Chapter 773 - The Peak of Power
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Zhan Long Chapter 773 - The Peak of Power

Chapter 773 - The Peak of Power

We were engaged in battle for an entire three hours. Midway up the Pan Long Peak, there were fewer and fewer [New Moon] members. In the end, of the fifteen thousand they had brought there were only a few hundred who still survived. As before, they held on to the fight. The players from [New Moon] were all top players in Port City and they would never easily accept defeat, much less defeat at the hands of a single guild like [Zhan Long]. This kind of humiliation was too much. 


The battle dragged on, but [Zhan Long] managed to maintain our numbers. The players who had been killed in battle were slowly being revived. After three hours, the field was littered with the bodies of [New Moon] players. Whenever they tried to revive, they were immediately crushed by the Steel Blade Horsemen. After a while, they learned their lesson and stopped trying. 




“Quickly clear the battlefield!” I said into the guild chat. 


Li Mu lead his horse forward with his bloody Zhen Hai Blade and laughed, “Xiao Yao, how satisfying was this battle?” 


I nodded with a smile, “Not bad. We managed to deal a critical defeat to [New Moon], even when we fought head on. This was the ending that I was hoping for. Hmph, they actually dared to trespass into our territory and kill our people. They show absolutely no respect for our players!” 


Wan Er pointed towards the map at the War God River which divided our territories and said, “The river here is incredibly powerful and relentless. It’s a natural barrier between us. On top of that, there isn’t a passage like the Bridge of Fate for them to use. That’s why it takes our Chinese players two to three hours before they could reach this map. I’m thinking that it was purposely designed this way. Perhaps, when they were designing the maps, they were already planning on leaving these territories the Port City and Flame Cloud City players, rather than the Chinese.” 


Her words made complete sense to me, “I agree, it looks to be that way. However, they won’t get this piece of land that easily. [Zhan Long] has already arrived on the Southern territories, and there’s no reason we should give up on this territory so easily. But, it’s a little unfortunate….” 


“What’s unfortunate?” Li Mu asked with a raised brow. 


I rested my Zhen Yue Blade in the grass and smiled, “It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a single place that is decent for us to get a foothold. If there was…. We could let a few of the guilds camp in these maps. That way, we wouldn’t have to travel so far just to fight over here.” 


Li Mu wryly smiled, “Yea, there really isn’t. In the past fifteen days, Tian Ling City has spawned two player cities. [Zhan Long] hasn’t fought over any of them, after all, there’s no point. The two player cities are relatively close to Tian Ling City, so there isn’t much practical use for them. [Legend], [Hero’s Mound] and [Vanguard] didn’t even fight for it. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been snatched away by [Prague] and [Judgement]....” 


I smiled, “What do you mean? [Judgement] and [Prague] are pretty strong guilds. But if a player city does end up spawning here, then we must aid any Chinese Guild that tries to fight for it. We’ll use that player city as a springboard. That way, we could continuously teleport players here and grab the first city when the country wars open up!” 


Li Mu smiled and confidently said, “Even if we don’t have a player city, we can still launch an attack when the country battles activate. We’ll attack either Flame Cloud City or Port City first, and then push forward, giving them no chance to retreat.” 


I nodded, “Let’s wait and see what happens when the country battles does open… Hurry up and clear the field. We need to prepare to press south. [Prague], [Judgement], and some of the other guilds have been holding off 70,000 soldiers. It must be quite a strain on them. Besides, the Japanese players of Port City must have already heard the news about us. There’s over nine million Japanese players registered to Port City, which is not a small number by any means. Now that we’ve poked the hornet’s nest, we may even have to face armies as large as four million soldiers!” 


Li Mu raised his blade and quivered with excitement. He laughed, “So what! Even if they throw four million players at us, we’ll kill them all! Think of it as a precursor to the country battles!” 






Very soon, [Zhan Long] quickly finished clearing the battlefield. Fifteen thousand [New Moon] players were lying on the ground; none were reviving anymore. Despite that, we had to prepare to face an enemy from behind. Once they revived, they could form a strong army, and could very well deal a critical attack at us from behind. After all, it wasn’t the country battles yet. Once the players die, they could still revive limitlessly. 


Nine thousand Steel Blade Horsemen were neatly lined up in rows. Li Mu and I lead the army southward. Close to thirty thousand people left Pan Long Peak all at once, entering the plains just below the mountain. I could already see the chaotic battle ensuing in the distance. [Judgement], [Prague], [Enemies at the Gate], and [Blood Contract] were entangled in battle with the Japanese! 


“Go, go and look!” 


I quickly dashed forward on my Flying Scythe Horse, leaving the formation and charging straight towards the battlefield. When I was around five hundred yards from the chaos, I could already smell the thick scent of blood. At the same time, I noticed from the map that [Judgement], [Prague] and the other guilds were set up on the western side. They were in the middle of sending out their cavalry in a charge. The Japanese guilds were gathering from the east and the west, bringing their total to around a hundred thousand. All in all, their battle power did not match their enemy’s. It would be hard for them to defeat a high level guild like [Prague] in a short amount of time. Actually, it be hard for them to even drag the battle out and not end in defeat. 




I pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pointed at a corner in the east. I then ordered in the [Zhan Long] guild chat, “Steel Blade Horsemen, follow me! Let’s strike the foot of their formation and scatter them! Wan Er, you take the ranged players and push forward. Give the [Hundred Battles] buff to everyone and let’s set off!” 


The light from the BUFFs descended upon our army. In the next moment, all nine thousand Steel Blade Horsemen charged out behind me. They raised their sharp weapons as we crossed the field towards the enemy. Shortly after, we could see [Judgement], [Prague], and [Enemies at the Gate] cheering when they saw us. After a long battle, they were waiting for [Zhan Long] to come and deal the finishing blow——


‘It's the Steel Blade Horsemen! [Zhan Long]’s main force. Ha Ha, Xiao Yao and General Li Mu have brought their armies!” 


“Charge! Support the Steel Blade Horsemen!” 


“Kill! Kill them all! Leave no mercy!” 




The sounds of battle rose up, and the plains were drowned in a sea of blood. 


War horses thundered across the field. I lead the charge at the very front. With a swing of my Zhen Yue Blade, I cut down a knight who was at half health. With another swing of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I hacked down people around me left and right. Once I activated [Sword Tempest] not a single person dared to come close to me. My war horse stomped the ground, activating [Ice Domain], freezing an entire group of Port City Japanese players into icicles. Matcha, Li Mu, and Wang Jian then charged forward and cut them all down, shattering their statues. While there were less than ten thousand Steel Blade Horsemen, the impact of our charge was more than enough to make these second rate guilds shudder in fear. There wasn’t a single person who could hold their stance against our massacre! 




My Ancient Heavenly Tiger let out a roar and tackled the crowd. Quite a few people died under its sharp claws. The tiger let out a [Burstfire Raid] into the crowd, followed with a [Flame Roar]! 


“Peng peng peng….” 

 Meng Yao, Matcha, Yue Yao Yan and the other knight girls all raised their shields and rammed against the enemy’s defense. They pierced their sharp swords into the enemy lines. With this single charge, the near hundred thousand players from Port City’s right flank defense had completely loosened. Closely after that, we ripped an enormous breach into their formation. At that moment, Wan Er quickly lead the ranged players from [Zhan Long] and pushed in, leaving the enemy defenseless. 


In the distance, I could hear Ye Lai’s roar. He hacked apart a group of people with his battle axe. The axe suddenly burst into flames and he dashed forward. White light flew up as his enemies fell. That b*st*rd really had no mercy when he killed people! 


A group of Frost Ram Knights surged forward behind Ye Lai. Their killing power was also extremely strong, and was nearly on par with our Steel Blade Horsemen. The only difference was that they had fewer numbers. On the other side, Yan Zhao Warrior charged forward, leading an army of black battle horsemen. Yan Zhao called them the Dragon Sword Horsemen. There were only four thousand in existence so far, but it was already starting to show promise in becoming a great army. This was the jack that [Prague] held! 




Green light flew up above the crowd. This was a particularly familiar skill. It was Mist Cloud’s [Azure Dragon Arm] and [Flying Sword]. With a single sweep of his sword, he was able to take the life of his enemy. Misty Cloud swung his sword and surged forward, leading a group of elite knights into the crowd of enemies. Furthermore, I noticed that all of the knights from [Enemies at the Gate] had the exact same mount. It was a special type of battle horse called “Dark Swamp Beast”. Since the name wasn’t very elegant, he renamed the cavalry of ten thousand men “Dragon Knights”, a much more impressive, albeit misleading name 


On the other side, the guild master of [Blood Contract] Han Bei Song lead his own knights in a charge. There weren't any particularly unique sets or mounts for their cavalry, after all, everyone's mount was different. There was everything from wild mules to battle bears. The sight was somewhat chaotic. Even so, the guild master smiled widely and shouted, “Charge! Brothers of the alliance, make way, let our Blood Contract cavalry also have a chance in the spotlight!”




All of the cavalries from each of the great guilds pushed forward. In the end, the hundred thousand players from Port City could not hold their formation against our forces. All they could do was fall back or scatter, resulting in a loose defense. Players ran into each other and were crushed. There was no way they could hold against our barrage of attacks. 

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Victory came a little quicker than I had initially expected. After an hour of attack, seventy thousand corpses lay at our feet. The rest were already retreating back to their own territory. 


Each of our guilds began to sweep the battlefield. Yan Zhao warrior, Ye Lai and the other guild masters expressed their gratitude to Zhan Long. I responded to them that we were only doing what an ally should. Besides, our bravery and sacrifices were for the sake of our country's dignity, and had nothing to do with our personal grievances or benefits. 




Right at that moment, I received a message from the number one player in China——Fang He Que!


“Xiao Yao, did you guys do something? Why is it that the Port City Japanese players have been gathering like crazy. There's already two million of them all concentrated together!”


I exclaimed, “Two million? Looks like they’re acknowledging our prowess…”


Fang Ge Que asked, “Is this a full on battle?”


“It seems like it is.”


Usually, Fang Ge Que carefully considered his actions and never fights a meaningless battle. However, this time seemed to be the exception, “I'm giving orders to Enchanted Painting to gather our armies. You guys hold your positions, you may have to face all two million Port City players on your own for the next 2-3 hours.”


“OK, don't worry!”


I subconsciously smiled, this time, even Fang Ge Que decided to discard his neutral stance and show his hand!

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