Chapter 839- Wind Carrying Slash
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Zhan Long Chapter 839- Wind Carrying Slash

When I returned to the familiar room, I noticed that it had already been cleaned up. On my table were several blooming flowers. I immediately knew that it was from Lin Wan Er as she knew that I liked such an environment.

  I drank a bit of water and didn't think about much else. I took up the helmet and connected to the net. Let's go online before saying anything more!

  While it was collecting my information, I swept through the rankings of Tian Ling City and as Li Mu had mentioned, after 7 days of not going online, many people had already exceeded my rank. Now, I was only 4th in Tian Ling City with my level 152. The top 20 people in the rankings all completed their sixth job advancements!

  Very quickly after the verification, I entered the game!


  I appeared in the barbarian tribe Royal Army tent. When I sat up from the bed, a ring instantly sounded out in my ear. It was something that I had been looking forward to for a long time...


  System Notification: Congratulations, your combo [Strength of a Thousand Men] has been completed. It has been upgraded to a Holy Ghost Grade # technique. You are the first player to have a Holy Ghost Grade 3 combo. Reward: Charm +30!


  System Notification: Congratulations, you have comprehended God Tier passive skill Yang Yan Energy. Damage increase: 50%. Since you are the first person to learn a God Tier Skill, you have obtained an additional reward: Charm +100.


  System Notification: Congratulations, you successfully created God Tier Skill, launching consecutive strikes on a target, buffing the blade with the power of Heaven and Earth to cause each sword to be stronger than the last. The more familiar you are with it, the more strikes you can execute. The highest is the 10th layer to slash 27 times. Please name this skill!


  I was totally stunned. Destiny was actually closely linked to cultivators. It even knew about Yang Yan Realm, something that normal people had no knowledge about. Moreover, it even raised 50% of the damage. That was too strong! What shocked me was that [Strength of a Thousand Men] had also increased; it also seemed like I had reached the essence of the Song Feng Sword Style!

  Thinking about it, I immediately named the skill — Wind Carrying Slash!

  In truth, I thought about naming it a long time ago. It was really casual and smooth, which really fit the skill.

  After I confirmed the name, a golden-colored God Tier Skill Wind Carrying Slash appeared on my skill tab.

  [Wind Carrying Slash] (God Tier): Launch consecutive strikes on the enemy, gathering the power of Heaven and Earth on the sword to make each sword to be stronger than the last. The more one comprehends, the more strikes one can execute. 27 strikes is the maximum. Currently, you can execute 10 strikes. The skill cooldown is 60 minutes!



  I pulled out the Dragon Reservoir Sword and the Zhen Yue Blade. When I activated [Wind Carrying Slash], a golden light shone. God power swelled and then both of my arms swiftly slashed. The [Wind Carrying Slash] was a single target skill. The sword and the blade both stabbed the air, "Shua shua!" and it made the air shake. In just 2 seconds, I forcefully slashed out 10 swords, each sword stronger than the last. If there was a player in front of me, I really couldn't imagine who would have the strength to block my skill!

  I placed the swords back into their sheaths and stood there quietly. I really didn't expect the Yang Yan Realm to have so many benefits.

  With a "Hua", Han Yuan held his long blade and walked in through the curtains of the tent. He was totally delighted the moment he saw me, "General, you are finally awake. You slept for a full month and the Royal Army has waited a month here. If General didn't wake up, I could have only brought them back to Tian Ling City to wait for you!"

  I exclaimed and said, "Han Yuan, how are the discussions with the barbarian tribes?"

  Han Yuan said, "In the month that General wasn't here, a bunch of adventurers helped us wipe out all the Fire Dragon Beasts. The barbarians are loyal to the empire and they are willing to let us recruit them. They sent half of their team to head to Tian Ling City. General, those tribe leaders are waiting for you to appear!"

  "Okay, bring me there!"


  After heading out of the tent, I saw a bunch of tribe leaders standing there, letting the brave barbarians spar. Although they used all their strength, just the Royal Army alone could send many to defeat them. They probably suffered many defeats in the hands of the Royal Army.

  When I walked forward, Long Xing, Xia Ye, and Xiao Lie all walked over excitedly, "Commander is finally here!"

  I nodded my head and said toward the 14 tribe leaders, "I am sorry, I had some important matters to attend to. If there are no other matters to discuss, let’s immediately head back to Tian Ling City."

