Chapter 786 - The Zero Mile Gazebo
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Zhan Long Chapter 786 - The Zero Mile Gazebo

Chapter 786 - The Zero Mile Gazebo

[Sea Walrus Knights] (Hybrid Demon Monsters)


Level: 150

Attack: 16000-18200

Defense: 12000

Health: 800,000


Skills: [Assault] [Aquamarine Surge] [Shot of Apollo]


Introduction: Sea Walrus Cavalry. The sea walrus were originally gentle creatures from the Sea of No Return. However, once they were tamed by the Fishmen, they became their mounts. The Fishmen were experts in the art of taming, and they were capable of smithing extraordinary weapons. Armed with a spear, these Fishmen soon became tyrants of the sea. They utilized their agility in both water and on land to invade and conquer other tribes.




Looking at the stats for the Sea Walrus Knights, I couldn’t help but take a deep breath. These stats were on par with a BOSS! 


I rode my horse over to the Royal Army and [Zhan Long] members and did my best to attend to both equally. I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and roared, “Prepare for battle! Steel Bladed Horsemen in the front, hold your positions. Ranged players in the back, release everything in your arsenal. These Sea Walrus Knights only have around 800,000 health. Killing them will not be that difficult!”


Everyone nodded in acknowledgement. All eyes were glued onto the oncoming Sea Walrus Knights.


Right at that moment, I heard Long Xing from the Royal Army roar, “Aim, and fire!”


Over fifty crossbows let out a thunderous twang. One after another, heavy dark arrows flew out into the air like rain. In the distance, the Sea Walrus Knights couldn’t defend in time and were immediately bloodied by the attack. The Crossbow Carts were made of high quality materials by expert smiths. I could just imagine the explosive power that they contained. The steel arrows could practically pierce through an entire Sea Walrus. The damage numbers flew into the air, shocking everyone——










Li Mu widened his eyes and gasped lightly, “F*ck, what’s up with that power? They actually managed to bring out six digits in damage. What the f*ck, aren’t those crossbows just too incredible? If one day we decided to fight the NPCs and they produced a weapon like this, wouldn’t that be the same as committing suicide?” 


I smiled, “Well, what else would it be? Of course, we will face them one way or another in the future. At that point, everyone's just going to have to defend with their lives. Perhaps some may be able to survive with some Invincibility or [Dou Qi Armor] skills...”

Li My choked, “Nevermind, I don't want to think about it anymore. Let's just deal with these Sea Walrus Knights first!”


After the crossbows completed their first round of attacks, the end result was a beach littered with the corpses of Sea Walruses. Blood dyed the foamy tide red. But, just as before, the Sea Walrus continued their charge. They barked as they crawled into shore, the sound very similar to a cow. Their strength was much stronger than that of a cow, however, and they didn't move slowly at all.


Long Xing raided his sword and shouted, “Hurry and prepare the next round!”


Beside every crossbow cart was a group of five knights rushing to pull back the strings while another five were loading the arrows into place. The entire process took around 30 seconds to complete before they let loose another round of attacks. However, this time the Sea Walrus Knights were already within 200 yards of us. While the Crossbows Carts were quickly prepared, it seemed that no matter what, we couldn't solely rely on them to fend off the wave of Hybrid Demons.

 “They're here!”


Old K roared and gripped his axe tightly. As he looked into the distance, it was hard for me to tell if he was nervous or excited. But, it didn’t seem to be fear. That b*st*rd had never shown fear. Anyways, the worst possible outcome was death, and it wasn’t like he hadn’t died before.




One enormous Sea Walrus Knight screeched and charged forward. I raised both my Zhen Yue Blade and my Dragon Reservoir Sword and dashed towards them. I immediately threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]+[Sword Tempest]. I then followed the attack with a [Halberd Flame]. I charged into the crowd by myself. After all, I was the only one who would dare to take on such a feat in all of [Zhan Long].


 Peng peng peng…


The Sea Walrus Knights closest to our shield formation had already activated their skills. The seawater around us rose up in raging waves. Once they rammed against our shield wall, they would continuously push against the Steel Bladed Horsemen. Even with our defense, they managed to push our wall back ten yards. That must be the effect of [Aquamarine Surge]. If this kept up, we wouldn’t be able to hold our ground!


I quickly threw out my Zhen Yue Blade and activated my [Blade Spin] in front of the Sea Walrus Knights. I then shouted, “Li Mu, have your people push the formation forward!”


Li Mu nodded. He swung his blade in one hand while grabbing his reins in the other and forced his way forward with the might of the Steel Blade Mount. Peng peng peng! He pushed the Sea Walrus Knights back. The rest of the Steel Blade Knights followed suit. Clearly the strength of the Steel Bladed Horsemen was one of a kind, they were actually able to push the Sea Walruses back ten yards in one surge.


But right as everyone felt a spurt of celebration leap in their hearts, one of the Sea Walrus Knights raised the longbow in his hands. A fiery red arrow formed on the string. Pa! He released it into the crowd of people. One of the critically injured Steel Blade Horsemen was caught completely off guard and was instantly killed. Furthermore, that one arrow passed through his body and dealt damage to all players in its 30 yard path. One of the healers who wasn’t protected had also been killed!


