Chapter 607- Silver Dragon Queen
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Zhan Yue Chapter 607- Silver Dragon Queen

“Yun Yue.”

Source White Dragon opened his eyes and after looking at Senior Sister, he said, “You are the head of Dragon Region and will be the strongest protector. Go, select one of them and sign a contract. It will become your strongest partner and stay with you for life. Any dragon can be chosen as long as you like it.”

“Thank you Saint Dragon!”

Senior Sister stood up and smiled, “Junior Brother, aren’t you coming to see who I select?”

“No, I am busy. Select it slowly.” I looked at the merging completion and there was still an hour.



Yun Yue floated holding the White Dragon Sword and holy energy wrapped around her body. She just looked at the dragons that got out from their caves. Naturally, with her cultivation and strength she wouldn’t choose those quasi dragons, poison dragons or maple leaf dragons etc. She looked at those holy saint dragons.

“Lady Yun Yue, if you are willing…”

The Earth Dragon lowered its head and said, “Gail is willing to serve you!”

The Fire Dragon opened his mouth and said, “Reckless too, I am willing to follow Lady Yun Yue with no regrets!”

The other dragons made their promises.

At that moment, the silver dragon Sylvia gave out a low roar before charging out and spreading its wings. It gave out a bright light and then its body shrunk into a good looking human girl. She was in silver armor and had a sword. She bowed towards Senior Sister Yun, “Silver Dragon Sylvia, I once spent time in the human world and I can transform. I like human life and also human food. Moreover, I am a female. I don’t believe anyone is more suitable than me to be with her.”

Senior Sister Yun smiled, “Sylvia, what abilities do you have?”

“I have all dragon race abilities.”

Sylvia pushed her 36F chest forwards and her eyes were filled with confidence, “Apart from that, as the silver dragon queen, I also have cloud shadow technique and gravity control.”


Senior Sister smiled, “Can you let me see?”


Sylvia bowed once more and she was indeed like a human but she lived in more of a western country that was different from us. In the next second, she waved her arms and her body disappeared. What replaced her were clouds and our vision was greatly affected.

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