Chapter 6- I want to try him
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Zhan Yue Chapter 6- I want to try him

The breeze blew in the forest and the rustling of leaves sounded.

Following the footfalls, a player party appeared in the vast land ahead. They were basically all level 7 to 9 who had not yet gone through their job advancements. They wore plain shirts and used wooden swords. Only a couple had equipment, and one of whom was a young man with a battleaxe which gave off a white light.

"Be careful; we have entered Rabbit Forest."

A party leader symbol was floating above the head of this speaker. "All of you, prepare yourselves. I heard that the Boss is an Assassin and can go into Stealth mode. Be careful with his sneak-attacks. Everyone below level 7 isn't allowed to enter; the rest of you, follow me in. If we wipe out this Copper Ghost General, we will definitely get the first Boss kill and get extra rewards."

On the side, a pimpled teen said, "Charge forwardtogether later; don't try to run. Even if we take the risk of dropping a level, we must kill that Boss using numbers. After all the Copper Ghost General is the lowest type of Boss and is only at Elite grade. His Health won't be too high, maybe only 2000 to 3000."


The teen with the battleaxe smiled. "Don't let others look down on us!"

"Go go go!"

Just like that, roughly twenty people charged into the forest. They cleared out the level 9Skeletons along the way.


I continued to rest on the old tree. As I looked into the distance, I realized that no other parties were arriving so these were the only few in the meantime. Let us deal with them first in case more and more people came as I would really be forced in a battle of attrition. With my stats, I would most probably die.


The moment the thought appeared on my mind, I landed from the tree, like a fallen leaf floating down an autumn tree. I was totally silent, but my copper dagger had gone in two directions, hitting the back of two players.

Pu pu!



Two attacks from mine instantly killed them!

When the current players did not add points to Health, they would only have 400 to 500, which was un

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