Chapter 608- RMB Army descends
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Zhan Yue Chapter 608- RMB Army descends

The next morning, I went online after eating breakfast.


A layer of mist wrapped around the skies of Winter Sun City. The sun rose up and chased away the mist. Streaks of sunlight shone on the skies of the main city and the scenery was really majestic and beautiful.

The moment I finished repairing my equipment, I heard dense footsteps. A high level Warrior rode across and it was Dragonrider Hall’s Ghostwalker. He smiled, “Move aside, please move aside, Dragonrider Hall’s mercenary squad is passing by, thank you beauties and handsome brothers!”

Behind Ghostwalker was Wines and Poems that was in an orange and red wrapped armor. He rode his horse slowly and led hundreds of NPC troops. These troops all had different names, some were green, and some were purple. There were even some with orange. Behind their names was written: Belongs to the player: Wines and Poems.

Finally, it was here, mercenary troops mode!

I sucked in a deep breath and looked into the distance. Along with footsteps, Lin Xi appeared beside me and said, “Scoff… This Zhou Datong, he actually didn’t know how to spend money and started to use this mercenary mode…”

I counted, “Close to 500 soldiers, this means that his rank reached Valiant Officer.”


She nodded, “Let’s go, let’s head over to the army camp. Even if we aren’t hiring troops, we need to understand how it works.”



We walked side by side towards the city. Not long later, a well defended camp appeared ahead. Lines of iron fences were covered in soldiers and there were many cavalries training. Numerous NPC troops were training their skills. That place was not for players. Outside the camp were rows of NPCs, they were all quasi generals, high grade Boss NPCs.


When I got close, a general with a beard smiled. He looked at the grade five inspired officer rank and smiled, “So Sir is already a grade five Inspired Officer, why not get some soldiers to serve you. After all, in the fight against evil spirits, one person is not enough!”

I coughed, “Let me have a look!”


A dense purchase interface appeared in front of me. There were all sorts of colored troops, their prices were also all different---

Shen Bai (Blue): Cavalry, special skill Spear Thrust, 8000 gold

Cold Moonflower (Orange): Archer, special skill Bow Fire, 94000 gold

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