Chapter 6- I want to try him
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Zhan Yue Chapter 6- I want to try him

The breeze blew in the forest and the rustling of leaves sounded.

Following the footfalls, a player party appeared in the vast land ahead. They were basically all level 7 to 9 who had not yet gone through their job advancements. They wore plain shirts and used wooden swords. Only a couple had equipment, and one of whom was a young man with a battleaxe which gave off a white light.

"Be careful; we have entered Rabbit Forest."

A party leader symbol was floating above the head of this speaker. "All of you, prepare yourselves. I heard that the Boss is an Assassin and can go into Stealth mode. Be careful with his sneak-attacks. Everyone below level 7 isn't allowed to enter; the rest of you, follow me in. If we wipe out this Copper Ghost General, we will definitely get the first Boss kill and get extra rewards."

On the side, a pimpled teen said, "Charge forwardtogether later; don't try to run. Even if we take the risk of dropping a level, we must kill that Boss using numbers. After all the Copper Ghost General is the lowest type of Boss and is only at Elite grade. His Health won't be too high, maybe only 2000 to 3000."


The teen with the battleaxe smiled. "Don't let others look down on us!"

"Go go go!"

Just like that, roughly twenty people charged into the forest. They cleared out the level 9Skeletons along the way.


I continued to rest on the old tree. As I looked into the distance, I realized that no other parties were arriving so these were the only few in the meantime. Let us deal with them first in case more and more people came as I would really be forced in a battle of attrition. With my stats, I would most probably die.


The moment the thought appeared on my mind, I landed from the tree, like a fallen leaf floating down an autumn tree. I was totally silent, but my copper dagger had gone in two directions, hitting the back of two players.

Pu pu!



Two attacks from mine instantly killed them!

When the current players did not add points to Health, they would only have 400 to 500, which was unable to handle one of my basic attacks. After killing the two, I charged without pausing at all. The dagger in my right hand slashed through the air, activating Backstab to stab the back of that battleaxewielder!


Once again, I insta-killed my target!


The teen at the side exclaimed, "D*mn... The Boss killed our leader! Guys, attack! Surround him and kill him; take revenge for our boss!D*mn..."

The players around all charged to me.

My gaze sank and my twin daggers danced all about. Threeattackslanded on three players with wooden swords, insta-killing all of them. They were astonished, not expecting a Boss to be so decisive. The current players were all too slow and would have a second window of time before attacking. As for me, with the stats of the Boss, I was really quick and could crush the target before they could even react!

Behind me, along with a roar, a player waving a rosewood sword slashed at my copper armor.



I nearly burst into laughter; he actually did not even penetrate my defense!

No wonder. My current Defense was 210 and his Attack... A level 9 player who placed all of his stats in Attack would only have 100, so it was normal for him not to break through my defense. They could only barely do a single digit of damage.

This added to the terror that I brought to all of them.


My dagger flashed; it felt like the teen's body was being ripped apart. His eyes were filled with shock as he knelt on the ground, turning into a white light and returning to the city.

"D*mn, this Boss is too fierce?"

The people surrounding me were shocked. Although four to five of them were already launching their attacks on me,but their attacks did not add up to a hundred. This meant that my long healthbar did not even change at all!

It was as if I had entered a realm of invincibility.



I waved the daggers about as I dashed through the crowd in a zigzag, continuously claiming their lives. After killing over ten of them, a golden light came down from the sky!


[System notification: Congratulations! You have leveled up!]


I actually advanced to... level 2?

I chased the players while opening the personal interface. My current profile was the basic value of the Boss stats. Along with me leveling up, the Boss stats increased, too. D*mn, that felt great. After leveling, myHealth, Defense, and Attack stats all rose. I even obtained 5 stat points, which I added all to Agility.

Agility was the focus of Assassins. Highly agile Assassins not only had strong attacks, increased critical hits, fast attacking speed, and high defense, even their movement speed wasnimble. Therefore, adding points to Agility was definitely a win.

After adding the points, my stats really changed from before—

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 2

Attack: 14-21

Defense: 22

Health: 650

Critical Strike: 0.05%

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Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 17

Combat strength: 28


My Combat strength, along with my Attack and Defense, increased by a lot. I sucked in a deep breath. Based on the detailed stats interface and just likemyinitial guess, Assassins in Illusionary Moon had great agility affinity. Each stat added would increase 0.5 Attack, 0.2 Defense, and 0.01 Critical Strike. When my stats got higher, its strength would be shown.

