Chapter 942 - Luote died in battle
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Zhan Long Chapter 942 - Luote died in battle

Chapter 942 - Luote died in battle

 "Ah oo..."

  Along with a tragic howl, another Barbarian Wolf Cavalryman died under my sword. The instant he died, an exquisite helmet and a blood-colored pendant fell.

  I felt weird when I saw it, and then I picked up the helmet. It was an [Emperor Tier] artifact. I threw it into my bag for disassembling it later. When I held the red pendant, my heart couldn't help but jump. That pendant looked a little useful...

  Wild Heart Protection Talisman: Special item, contains a deep power. When one uses magic to update it, one can activate beast nature and the power in the hearts of the barbarians. Players will not be affected.

  I threw it into the bag and looked at the bunch of barbarian soldiers who were fighting. Alright, so this Wild Heart Protection Talisman could actually raise the strength of the barbarians. A large portion of the Royal Army infantry were barbarians, so there should be no problem, right? Thus, I held my sword and charged to the frontlines. I said in the guild chat, "Those who obtain Wild Heart Protection Talismans don't throw them away. Gather all of them and I will collect them. 10G, fixed price."

  Dong Cheng Yue burst into a laugh, "10G for one? Brother Xiao Yao, are you trying to buy all of them?"

  I broke into a laugh, "However, this thing can't be sold and players can't use it. The item is actually just useless. Me giving 10G is giving them enough face right? Moreover, I am not using it for myself. I am thinking of a way to raise the combat strength of the Royal Army troops. It would benefit all of [Zhan Long]."

  "Okay, good luck everyone!"

  The Wild Heart Protection Talisman didn't have a high drop rate, it was roughly around 10%. However, my charm was 1,000+ — it was just too high. Pretty much every 2 enemies I killed, one Wild Heart Protection Talisman would drop. The drop rate was around 50%, so that meant that the 1,000 charm raised the drop rate by 5 times. No wonder players craved charm.

  Li Mu, Wang Jian, Dong Cheng Yue, and Yue Qing Qian quieted down really quickly. Everyone was killing monsters and earning achievement points. The rewards were too fat and one could exchange them for ranks and experience, gold, weapons, and rewards. Who wouldn't want more?

  At this stage, high-level BOSSes were rarer and rarer in the maps and basically the various final BOSSes were at [Demon Harvest Tier]. At most, they would drop [Demon Harvest Tier] artifacts. Moreover, there were only 9,999 sets and their drop rates weren't that high. Therefore, players could only rely on such events to get such top equipment. The next level would consist of top tier BOSSes like Demon Hall Cavalry Nie Yu, Berserker Lei Ding, Vanguard Luoding, and other [Deity Tier] and [God Tier] BOSSes. However, those were even rarer and tougher to kill. Average players could only watch top players take such treasures. Thus, killing mobs and getting more achievement points was the only way they could get top equipment.


  In the distance, on the main battlefield, a packed group of ships docked. Cannon fire exploded out. The Royal Army's Dragon Crystal Cannons were helping the Rongdi Army but Lei Ding also sent a large amount of troops to the battlefield. A bunch of Barbarian Wolf Cavalry jumped into the water before the ships docked; they even hollered as they moved the wolves to avoid the Dragon Crystal Cannons. Many of them got onto the shore, waving their blades as they clashed with the Rongdi Army. Fresh blood dyed the ocean water and waves red. 

  I swiftly activated [Icy Wings] and continued to deal the most damage I could to reduce the pressure for [Zhan Long] and the Royal Army. I looked out at [Appearance Alliance], [Judgment], and [Hero’s Mound] who were all fighting for themselves. [Rising Sun Like Blood]'s Wang Ze Cheng led the Ice Spirit Cavalry to charge among the crowd, assisting the Fire Axe Army after many people were sacrificed.

This was something I didn't understand. When did Wang Ze Cheng become so righteous enough to sacrifice his own men to protect Louis? Was he now on the same side as Louis?

  I understood in the next moment. Wang Ze Cheng's achievement points were all exchanged into Fire Axe Army merit points. He was also a member. Q-Sword was one of the players with the most points while Wang Ze Cheng was just a lieutenant. However, since he was going all out in fighting, I assume he’ll probably rise to a major after this battle. In order for that to happen however, there had to be an empty position.

  War was like a giant machine which claimed people’s lives. The Royal Army had heavy cannon cover but still suffered heavy losses from the attacks of the Barbarian Wolf Cavalry. [Zhan Long]'s Steel Blade Cavalry and Fire Dragon Cavalry lost close to 5,000+ people before they barely blocked that wave of attacks. However, we also killed many monsters. Just in my bag there was a total of 3 sets and 200+ Wild Heart Protection Talismans.

  It had been close to two hours of fighting and everyone was exhausted. Watching their friends dying but unable to revive — it was such a bad feeling. Of course, the ones who felt the worst were Han Yuan and Xiao Lie. They treated themselves as people of this world. Once their friends and allies died, they couldn't revive. Such sadness was something that players like us couldn't understand.


