Chapter 249- Evil spirit upgrade
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Zhan Yue Chapter 249- Evil spirit upgrade

I walked out of the wooden hut and looked around. Like what Master said, Zhuang Huai Shui would probably arrive in a short while. I didn't need to continue fleeing as Master would probably die along the way. He needed to rest up and heal a little.

En, find some things for him to eat.


I stepped into the forest and saw a grey rabbit not far away. I used Dark Shadow Jump to jump on its face and I killed it without giving it a chance to react. I carried it to the stream to skin it and remove its intestines. I saw that there was a Super Rare helmet in my bag that could be used as a pot so I took it out.

I split the meet from the bone and then got some water with the helmet. I tossed the rabbit meat in and carried it into the hut. Master was still sleeping so I rose a flame outside and placed the helmet on it. There was no spices at all but no choice, this was the only thing I could do to help Master recover.

I looked towards the wooden hut and frowned. Zhuang Huai Shui would come in a moment and the key would still be the wooden hut.

"Pi pi pa pa~~"

The branches were burning and green smoke rose into the air. In such a situation it wasn't easy to start a fire but I had no choice. Master was injured and without warm food, his injuries would get worse.

Not long later, the smell of meat and soup started to spread. When I carried it into the room, Master had woke up. He rested on the end of the bed and his face was ashen white. He said, "Zhuang Huai Shui is on the way here, I sense his aura. He would be here within the time it takes to burn a stick of incense."

"Then we still have some time."

I passed the helmet to him and smiled, "Master drink some hot soup and eat some meat to replenish some energy."


He took over the helmet and started to wolf down.

I looked at the shape of the hut and took out a tortoise shell from my bag. On it was the God Killing Formation. I didn't expect to need to use it after such a short time. In the next moment, the shell was activated and golden energy seeped into the floor below.


Ding Heng looked at me and smiled, "Little fellow, where did you get this from?"

"From Linchen County." I laughed out loud and replied honestly.

He smiled and after a few mouths of food, his color was much better, "This formation is not bad and might be able to kill Zhuang Huai Shui, but... We should prepare a little more."

"En, draw him in first."


Ding Heng said, "Zhuang Huai Shui is a cunning person but he is also really careful and he won't step into traps easily."

"That is because the bait isn't enough."

I smiled, "Don't worry Master, eat more. The forest is full of rabbits and they are much more nutritious than the rabbits of Wind Cloud Platform.

"En, okay."

He smiled and continued to drink.

I stood up and looked at the back wall. There was a window at the back that was slightly covered. A giant hole appeared that one could crawl out of. With this, we had a way out.

On the side, Ding Heng had finished drinking the soup. He place the helmet at the side and said, "Little fellow, Master has a precious treasure that may be able to help you."


I looked at the thing he passed, it was a dark blue stone.

Lightning Drawing Stone: Contains large amounts of lightning power and after activating it, toss it towards a target and the lightning can cause consecutive hits.


Another hidden weapon type treasure.

I nodded my head and kept the Lightning Drawing Stone, "With it, our chances of winning should be higher."


Ding Heng nodded, "Everything is up to you, if you can succeed then we can return back to Black Castle alive. If not then both of us will die here."

"Don't worry."

I smiled, "Master, Zhuang Huai Shui is about to arrive. Let me send you out and find a safe place. Leave the rest to me."


I stood up and carried Ding Heng up. I jumped out from the back window and into the forest. I placed Ding Heng in a place wrapped in vines. This place was really hidden and if one didn't come in, one wouldn't be able to see anyone. Even if one entered, one wouldn't be able to see Ding Heng right away.

"Master, I am heading out."

I stood up and felt complicated. If I was killed, this account would be gone and I might not be able to see Ding Heng ever again.

"Master will wait for you."

He said.

My heart shook and I walked towards the hut. I entered from the back window. The God Killing Formation was laid out and it was really hidden and tough to notice. I sat on a bamboo chair that looked like it was on the verge of breaking. At this moment, I was the bait.

Normally, cultivators used aura to find people. Master was badly injured so his aura was really weak. But I was different, I was young and strong and also had the Shura bloodline. My aura was stronger than normal cultivators so with me here, Zhuang Huai Shui would definitely charge in. After all he knew that Ding Heng would be where I was!

At this moment, only by killing Ding Heng and I could Zhuang Huai Shui return to Black Castle. If things failed, not to mention King of Darkness, even Yun Yue wouldn't let him off. His whole family would get wiped out.


"Sha sha..."

Footsteps spread from the distance. Looking out, a blood colored shadow appeared in the forest. As expected, he was here. The current Zhuang Huai Shui had took a Wind Cloud Palm and only had half health. He was really vicious and looked like an undead Boss.

"Little dog!"

He looked into the hut and laughed coldly, "I was wondering where you and Ding Heng could flee too. So you just wanted to hide here to rest. Is there a use? After killing you, as long as I deal with Zhang Xiaoshan, I will be the most powerful in the five factions. In the future, I will become the King of Darkness!"

He dashed over with killing intent on his face, his claws were covered in thick blood light and he looked really terrifying!

It was here!

I didn't leave right away and just stuck a Bloodthirst Banner behind me. I had to wait for Zhuang Huai Shui to totally enter the hut before I activated the formation. If not, if he noticed then things might fail. If the formation didn't kill him then Master and I definitely had to die!


The door of the hut exploded and a claw slashed towards my head!

White Cloak!

A white cloak behind me flashed and I entered White Cloak state. I waved my left dagger and used Gouge!

This time it hit!

Zhuang Huai Shui was stunned and then I crushed the turtle shell with the formation and also used Dark Shadow Jump on the Bloodthirst Banner outside the room!


A dark shadow shone and the moment Zhuang Huai Shui's palm landed, I disappeared. There was a loud explosion as four golden energy pillars shot out and covered the entire hut. Golden blade energy descended from above and started to slash!

"Ah? !"

Zhuang Huai Shui was stunned but in that instance, his face turned to rage, "You little thing, you actually dare to bait me. You are asking for death!"

"Take care of yourself!"

My eyes turned cold, "This formation will sent you to hell you dog!"

"Hong hong hong~~~"

The golden blade energy danced and all of a sudden his body was being pierced through and his flesh was bloodied. I could even see bits of meat being sliced off. Although he tried to block but he was hit like a punching bag.

God Killing Formation, amazing!

But at the center of the formation, Zhuang Huai Shui's gathered his power and the evil spirit image on his head started to get more and more real. He looked at me fiercely, "I won't die, the people that are dying are your master and you! Come you little thing, let me show you my strength that I have hidden for so long!"


A blood colored storm was released from his heart and instantly his body swelled by 10%. Streaks of energy charged out to go against the God Killing Formation.


System notification: Please note, Land of Reincarnation Manager Zhuang Huai Shui has evolved to Legacy Grade!


Red... Red Boss?

My pupils constricted. Damn, this formation couldn't kill him!

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