Chapter 784 - The Sea Demon King
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Zhan Long Chapter 784 - The Sea Demon King

Chapter 784 - The Sea Demon King

“Fish men?” 

Theodore stood up suddenly and ordered, “Just what is going on? Report!” 

There was a bit of distance between the center army and the sea, so it was difficult to see anything clearly. Theodore must be very anxious. 

Not long after, another messenger dashed forward and knelt before us, “Reporting! I do not know why, but the waves of the Sea of No Return suddenly became violent and tumultuous. Several Sea Demon Tribe members suddenly appeared. Of them, quite a few fishmen soldiers arrived on shore. It's clear that we’re their target. Many of our soldiers who were burying bodies along the shore ended up dying under their halberds!” 

Theodore stiffened, “Has the Sea Demon Tribe finally decided to break our agreement and fight against the human tribe?” 

Pearl said, “Brother, you must’ve predicted that this would’ve happened already. Seeing as Luo Lin was able to safely cross the sea on a boat, then he must have reached an agreement with the Sea Demon Tribe. We must begin preparing for battle against them. Have the formation distance themselves from the sea. On land, the Sea Demon Tribe is not on par with us. As long as we don’t enter the waters, we will have victory!” 

Theodore nodded and looked over at the king, “Father, should we immediately send out the order for battle?” 

King Rob nodded as well, “Theodore, you take point in the battle against the Sea Demon Tribe!” 

Surprise and excitement flashed across Theodore’s face. He glanced over at the second prince Owen’s face. Owen didn’t seem to have anything to say. So Theodore pulled out his sword and shouted, “Generals, aten hut! Immediately prepare your armies for battle. Everyone hold your current formations. Do not allow the Sea Demons to break into the central formation. This time, no matter what, we must teach these ****ing Sea Demons a lesson about breaking trust with our empire!” 


I lept onto my horse and left the encampment. The atmosphere in the encampment was filled with intrigue and deception, I was already sick of it all! 

[Zhan Long] and the Royal Army’s front lines had already broken out into battle. A large group of Steel Blade Horsemen and Barbarians fought side by side, creating an iron wall that kept the Sea Demons outside. Outside of the border, there were hundreds of scaly humans with scarlet skin. They swung their heavy halberds and battle blades and stuck out their slithery tongues as they pushed against our frontlines. While our arrows rained down upon the enemy, they dealt limited damage. Clearly, the defense of their scales was above average. 

I turned my horse around and threw a slash onto one of the fishmen!


As I had predicted, their defense was extremely high. I read out the stats of the fishmen into the guild chat——

[Sea Demon Fishmen] (Hybrid Demon monster) 

Level: 147

Attack: 15000-17000

Defense: 14000

Health: 700000


Skills: [Fishmen Armor] [Aerial Stab] [Halberd Whirlwind]

Introduction: Sea Demon Fishmen are a type of cursed humans, they obtained the defense and stamina of fish scales and have lived at the bottom of the sea for thousands of years. They continuously fought for survival with all the other creatures of the sea and eventually became a species of their own. However, they retained their traditions and habits as humans and come ashore from time to time to forge weapons. As such, they became the creatures which are the most similar to humans in the sea.



Li Mu swung his Neptune’s Blade and said, “The fishmen’s defense is just too strong. Motherf*cker, that [Fishmen Armor] probably increases their defense by 100%. Even the Steel Blade Horsemen are having difficulty cutting them down!”

I nodded. I did, however, notice that Han Yuan and the Royal Army managed to break through their defense. In a way, the Royal Army actually had a higher attack power than the Steel Blade Horsemen. The NPC army truly had limitless potential. Of course, players themselves were very talented, and could revive after they die. The NPC soldiers on the other hand, truly died and never came back. 

Standing amongst the foot soldiers of the Royal Army, I helped hold off the enemy's onslaught of attacks. These fishmen were extremely fierce. One after another, they dealt rounds and rounds of [Halberd Whirlwind] onto us, slashing our heavy shields. Even the Barbarians were forced back by the strength of their attacks. Some of their arms were even bleeding. The marks on the shields revealed an even more terrifying sight. 

“Hold your positions!”

Han Yuan shouted. As he did, he pointed at the group behind him and roared, “Newbies, uss those riding skills you learned and go out and kill those fishmen. Aim for their open mouths! There's no scales or armor there to protect them. If you pierce through their head, then these shameless Sea Demons will shut up!”

Following that, 2000 new soldiers all got onto their horses and followed Han Yuan out of the camp. They surged forward like a river and rammed right into the enemy. Quite a few of our new soldiers had been recruited from the Battle Academy, so their technique was fairly advanced. With a flash of light and a couple of stabs, the fishmen would fall under the spears of our Horsemen. 

I raised my Zhen Yue blade and spurred my horse forward. I led four thousand Steel Blade Horsemen. We couldn’t allow the fishmen to overwhelm our shield wall. The [Halberd Whirlwind]’s damage was just too great. If we let them continue their ravaging, then even if it were [Zhan Long]’s formation, we would lose our footing. In the distance, I could see that [Prague] and [Enemies at the Gate] had begun their battles. There isn’t a single person that joins the military who doesn’t dream of becoming a general who can command tens upon thousands of soldiers. And so, in this battle against the Sea Demon Tribe, every player would fight to earn as many points as they possibly could. They would never allow such a rare opportunity to pass. 