 “G*dd*mn!” Old K flipped his battle axe and shouted, “Healers, be careful while you’re healing!”


I felt a shudder run through my heart as well. I immediately increased my attack speed, so that I could attract more of the Sea Walrus Knights towards me. That [Shot of Apollo] skill was just too fierce. It was on a whole other level compared to the player’s attacks. To top it off, it created a dizzying effect.


And so, rays of red light flashed throughout the battlefield as [Shot of Apollo] was released into the crowd of players. At the same time, the players continued to cut down the Sea Walrus Knights, killing them in twos and threes. The battle was starting to devolve into one of attrition.




On the other side, the Royal Army’s formation didn’t seem to be much better off. Even though they had the help of the Crossbow Carts, the Sea Walrus Knights were still pushing towards the frontlines at a frightening speed. Han Yuan and Xiao Lie led squads of horsemen into battle, followed by the foot soldiers. They used their shields to block the force of the [Aquamarine Surge]. They would then cut at the horse’s legs. Wait, that’s not right, it would be better described as the flippers of the Sea Walrus.




One [Shot of Apollo] flashed by, and two Royal Army soldiers immediately fell off their horses as a bloody hole opened up in their chests. Following that, a Sea Walrus would charge forward. The Fishmen Knight would swing his blade, ka cha ka cha!, and like that, sent the heads of the two Royal Army soldiers flying into the air.

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One young soldier, who looked to be around twenty or so years old, immediately paled when he saw the scene before him. His two legs shook under him and he knelt to the ground, “How? How did it become like this?”


Not far from the boy, Han Yuan shouted, “Tang Lin, get your *ss up! Are you trying to die?”


Before he even finished his words, a Sea Walrus dashed past and stabbed his spear through Tang Lin’s chest. He then threw him into the air, sending him crashing onto one of the Crossbow Carts.


Han Yuan narrowed his eyes, “F*ck!”


I let out a deep sigh. This was battle, if you weren’t a strong player in this game, then your only fate was to be killed. Crying wasn’t going to save you.




The battle continued endlessly. Light bounced off of blades and blood splattered the ground. The Steel Blade Horsemen held off the barrage of Sea Walrus attacks time and time again. Thankfully, our mages, archers, and musketeers were impressive. Rays of [Lightning Eagle Formation] and [Magma Lance] exploded among the crowd of enemies, giving the Sea Walruses a hard time. While these Hybrid Demons were fairly scary monsters for the NPC armies, in the eyes of players, especially top level ones, they were nothing but extra experience, equipment, and gold. 

Of course, there was also the extra achievement points!

The battle reached its climax. Sea Walruses still continued to appear on the surface. Additionally some enormous fish-like creatures were also appearing. They were Level 7 Hybrid Demons with long tentacles that grabbed and swallowed soldiers. Despite their ferocity, there was a limited number of them and they were an easy target for the crossbows. Over half were killed before they even reached the shore. By the time they reached the soldiers, they were covered in arrows.

Despite these victories, the Sea Walrus attacks were just too fierce and many of the empire’s soldiers died in battle.




A wail sounded from the distance. One of the officer-level soldiers raised his blade as he rode his horse. Two arrows were stuck in his arm and he was covered in blood. Disappointment and fear penetrated his eyes. He ran over from the western side of the formation and shouted, “It's over… we’re done for… the Harvest Army was slaughtered Four thousand soldiers, gone. Not one survivor. My… my fallen brothers….”


Right as he was talking, a red arrow pierced through the air from a distance!




The arrow struck the commander right in the mouth and flew through his head. Xia Lei grunted and fell off his horse. The Fishman that shot him ran forward and cut off his head. Glancing at Xia Lei’s body, Han Yuan clenched his teeth and said, “Commander Xia Lei, I hope that you rest in peace!”




There were only so many armies in the empire. In the end, during this battle, one entire army was demolished…


Over where the Flame Dragon and Xia Yu Army were, there was a large amount of fiery light. It seemed they were using cannons. After all, that was where the royal flag resided. It was also where the Hybrid Demon Army concentrated most of its attacks. The pressure must have been extremely intense over there. Even though they were two of the empire’s trump cards, they were still having a hard time.


On the other side, I heard a thunderous sound. I looked over and furrowed my brow. “What’s happening over there?”


Han Yuan replied, “It’s the empire’s number one Magic teacher, Paladin. He’s the instructor of Princess Pearl. He’s the vice commander of the third greatest army in the empire, Winds of Battle. What you’re hearing right now is the effect of his spell.”


I was puzzled, “Winds of Battle?”


Han Yuan nodded, “Yes sir. Princess Pearl commands two armies; one is our Royal Army, while the other is the Winds of Battle, with 80,000 men. The commander of the Winds of Battle is her highness Pearl, while the vice commander is Lord Paladin. Based on my estimates, there’s no way the Winds of Battle will be able to maintain their numbers!”


I couldn’t help but smile out of spite, “After this battle, who will really be able to maintain their initial numbers…?”


Han Yuan smiled back, “It’s okay, Lord Commander, we all understand the consequences. When it comes to killing enemies, the Royal Army would rather all die than become someone else’s joke!”

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