Chapter 771 - Massacring [New Moon]
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Zhan Long Chapter 771 - Massacring [New Moon]

Chapter 771 - Massacring [New Moon]

“Archers, prepare. [Scatter Shot], release!” 


Near the forest, one of the team leaders from [New Moon] shouted, “Don’t let them charge past the firenet! Stun, sleep, do whatever you have to do to stop their advance. Mages prepare to use your [Lullaby]! Knights, hold your ground. We cannot allow the enemy past our front lines!”


“Shua shua shua…”


The twangs of bowstrings rang out in the battlefield. A rain of [Scatter Shot]s fell from the night sky, landing right in the middle of [Zhan Long]s charge. Meng Yao and Yue Yao Yan were side by side at the lead of the group. A group of other pretty female knights created a defensive formation that covered for the rest of the team. There were at least a thousand Moon Elves riding amongst the Steel Blade Horsemen!


“Pu Pu Pu…”


Several people had been stunned by the [Scatter Shot]s. I could hear the back row of knights ramming into each other as they forced their way past their stunned brothers. Even so, those arrows did not stop our advance. Meng Yao and Yao Yan continued leading the charge at the enemy’s front line. Most of the [Lullaby]s cast by their mages had been dodged. After all, it needs to be targeted before being cast, and the Steel Blade Horsemen traveled far too quickly for the mages to predict their movements. Most of the time, they couldn't even lock their spells onto our knights.


Yao Yan’s pretty face revealed an excited expression. She raised her long sword and threw a [Skyshaker Stab] right into the crowd, “Charge through their Shield formation!”


The Moon Elf Knights all raised their shields in front of their chest. “Peng peng peng,” They rammed into the enemy's formation. Just from that initial charge, they managed to push the group of the [New Moon] knights backwards into retreat. 


“Now it's our turn!”


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade with a smile, “Charge! Don't waste the sacrifice our sisters in the front have made!”


During the first round of attacks by the Moon Elf Cavalry, we had naturally lost quite a few people. At least a hundred had died. However, the enemy’s loss was ten times our own. Li Mi, Wang Jian, Old K, and Death God's Elegy followed close behind, and dealt a brutal blow right after the Moon Elves. Most of our warriors were swordsmen. If we were to say that the Moon Elf Cavalry was our shield, then the rest of our cavalry is our sword, and one strong enough to deal the wrath of a death God upon our enemies!


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the Shield Formation and then ordered, “Do not hesitate. Charge right through them. Use your [Flying Sword] and your [Sword Break] skills to deal the most damage. We cannot give them the chance to deal a counter attack!”


I swung my Dragon Reservoir sword, and hacked into the crowd of people. Everyone before me turned into a sea of blood. Li Mu and Wang Jian were close behind me, dealing a [Covering Sword Slash]  and [Halberd Whirlwind] into the enemy lines. Wan Er’s [Blade of the Death God] dealt explosive damage to her targets. While Wei Liang, Qing Qian and Wolf had activated their [Unwavering Spirit], dealing enormous amounts of damage. Just from the three’s stats, the [New Moon] players were not of any threat to them. 


“Hold them off!” 


A group of [New Moon] knights gathered together and formed a tight group, as though attempting to stop our charge. Qing Qian lunged into the air, her nimble body twisting as she opened her pale hand and smiled, “Destroy!” 


Flames burst and ravaged through the air. Firefox claws ripped through the flames and slashed through the crowd. A level 13 [Grip of the Firefox] exploded in the crowd of people, dealing over 15000 damage. Li Mu and I took the chance and activated our [Blade Rush] to charge forward. All of the New Moon knights who had been left with critical health from the initial attack were now shattered by our follow up. Old K then threw a [Whirlwind Slash], finishing off any survivors. 


The reality was, that while [New Moon] was number two in the Japanese servers, there was no way they could stand against nine thousand of [Zhan Long]’s Steel Blade Horsemen. Even if these soldiers weren’t part of our main forces, I still had complete confidence that we could break through their first line of defense. If we really couldn’t, then we could just activate the two BUFFs from our two nation level weapons. At that point, nobody could stand before [Zhan Long]! 




The forest before us was now drowned in a sea of blood. Li Mu and the twelve others who were outfitted in the Deer Cry Armor were our enemy’s nightmare. Furthermore, the fifteen hundred players who wore the Black Flame Outfits made up the core of our cavalry, leaving no opportunity for a counterattack from our enemies. We couldn’t be killed, nor defeated. And our enemies certainly could not escape! 


“Ka Cha!” 


My Dragon Reservoir Sword cut through the throat of an enemy knight. Without waiting for his reaction, I swept my Zhen Yue Blade forward, and nearly cut his body in half. He was instantly killed. My Flying Scythe Horse let out a cry. It was only then that I realized I had already cut through the enemy’s formation. I charged through the Shield Formation and hit the mages and archers in the back. Behind me, a group of Steel Blade Horsemen continued their attack. 


I raised my Zhen Yue Blade and shouted, “Charge forward! Once you reach the end, recreate the formation. We must decrease our losses!” 


Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K, and Bai Qi all understood that they could not become consumed by the battle. One after another, they charged forward, and disentangled themselves from the battle. Matcha raised her Lion King Shield and rammed her way past a dozen or so people. There wasn’t a hint of fear in her face. With the Lion King Shield in her hands, she was on a completely different level from the players trying to kill her. There was no way they could manage to take her life. Li Mu dashed forward and helped Matcha kill the straggling survivors. Quite a few people had forgotten to use their [Pardon Cards]. 


At the rear of the enemy formation, there were around four thousand Steel Blade Horsemen turning their horses around. One after another, the horses stomped their feet and neighed. Their masters kicked their sides, activating another [Charge]. This was the second round. It had only been ten minutes since the first charge and we were throwing a second round of attacks on them. They probably never would have imagined that a main force from the Chinese Server would appear in the southern parts of the War God’s River. 


Close to forty minutes later, we had dealt three consecutive charges. Finally, of the original eight thousand [New Moon] players, there were only three hundred who managed to escape. The rest had died. Darling Duck and Thousand Suns who lead the ranged players had finally caught up to us. Seeing them put my worries to rest. All 27,000 of [Zhan Long]’s players had arrived. The Japanese players would have to bring at least a hundred thousand of their own elites before they could deal any kind of critical damage to us. Otherwise, any force they send at us was just coming to their deaths. On top of that, they must be the elites from the main guild. If a hundred thousand second rate players came at us, [Zhan Long] would massacre them all! 



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Li Mu lead the guild to sweep the battlefield, while reviving any players that had died in battle. Once they had finished, he lead his horse to me and said, “Xiao Yao, what’s next? I received intel that [New Moon] still has around 15,000 players left. They’re all located in the Pan Long Peak. They just finished off a thousand man team from [Vanguard] and are now pushing towards our direction. Should we fight, or not?” 


I asked, “Do we have any information about the map just south from us?” 


Li Mu shook his head, “It's not within my information net.” 


Qing Qian smiled, “I’ve got that! Just an hour ago, around 200,000 Japanese players were headed this way from that direction. It seems that Port City has received news of the bloodbath. Their forums are abuzz, talking about the 8000 man main force that we had just massacred. They’re all feeling indignant and are threatening to charge across the War God River and bathe the Chinese territories in blood!”


I smiled, “They want a bloodbath with just 200,000 people? Well there’s an international joke. It’d make a little more sense if they were going to use those 200,000 to just deal with [Zhan Long], but we have [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Prague], and [Blood Contract] with us. These 200,000 are just here to die!” 


Dong Cheng raised her Deer Cry Staff and smiled, “Could it be that they have some other move? Both the Koreans and the Japanese share Port City, and yet only the Japanese are acting. Are the Koreans just going to stand on the sidelines and watch?” 


Wan Er smiled, “Well, what else would they do? The Korean players have always hated the Japanese. They’ve already been fighting nonstop in their city. Now that the Japanese are playing their hand, I suspect that the Koreans will probably just stand on the sidelines and watch the excitement.” 


Li Mu said, “Vice guildmaster’s reasoning makes sense, the Koreans do hate the Japanese. That much is very clear.” 


Qing Qian grinned, “Thinking about it, the Koreans are pretty strong. Then… just how strong is the North Korean server? What city are they based in anyway?” 


I smiled, “God, don’t even talk about them. Destiny hasn’t approved the North Korean server. There isn’t a single player from there…”  


Li Mu gripped his blade as a hot blooded look came into his expression, “Well... I really do sympathize with those people. Nevermind, we’ll just help them kill off more of these Port City trash…” 


I nodded, “Sounds good!” 


Li Mu said, “After all of that, Xiao Yao, you haven’t yet said what we’re doing next. We’ve already cleared the battlefield and there’s another 15,000 elite players from [New Moon] heading towards us too. Apparently, it's personally lead by the vice guildmaster, Battle Thunder. The guildmaster, Demon Moon is leading another team of elites towards the War God’s River. We don’t have their exact location at the moment.” 


I looked over at the map. Our current location was just south of the War God’s River. We were in a nameless forest between the Peerless Swamp and the Starry Marshes. Pan Long Peak was just north of us, which was around seven hundred meters higher than our in altitude. They were most likely going to utilize their downward momentum to supplement their charging force! 


I looked behind me at the powerful Steel Blade Cavalry and made my decision with a smile, “Let’s go! Towards the North! We’ll face the other branch first. That’ll give me a chance to see just what that arrogant vice guildmaster is like. He actually threatened to chase the Chinese Players to the North! “


Matcha raised her Lion King Shield and walked over to me, “However, my most beloved Boss, they have the upper hand, since they are attacking downwards. You must’ve thought of that already, isn’t that right?” 


I nodded and then lowered my voice, “Yes, that’s why speed is crucial in a war. By waiting here, we’re only giving them even more time to assemble themselves. If we don’t take this chance to charge at them and face them at the center of the mountain, then we’ll be able to decrease their force. We won’t let a single one of them come down.” 


Matcha looked closely at my face and smiled, “Boss, are you planning on fighting a defensive battle first and then charging?” 


“Smart, you figured it out!” 



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