These stats were amplified by ten times on the Boss, which meant that the higher my level was, the stronger I got. I probably would not need to die this time!


I slashed with my dagger and the last player's throat was sliced. He fell to the ground and died. This ambitious party was wiped out just like that while I gained 25 more contribution points. This felt great! I should think of how to make use of thecontribution points to grow up and advance in Black Castle. Of course, these were not the only things I could earnthis time as there would definitely be more!

Thus, I focused and entered Stealth once more. I sat beneath a huge, towering tree and looked as players passed one by one. I searched for a chance to attack.

All of them had not gone through their job advancements, so they could not learn techniques to see through Stealth. To me, this was a golden opportunity!

Five minutes later, I attacked once again. After wiping out another bunch, I entered Stealth once more and fled.

Just like that, I attacked and changed spots. More and more beginners appeared in Rabbit Forest, but no one could handle me. I was playing with the players as if they were in my palms!


One and a half hours later.

"Hu hu..."

The moment the battle ended, I faded into the moonlight and lay in some bushes to catch my breath. In the distance, the ground was strewn with corpses. It was of a fifty-man-strong party, and after clearing them out, my health had dropped to 72%. I needed to rest for a while, and if I could, I did not need to fight anymore.

Meanwhile, after my battle spree, I rose to level 7 and my stats had seen a substantial leap!

July Wildfire (Undead Assassin)

Level: 7

Attack: 27-34

Defense: 25

Health: 1150

Critical Strike: 0.3%

Comprehension: 94

Charm: 0

Soul Star: 0

Contribution point: 316

Combat strength: 53


My contribution points reached 316! All of a sudden, I was a rich Boss andfelt much more confident. I was a little eager to return to Black Castle and go on a shooting spree. At the very least, I had to add some Assassin skills.

"Ah Li, this is so exciting!Hahaha~"

At my side, Ah Li gloated and laughed from within the helmet.

"What happened?" I asked.

He said excitedly, "Do you know? The new villain in Autumn Moon Village is an Assassin Boss and he comes and goes without a sign. He is so hard to kill. I heard that many guilds sent people to kill the Boss, but they were all cleaned out. I heard that a few hundred have been killed!"

"Oh, amazing." I smiled.

"Still, this Boss won't be able to live for long," said Ah Fei with some pity.

"Why?" I asked.

"When I went to buy potions, I saw a bunch of level 10 players gathering together. They said that they were going to teach the Boss a lesson. These players all completed their job advancements and learned stage 10 techniques. Think about it; just an Elite Boss, can he handle the crazy output of level 10 players?"

"That is true..."

My heart sank, and I changed the topic. "Ah Fei, what level are you?"

"Level 8, I am a little away from level 9 and not far from level 10. D*mn, I messed up an hour ago and a Gray Wolf killed me, making me lose a level. D*mn,it's so annoying..."

"No worries. This is just the early game; it is okay to lose levels. Train well."

"Right, what is your situation?"

"I am training. My hidden job is a little weird; let's talk after I understand it. I can't find you yet."

"Why not?"He was a little unhappy. "What happened to creating legends together? Will people scold you if you come to the beginner village to find me?"

I said mysteriously, "Maybe..."

"D*mn, why are you so mysterious? Who cares? I am going to level up, and once I complete my job advancement, I will carry you!"

"Sure.Good luck!"


Later, Rabbit Forest was not peaceful anymore.

Under the moonlight, a bunch of people entered it. They were all level 10, and at the front was a middle-aged man with a blade wound on his nose. Who knew whether it was a chosen design or he really had such a scar in real life? He was a level 10 Paladin who held a green sword and wore light green armor. His kneecaps, bracers and leggings were effused with a white light. A person with such equipment seemed really luxurious in Illusionary Moon; I had not yet seen someone in Illusionary Moon with better equipment.

His ID appeared above his head along with his level and details—

Man of Steel (Trainee Paladin)

Level: 10

Party: Hidden Dragon Mountain


A level 10Warrior followed closely behind and his ID was Wang Yaozu;this middle-aged man was holding a white sword yet his braces were green. He peered into the forest. "Last time, the Copper Ghost General wiped out people from the Great Cloud; it happened a short while ago, so he should be around here."


Man of Steel laughed coldly. "Assassin-type Boss... Interesting... I shall fight him head on to see whether he is skilled or my Strong-grade Tiger Sword is more amazing!"

Wang Yaozu frowned. "I suggest that we be more careful."

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