A group of fishmen spat out their tongues and launched attacks against us. I said into the guild chat, “Attack the fishmen’s mouths. You might be able to get more damage like that. Everyone can try it out. Archers, musketeers, aim for their mouths. That will greatly increase your damage!” 

Everyone tested it out, and the effects were quite pleasing. 

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“Ya yaya….” 

The fishmen screeched from the pain. They then threw their halberds into the crowd of human soldiers and switched to their long blades, creating some losses for our armies. Quite a few soldiers who hadn’t made it onto their horses yet were pierced through by the weapons and killed. It was a devastating scene. However, the battle had already progressed to this point. The Royal Army, as well as the new soldiers, had already been thrown into the chaos. They had no choice but to face death without fear. 


The Sea of No Return was becoming increasingly tumultuous. Masses of fishmen appeared on the water’s surface. They came upon us like waves. After killing a few of our soldiers, they would finally be cut down themselves. The fishmen’s bodies began to pile up in the sea. Even the relatively weak armies were no longer afraid and were starting to grow a spine. 

Even though they were superior in strength, the fishmen troops couldn’t withstand the might of our cannons and determination. After close to three hours of killing, we had finally decimated their army. 


Li Mu spat on a pile of fishmen bodies and said, “Motherf*cker, you killed seven thousand of my men. [Zhan Long] has less than 15,000 left!” 

I asked, “How many achievement points did you receive?” 

“Hehe, 71!” 

“Not bad!” 


“But of course! The Neptune’s Blade is very sharp.” 

I waved my hand in the air, showing the Tian Ling City rankings list for achievement points. D*mn, I was actually ranked third. It must be because some of them had been split among the Royal Army troops——

  1. Fang Ge QueAchievement Points: 224

  2. SimpleAchievement Points: 211

  3. Xiao Yao Zi ZaiAchievement Points: 197

  4. Mu XuanAchievement Points: 192

  5. Cang YueAchievement Points: 182

  6. Q-SwordAchievement Points: 177

  7. Jian Feng HanAchievement Points: 171

  8. Ye LaiAchievement Points: 166

  9. Cang TongAchievement Points: 151

  10. Drunken SpearAchievement Points: 147


Of the top five in the rankings, four of them were all mages. This was an omen of the impact that mages would have later on in the game. Thankfully, there wasn’t much distance between me and the top two. If the system was caring enough, I’d get some additional achievement points from commanding the Royal Army. At that point, I’d have the most achievement points. But, Fang ge Que and Simple had been clearing these monsters like crazy! 

Just as I was in the middle of my thoughts, a messenger arrived. The king was inviting us back! 

I led my horse towards the central tents. I could see that all of the different generals had blood on their clothing. Some of them were even wounded. What astonished me was the fact that… The fishmen’s blood was a pinkish red, but these generals were all covered in crimson blood. It must have been smeared on. It was human blood, these despicable b*st*rds! 

“King Rob sat on the royal throne and said, “Generals, you have worked hard. This time, you have successfully chased away the fishmen armies from our shores!  That in itself is an accomplishment!” 

All of the generals cheered, “Your highness is wise and leads the armies to victory, you will be praised throughout the ages!” 

I hadn’t seen King Rob lead any armies, and so I didn’t make the effort to kneel and sing those praises. I didn’t bother to say anything either. I just remained standing beside Princess Pearl and smiled as I watched the officers flatter each other. 

Theodore said, “Father, this time we were able to chase off the Fishmen Armies, and as such, the Sea Demon Tribe should keep its quiet for now. I suggest that we should end this battle of the Sea of No Return now. We should begin talking about when to return to the capital and discuss the details of our victory feast.” 

“Victory feast?” 

I couldn’t help but laugh, “The real enemy hasn’t even appeared yet, isn’t it a bit early to be celebrating!?” 

I could feel Theodore’s annoyance of me growing as he coldly said, “The Revered One’s Armies have lost 110,000 men, and 17,000 of the fishmen troops are dead. I don’t know how many more troops from the Hybrid Demon Territory there are for us to kill. However, there’s no need for the Royal Army to worry about such groundless fears, nor is it their place to use frightening words to scare our people!” 

I lowered my voice and said, “Then, I ask that your highness wait a little longer. Within half an hour, the Hybrid Demon’s next attack will come!” 

Theodore snorted and said, “Then I shall wait. What will you do if there isn’t!?” 

In the end, right as Theodore’s challenge left his lips, a messenger suddenly rushed into the tent and shouted, “More Sea Demon troops have appeared! Its an army of terrifying Walrus Riders. Furthermore, the King of the Sea Demons, Han Lin is personally leading the charge!” 


King Rob stood up from his throne, “Han Lin?! The Sea Demon King… He’s actually siding with the Hybrid Demons?” 

The messenger trembled and said, “Your majesty, one of the fishmen that we captured let out a secret… the Sea Demon King Han Lin is actually the ninth Hybrid Demon King!” 

“That… That’s impossible!” 

King Rob’s face was completely ashen. 

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