Chapter 658- Dragonblood Form
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Zhan Yue Chapter 658- Dragonblood Form

After close to an hour of fighting, although Dagula summoned many Frost Earth Dragons, but the humans managed to hold on. After an hour, the area in front of us was covered in corpses. Some were killed by players, some by the NPC cavalries, and some were from the cannon fire. There were a bunch on the east and some on the west.



In the wind, Demon Dragon Cavalry Dagula’s hand shook in the wind, he was furious at everything that was happening. He didn’t expect the Frost Earth Dragon army that he had high hopes of to get wiped out. The demon dragon under him got really impulsive also.

“Just this?”

Not far away, the dragon cavalry of Pioneer Army held his spear and laughed, “Seems like the Frost Earth Dragon Army isn’t like before, you actually got wiped by the humans, what a joke!”

“What did you say!?” Dagula said coldly.


He held his spear and smiled, “This time Pioneer Forest and Northern Frost Forest are working together, I don’t have time to squabble with you. Since your Frost Earth Dragon Army has been wiped then it is our turn!”

He raised his spear and shouted, “Pioneer Ghoul Army, prepare to attack!”

“Ang ang ang---”

In the forest and bushes, many Pioneer Ghouls charged out. Many of them rubbed their ears anxiously and opened their bloody mouths and roared.


The Pioneer Dragon Cavalry pointed his spear forwards and smiled, “Bury our allies! Don’t let their bodies go to waste, go, let them be useful even after death!”

“Ang ang---”

Pioneer Ghouls charged out towards the human race formation but around hundreds of meters away from the formation, they split up and surrounded the corpses to swallow them up.

“Burying allies…”

Mundane Slaughter stood on the front, his daggers were still covered in the blue blood of the Frost Earth Dragon. He smiled, “Their corpses are all gone, such a good treatment.”

At that moment, the Pioneer Ghouls that swallowed the dragon meat raised their heads and roared towards the sky. Frost Dragon Enery waves rose up fr

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