,one holding a halberg and another wielding a sharp sword, were on either side. Both seemed really strong, and they looked at me fiercely. I could not see their level and stats, which meant that they were far stronger than I was.

Zhuang Huai Shui sat on the seat at the end of the hall. Beside him were two people, one an old man in a grey robe who was giving off celestial vibes and anotherwith a dark gaze and also in a grey robe. They differed in that the latterhad lightning flowing in his gaze and appeared really strong.


Zhuang Huai Shui said, "July Wildfire, you won the Wind Cloud Platform’s battle royale and completed the battle quest perfectly. You have not humiliated Black Castle. Today, senior brother Ding Heng and junior brother Lei Chang are here;you can select one of us as your teacher and we will teach you about the power of death."


Lei Chang scoffed coldly. "An initial stage Skeleton Warrior, who doesn't even have potential, wants to be my disciple?"

I was stunned. I looked at Lei Chang, and although I could not see his level, I could see the introduction—

Deacon Elder Lei Chang (Precious Boss)

Level: ???

Introduction: One of the Deacon Elders in the five outer areas of Black Castle. He was once a member of the Demon race and cultivates the power of death. He is really strong.


He was a demon, huh.

He rejected me right away because he was afraid of dragging down the average standard of his disciples?

What a joke!

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