  Everyone nodded their heads. These barbarians had long wanted to head to Tian Ling City to have a good life; it was better than staying here and eating tough food.


  The army made a move, bringing a dense bunch of barbarians out from the land they had spent most of their lives in. When we passed Ba Huang City, Angela led a bunch of cavalry to greet us. Actually, she was being wary. After all, if so many barbarians attacked, Ba Huang City might be wiped out.

  Crossing Zi Wu Mountain and entering Tian Ling City territory, there weren't any troops that stopped us or any nobles who came to greet us. The nobles in Tian Ling City were probably drunk and hanging out with women, so who would even bother about the Royal Army? However, this time I had guessed wrong.

  When the Royal Army passed Tian Ling City, I noticed that a bunch of NPC troops all had white cloths around their arm. When the Royal Army got closer to the city, Princess Pearl led a bunch of Chang Feng troops and surrounded the area. Her face was ashen white, and after seeing me she finally had a relaxed expression. However, tears fell. She immediately jumped off her horse and cried, "Li Xiao Yao, Father died..."  


  I jumped off my horse, "Wasn't Emperor Rob still okay a few days back?"

  Pearl cried, "Father's health was always not that good — half a month ago he fell ill and died. Second Brother... he became emperor. After you settle the matters with the Royal Army and the barbarians, come to the palace to find me. Second Brother summoned you three times, but since you didn't return, I am afraid he will target you."

  "Okay, I will..."


  I brought the Royal Army forward; my heart was really nervous. With Owen becoming emperor, that was definitely not a good thing for me!

   I soon entered the Royal Army camp. There were Royal Army tents all over the place, but I didn't stop, continuing to lead the 150 thousand barbarians south of Tian Ling City, pass the Moon Blade Forest toward the fertile wilderness. In the middle was a giant basin which was really wide. One could predict that it had probably been formed by a collision of asteroids. If not, such a natural basin wouldn’t exist.

  The basin had a huge amount of resources, brimming with life. Many large and small beasts were all about in the forest. Fire red crystals emerged from the ground outside. They were really hard and they were called fire crystals. This was how the name, Fire Crystal Basin, came about. Within the basin, many of the trees were cut down and numerous wooden houses were built. At the same time, a large number of farms also opened up. I hadn't returned in a month and numerous farms had been set up. Additionally, there were even new plants sprouting out from the ground.

  There was a Royal Army camp in the Fire Crystal Basin where many Blade Shield Barbarians walked about. The secretary there carried a book and headed over, saying respectfully, "Commander, these barbarians all need to register. This was decided by the empire!"

  I nodded my head, "But most of these barbarians don't have names."

  The secretary smiled, "It is okay. They can get a name now."



  Han Yuan, Xiao Lie and the rest were in charge of arranging lodging. Soon enough, the 150 thousand of them were efficiently allocated into the wooden huts. The rest were sent to simple tents to be shifted once the wooden huts were built. Moreover, Han Yuan also set up recruitment areas all around the place and swiftly got ten thousand plus young and strong barbarians. The barbarians had a short lifespan, so they were mostly young and strong. Out of the 150 thousand, aside from the women, kids, and the elderly, there were at least 50 thousand who could enter the Royal Army. However, there was no need to rush; we had to first let them build their homes and then join the army.

  Long Xing and Xia Ye were in charge of distributing land. The farmers who were invited from Tian Ling City came to teach them how to plant seeds. There were also artisans who taught them crafts, woodworking, fishing, etc. South of the Fire Crystal Basin was the War God River and setting up nets beside the river was a good way to live. The barbarians were really strong, and the patient ones who became fishermen would be able to help provide a lot of food for the locals.

  I was busy all the way till the night of the game. Han Yuan recruited 20 thousand barbarian warriors. Half of them became Blade Shield Soldiers and the others used specially crafted spears to become spearmen. They had a huge amount of strength and the spears were tough to break — they would be able to take much stronger impacts. They could even flick soldiers from the horses of high speed chasing cavalry. Such spearmen would be envied by all the other soldiers in the army.

  When night fell, a messenger soldier dashed over and said, "Royal Army Commander Xiao Yao Zi Zai, His Majesty summons you!"

  My heart sank. What has to come will still come. Emperor Owen personally summoned me.


  I hopped onto the God Dragon Horse, and it instantly neighed. It shook its majestic head and followed the messenger back to Tian Ling City. When the messenger saw the God Dragon Horse, his eyes were filled with shock.

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