Chapter 944 - Fang Ge Que's Plan
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Zhan Long Chapter 944 - Fang Ge Que's Plan

Chapter 944 - Fang Ge Que’s Plan

Q-Sword, who had the most achievement points, could take over as Deputy General after Luote died. The position ended up being snatched up by Wang Ze Cheng who appeared out of nowhere. It was natural for Q-Sword to be furious. Wang Ze Cheng also showed that he was competing with [Hero’s Mound] on the surface. In truth, after he swallowed and merged with [Thousand Burial], his strength was not much weaker than that of [Hero’s Mound].

Ye Lai laughed on from the side and said, "How exciting!"

Drunken Spear hugged his spear, glancing at Ye Lai as he smiled, "Stop gloating. No matter how bad of a situation Q-Sword is in, he still has ten thousand men. You are the Xia Yu Army general, but you only have the power of half a lieutenant!"

Ye Lai raised his hands and smiled, "It is okay, I have a big plan. After this battle, I will start recruiting troops."

Drunken Spear looked toward me and said, "Xiao Yao, the seventh wave will begin soon. The first 6 waves used up most of our strength and the 7th would only be stronger. Honestly speaking, we all don't have many people left. What will we use to block for the 7th wave?"

I frowned and shook my head, "I haven't thought about it. Just fight. We have no other choice apart from that."

Drunken Spear squinted and said, "Ahem ahem, [Flying Dragon] sent 40 thousand men and we have 4,000 left. How can we even fight anymore? If we continue on we won't be earning points. Instead, we’ll be giving the Rank 7 Hybrid Demons experience for them to level."

Lin Wan Er said, "We have no other choice."

The mark of the Chang Feng Army Major appeared on Yan Zhao Warrior's shoulder. He walked over and said, "The Royal Army has many Dragon Crystal Cannons left and the other armies aren't in a good state either. An hour ago, the Chang Feng Army used all our cannons. The 7th wave would only be a battle of attrition. The NPC troops won't be a match for the Rank 7 Hybrid Demons. We will be slaughtered!"

Fang Ge Que nodded his head, "That is true, continuing like this isn’t possible!"

I asked, "Do any of you have any ideas?"

Fang Ge Que shook his head, "I haven't thought of one. Xue Jing told me to bring people from Dragon City to Hybrid Demon Territory and then burn their ports. However, it feels risky and the chances of it succeeding is really low. [Legend] can only send 20 thousand and it isn't enough."

Just at this moment, a messenger swiftly rushed over. He cupped his fists and shouted, "Report!"

Lochlan replied, “Speak!"

His expression was filled with fear, "Our War Eagle Scouts have sent back news that they are gathering all their ships. This time they will send all their troops!"

Lochlan stood up and said in shock, "What units?! How many?"

The messenger's voice trembled, "Luo Ding's most elite Dragon Armor Army, a total of 300 thousand people!"


Lochlan was slightly stunned; despair rose up in his eyes as he said, "Luo Ding actually still has 300 thousand men... What is the background of this Dragon Armor Army?"

The messenger said, "The North is really cold and is the preferred environment of the ancient ice dragon. Many dragons flew there before they died, falling at a place known as the Ice Dragon Tomb. Many years later, tens of thousands of corpses were gathered there. The scales won't decompose so Luo Ding collected them and crafted dragon armor. He quickly made the Death Spirit Soldiers into heavy cavalry, so both the soldiers and horses wore the dragon armor. This was how the Dragon Armor Army came about.

“These 300 thousand would only be even fiercer and stronger than the Barbarian Wolf Cavalry. Moreover, their defense is impeccable — they are really terrifying!"

The South Protecting King took in a deep breath and said, "Your Majesty, this moment decides the survival of the Tian Ling Empire. We can't lose this. There is no other way back!"

Lochlan's eyes were filled with determination as he looked toward the north. The King Blade in his hand shook as he said, "Tian Ling City will never yield. Once the Hybrid Demons rule Tian Ling City, our people will all die. I definitely wouldn't accept it. Even if we all die here, at least we fought. We also won't feel afraid and ashamed on the path to hell!"

Situ Xin, Baili Ning, and the others were all touched. They knelt down with one knee and hollered, "We are willing to follow His Majesty. Even if we die, we have no regrets!"

His words even touched hot-blooded players like Yan Zhao Warrior and Ye Lai. They nodded their heads, "Let the Dragon Armor Army come. Prepare to fight them to the death..."

Lin Wan Er smiled, "Everyone is pumped up..."

I had no words either, "..."

At this moment, Lochlan also said, "Luo Ding hates me to the bone and has long wanted to take me out. This time, the Dragon Armor Army will gather most of their troops to attack us. Speak, who is willing to help Tian Ling City block this strongest attack?"

