Chapter 248- Wanting to live
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Zhan Yue Chapter 248- Wanting to live

"You think too highly of yourself!"

Hog Kang raised his blade, "Ding Heng do you think that Blood Dynasty's Blood Cloak Elders are all useless? Which one of us didn't crawl out from blood rains and mountains of corpses? Jin Chan was careless which was why he was killed. If not you wouldn't have a chance at all!'

The blade started to shine bright and complicated blood patterns appeared around his body, "Come, turn to dust from my Seven Blood Wave Slash!"


Ding Heng was stunned. He could sense that Hong Kang's aura had reached a new level. He stood in wind and started to accumulate his own strength.

On the contrary, Zhuang Huai Shui's face was dark and he moved along the forest. Soul Swallowing Technique shone above his head and his claws were covered in blood. He was finding a chance.

"What now?"

I stood in the air and entered White Cloak state. I held my daggers and looked at my artifacts and treasures. I decided to take the risk. I definitely couldn't let my Master fight the two of them alone!


"Come, prepare to die!"

In the air, Hong Kang roared. His blood energy was pushed to the peak and he sliced down with his blade. Seven lights shone up and stabbed towards Master Ding Heng. This was his Seven Blood Wave Strike!

At the same time, Ding Heng's body was wrapped in Wind Cloud Dragon's power and blood seeped out from his mouth. He pushed his hands forwards and the dragons started to roar. Giant dragon shaped palm attacks roared and clashed with the blade energy!

"Five Wind Cloud Strike!"

It caused the entire space to twist. One had to say that as a Blood Cloak Elder, Hong Kang was really strong and was actually on the same level as Master. The reason was obvious, Master was badly injured and Hong Kang was at his peak.


On the side, a person flew out with his claws and tried to attack Ding Heng.

Zhuang Huai Shui finally attacked!

I was prepared. The moment Zhuang Huai Shui attacked, I jumped up and stopped behind Ding Heng. I opened my palms, "Four Ocean Eight Wasteland Map!"


A beautiful scroll appeared around me like a world was wrapping around myself. Zhuang Huai Shui's first strike was absorbed just like that. At the same time, I kept the scroll and used Gouge on Zhuang Huai Shui's body. However, the stun effect missed.

I sunk down. As my cultivation wasn't enough, I couldn't stop in the air. Maybe it was also because I wasn't a player and couldn't fly.


Zhuang Huai Shui laughed and looked down on me, "Little trash, what else can you do!?"

He opened his claws and an evil image appeared behind him. His strength increased to his peak and he launched another attack on Ding Heng.

"Keep dreaming!"

I looked into the sky.

I touched the Blood Curse Talisman that I had prepared and tossed it at Zhuang Huai Shui. Instantly, the Blood Curse Talisman stuck to his chest and power gathered like lightning.

"Not good!"

Zhuang Huai Shui panicked and he tried to use death laws to block. He retreated but there was a loud explosion as Blood Curse Talisman was released. Zhuang Huai Shui fell into the forest.

I entered White Cloak once more. One Blood Curse Talisman could at most delay him but it wouldn't be too useful. I had to help Master deal with Hong Kang.


Two strong forces faced off. Blade against palm. At this moment, Hong Kang was already injured. His chest, stomach and hands were all slapped and the armor below was revealed. One could even see an indent in his chest, probably a few of his ribs were broken.

But Blood Cultivators were sick. The more injured they were, the fiercer they fought. Master's chest started to have a few shocking blade wounds that were so deep that the bones could be seen. If they continued, the two of them would definitely die.

Come on!

I gritted my teeth and used- Blood Barrier!

A shield appeared around me and then I used Soul Star Explosion with Dark Shadow Jump!


I appeared beside Hong Kang, the Blood Barrier blocking his blade attacks. I also raised my left hand which took out the Demon Destroying Arrow. I just shot it right onto his neck.

"Little thing, what are you thinking!"

He raged and punched at me.

I quickly shot the Cloud Piercing Arrow!


A dark arrow shot out and pierced into his neck. Blood splattered and the Demon Destroying Arrow exploded at his neck. The sealed power sealed his veins such that his strength was totally surpressed!


the moment it was fired, I was sent flying. That fist was so strong that not only was my Blood Barrier destroyed, I suffered from 50 thousand damage. If not for Soul Star Explosion, I would have already been dead!

Legendary Grade Bosses were just so terrifying!

Ding Heng's body turned into a grey shadow and he dealt three palms onto Hong Kang's chest. His organs all shattered. But at that moment, another person descended from above, "Ding Heng you are finished!"


The claws landed on Ding Heng's shoulder and along with a crack, his shoulder bone shattered. He spat out blood and retreated. Zhuang Huai Shui was like a bat, he suddenly appeared behind Ding Heng and a blood colored sword stabbed out from his sleeves!


Blood splattered. My heart felt like it was being crushed as Ding Heng's chest was pierced through!


Without hesitation, I smashed a Blood Curse Talisman onto Zhuang Huai Shui's back. At the same time, Ding Heng slapped his chest. Zhuang Huai Shui flew backwards and his aura was much weaker but it was still strong.

On the contrary, Master Ding Heng's energy was greatly reduced. He was like an old man on his dying breaths, so old and powerless.


I charged forwards and helped him up.

"Go, go quickly..."

He coughed out blood and held my hands, "Kid... I can't hold on anymore. Go, Zhuang Huai Shui has at least 50% more strength, you aren't his match, go quickly..."

"We will live together!"

I turned around and picked him up, "Master, you fell into their trap because of me so I won't abandon you. If we go,we go together, if not we die together!"

Ding Heng teared up, "Good... Good disciple..."



I activated it and charged into the forest. I was unable to use White Cloak as I was carrying someone. But I had no choice and had to bring Master away. As a person, if one didn't have responsibility at all, one would be clouded in misery. Even if this was a game, it would leave a shadow on my heart.


Ten minutes later, I entered a dense forest. It was best to get deeper so it would be harder for Zhuang Huai Shui to find us. Ding Heng coughed out blood and it spread along my armor. I felt heartpained. if not for me, how would such a strong person end up like that?

I ran while asking, "Master, how are you?"

"No... Nothing..."

His voice was really weak.

But I saw his health, 0%, he was already on the verge of death! No, I had to save him. At this moment, what he needed was rest.

I passed through some vines and right ahead was an old wooden hut. This should be built by someone who cultivated here. It was now abandoned and many plants and vines grew over it.

This was the place!

I charged in and noticed that there was a bed. I swept off the dust and placed Ding Heng on it. I knelt on the side and when I looked at how he was on the verge of death, I felt really bad. I held his hand, "Master, what should I do? What should I do... To save you..."

"It is no use..."

His gaze was a little lost, "My heart has been pierced, there is nothing..."

"Impossible, if we return to Black Castle, King of Darkness can save you right? Senior Sister Yun... She should be able to right? You still have the horn right, I... I can send you back."

"It is too late..."

He panted, "The teleportation formation is too far away. Zhuang Huai Shui's Soul Swallowing Skill is really strong and can track us. He will kill us along the way..."

"Then rest."

I frowned, "I won't let Zhuang Huai Shui get away with this!"


He was really weak. He closed his eyes and slept.

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