  From far away at the Rongdi Army camp, a major held a spear, his robe dyed in fresh blood as he shouted, "This won’t do, the amount of barbarians is endless. We can't block them off. Immediately retreat!"

  One of the lieutenants had a green expression on his face, "General, the Royal Army's 5000 men heavy cannon unit is behind us. If we retreat they would be targeted!"

  The major laughed coldly, "They are below Suiding Duke Li Xiao Yao, so who cares? You are all my brothers. I don't want all of you to die for nothing, retreat immediately!"

  "Yes, General!"

  Rongdi Army's troops at the frontline retreated like a flood. Very quickly the Royal Army heavy cannon unit was exposed to the enemy. A bunch of Barbarian Wolf Cavalry held their blades; they hollered as they charged. The Dragon Crystal Cannons and Flame Dragon Cannons caused a lot of problems for them and their hatred was naturally imaginable.

  "These bunch of Rongdi Army bastards!" Han Yuan was furious. He looked toward the east and hollered, "Heavy Cavalry Unit follow me, protect our Heavy Cannon Unit, quick!"

  I held my sword and charged over. My rage was unblockable. I didn't think that Luo Xun was such a shameless person. Who knew that he would actually abandon the Royal Army troops and retreat on his own?

  There were at least 100 thousand Barbarian Wolf Cavarlymen attacking. They could roughly only rely on people like us to defend?

  "Brothers, let’s head over together. Protect the Royal Army!"

  Li Mu and Wang Jian hollered out and brought men to charge over. [Zhan Long] had roughly 80 thousand men in this battle and only 30 thousand men were left. However, we could only go all out for the Royal Army Heavy Cannon Unit. We definitely couldn't let the Dragon Crystal Cannons be taken away from the Hybrid Demons. If not, they would turn around and aim them at us. With the cannon shots, would Lochlan, this new emperor, continue to live?

  Killing shouts spread out all about. Not only [Zhan Long] and Royal Army, Situ Xin also jumped onto the horse and brought thousands of Guard Army Cavalry to charge toward the Royal Army camp. In another direction, the ten thousand cavalry from the Chang Feng Unit came over to cover, making me calm down a little. There were still people who wanted to help me at this crucial moment.

  We brought the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Royal Army Heavy Cavalry Units to smash into the Barbarian Wolf Cavarly. The moment we clashed, many were hit by [Whirlwind Slash] and they fell off their horses. However, our killing strength wasn't weak either, a bunch of Barbarian Wolf Cavalry were ripped to pieces instantly. In the distance, Han Yuan hollered to the Heavy Cannon Unit furiously, "General is in front, if you all aren't blind, aim those Hybrid Demons and fire. Don't harm our own men!"

  "Yes, General!" A flagbearer hollered, "General, don't worry, we are skilled. If we really harm the General then we will kill ourselves!"

  "That's great!"

  In the next moment, cannon sounds rang out once more. With the support of the Heavy Cannon Unit, our pressure was reduced by a lot. Once Darling Duck brought the healers over, the losses to the Fire Dragon Cavalry and Steel Blade Cavalry were greatly reduced.


  The battle became more and more intense. The Fire Axe Army cavalry came over late. Luote personally led his troops, carrying his sword while killing at the front. Not far away, Marquis Louis held his bloodstained sword and personally charged. Although Louis was addicted to power, in terms of killing, he was an expert.

  "General, be careful!"

  A lieutenant hollered, but several strong Barbarian Wolf Cavalrymen dashed across, their blades slashing past. The head of the lieutenant was tossed high in the air and he was killed just like that. In the next moment, dozens of Barbarian Wolf Cavalry charged toward Luote who had only less than 30% health and he was immediately terrified.


  The dozen Barbarian Wolf Cavarlymen used [Whirlwind Slash] at the same time. The poor Luote turned to retreat but was ripped to pieces. He and his horse were cut into a hundred pieces!


  "Ah, son..."

  Marquis Louis sat on his horse. In the next moment, his eyes were filled with hate, "Hybrid Demons you bastards, I am going to kill you, I will kill you all!"


  A bunch of Guard Army Heavy Cavalry soldiers were scattered by a bunch of Barbarian Wolf Cavarlymen. At least a thousand of them charged over. Looking at Louis's emblem, the barbarian at the front gave a vicious smile, "Kids take a good look, that is a Tian Ling City General. Kill him! Whoever cuts off his head gets 5 kilograms of gold and two beauties!"

  "Ho ho ho..."

  The Barbarian Wolf Cavarlymen charged over with their blades like they were on drugs.

  "Protect the Marquis!" Hundreds of Fire Axe Army cavalry headed over and were scattered. How would they be able to block the attacks of this bunch of evil barbarians?


  It formed an energy spiral in the air. A barbarian tossed out the blade in his hand and the giant blade flew through the air. It locked onto Marquis Louis' neck. The moment this strike hit, his head was definitely going to be sliced off.

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