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Qin Ye was stunned and took several steps back; his face was filled with fear. Les, Louis, and Xiahou Ren all didn't make a sound. It was obvious that they didn't have the courage to face the 300 thousand strong Dragon Armor Army.

I stepped out and cupped my fists, "The Royal Army is willing to go. However, I need the 160 thousand remaining Rongdi Army to follow me. Otherwise, we won't be able to block the 300 thousand Dragon Armor Army!"

The South Protecting King was stunned but he also cupped his fists and said, "I am willing!"

Lochlan was delighted, "That's great. With Master Li and Father personally leading the troops, I am at ease. Vanguard Luo Ding is preparing his troops and will arrive soon. Do you all have any plans?"

Fang Ge Que said, "Why not we attack them using fire?"

Lochlan was stunned, "General Fang, how do we use fire to attack them?"

Fang Ge Que took in a deep breath and said, "I have calculated it. The tide will arrive in 50 minutes. We can swiftly dig a 2-meter-deep and fifty-meter-wide moat and then amass dirt in the shallow waters to prevent them from docking. Then let seawater enter the moat and then we can place in enough oil. With what Queen Angela did at Deer Lake, as long as they dare to attack the oil, it would burn many of them. It’ll be enough for us to handle them easily."

I was shocked as I smiled, "Fang Ge Que's idea is great, amazing even. Luo Ding definitely wouldn't expect us to do that when we are at a disadvantage!"

Fang Ge Que nodded his head, "Yeah, even if he is smart, he should be a little overconfident at such a moment."

I turned around and looked toward the logistics officer, "Did we bring enough oil?"

He nodded, "We originally thought that the Hybrid Demon Army would break through the Deer Lake defense line. We will burn them once more so we prepared a lot of oil. It seems like there would be no need to use it at Deer Lake. We have over 90 thousand barrels, enough to burn the ten miles an hour!"

I smiled, "Then adjourn the meeting and prepare for battle!"

Lochlan held his sword and said, "Master Li, I want to head out to watch. In this life and death battle, I am unwilling to stay in this cell. Let me out to see how valiant the generals and soldiers are!"

I had no choice and could only nod my head, "Okay, Guard Army General Situ Xin, His Majesty's safety is on you. Don't let him lead personally, it is too dangerous."

Situ Xin smiled, "Commander in Chief don't worry, I won't fail this mission."


The generals headed out of the tent. Han Yuan, Xiao Lie, and the Royal Army Majors had already given the order and instantly a huge number of troops surged to the shore and started to dig. They were really efficient and within minutes, a deep moat appeared at the side of the Sea of No Return. It was two meters deep and after seawater entered it looked like shallow water. Most Hybrid Demons didn't know how to swim, so the moment they entered they wouldn't be able to get out.

The Royal Army and Rongdi Army were the strongest armies of the empire. They each took care of half of the defense. The Royal Army Heavy Cannon Unit was behind. As long as the legendary Dragon Armor Army dared to come, they would definitely take a huge loss.

Han Yuan held his blade and walked beside me, he said softly, "General, are we really going to fight alongside the Rongdi Army with these bunch of barbarians?"

"That's right. Do we have any other choice?" I asked.

"There doesn't seem to be any." Han Yuan looked at me and said, "I don't believe that General would be so pure to have no orders for us?"

"Yes, I do!" I smiled and looked at him, lowering my voice as I said, "Let Long Xing and Xia Ye send 200 Royal Army ships. The cannons and ammo must be well prepared. Stay at the Bridge of Fate and await my signal."

"Yes, General!" Although Han Yuan didn't know what I was thinking, he didn't ask and just headed out to execute my orders.


Until night fell, the Tian Ling City NPC army all used oil to water the deep holes. A thick nose-piercing smell floated around the shoreline. We waited quietly. The [Zhan Long] Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry lined up alongside the Royal Army. Archers, mages, musketeers, and healers all stood behind. The players waited for the last wave of monsters to attack, so maybe it wasn't the last wave yet? If it wasn't, then we could only accept fate. However, I felt that this should be the last one… The system probably didn't want Tian Ling City to fall to the Northern Hybrid Demons, right?

"Dong dong dong..."

The heavy war drums were like thunder as they spread over from the ocean.

"They are here."

Li Mu held his Neptune’s Blade and smiled, "We will be able to witness the legendary Dragon Armor Army. What type of great equipment will they drop?"

"Dragon Armor Set?" I smiled as I asked.

Li Mu laughed, "Let's hope so. That’s why we must put in more effort."

Starlight scattered on the ground like a layer of frost had been added onto it. The ocean surface reflected the light. The tide came and pushed toward the low dam that we made.

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