Chapter 3- Failed
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Zhan Yue Chapter 3- Failed


I was stunned.


I had just recognized him as my big brother! I did not even talk to him at length and get carried by him, yet he was actually stepped into a pile of broken bones?


I walked out of the cave and raised my head. I noticed that the onewho had stepped on my big brother was an Undead Giant. He was ten meters tall and held a giant red battleaxe. He walked forward,not caring about the fact that he had just killed someone. It was as if, in his eyes, we, small Skeletons, wereants.


I looked at the bones on the ground and said, "Big brother, rest in peace..."

Next, I looked around carefully. Outside the cave was a vast land infected with death energy. One could not see any living being at all, and at the same time,one could only see undead all about. Some were Skeletons, some were from other undead races. There were decomposing Nether Wolves, Undead Iron Black Bears, Undead Giants, et cetera.

In the distance, a giant furnace was burning, which gave off a sizzling sound. One could even hear the tragic howls spreading out from it.


Suddenly, I felt like the surrounding air was being sealed up and I could not move at all. Shortly after, an extremely beautiful being shot through the sky. It was a girl in a red dress with her hair tied in a bun. She had just chargedat me, her lips like flames as her eyes looked me up and down. She bent down and sniffed me, showing a look of disbelief.

"No, I smelled some kind of pure aura; was it not you?"

"You... Who are you?"

My eyes opened wide in shock. For a girl to observe me at such proximity, my heart could not help but thump. She just smiled. "Since it's not you, forget it."

The moment she said that, she turned around and left. She turned into an afterimages, which disappeared in the wind. She came and left without a sign at all. Moreover, throughout the entire process, I could not see her name, level, and stats at all, though her background had to be really amazing.

At that moment, an Undead Soldier, riding an Undead Bone Horse and holding

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