Chapter 1359- Strategic losses
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Zhan Long Chapter 1359- Strategic losses


Li Mu raised his head and looked at the dense amount of Sword Spirit Cavalries. He shuddered, “Is this right? Where did Sif get so many of them? Damn, Azure didn’t have so many when he was alive right?”

Mocha said, “The hybrid demon army in hell is like an oil storage, Sif dug a very full well so she was able to take out such an army.”

Yue Qing Qian spat out her tongue, “Can we win?”

“Yes!” I said firmly, “Form up the Furnace God Cavalries, Archers, Mages and Musketee protect our cannons!”

“Okay!” Wan Er and Qing Qian went to arrange the troops.

I turned around and entered god form. I held my sword and flew above the Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army while shouting, “All the cannons change the angles and shoot into the sky. Don’t let the Sword Spirit Cavalries enter our space, all heavy cavalries prepare to use archers to fire!”


The Royal Army’s cavalries were different from other armies. All of them need to learn archery. So they were all good at riding and shooting. It was good for such a war.

A girl’s voice spread from the sky and it was really penetrative, “Li Xiao Yao congratulations on becoming king but why did you want to run here to die? I really don’t understand.”

It was Sif!”

In the distance, a golden light pierced through the darkness. Sif rode a sword and numerous flying hybrid demons surrounded her. Dust billowed and many more demon hall cavalries charged from the deep mountains and there were over 2 million of them! Oh my god, 2 million level 9 demon hall cavalries. Were they trying to kill us?

“Your Highness!”

Xia Ye looked into the distance and his body shook. The sword flames on his blade flickered and he looked over at me, “We didn’t expect Sif to have so many troops… We didn’t bring enough people, there is such a huge gap in strength, why not… We retreat, I will lead the shield soldiers to hold up the rear!”

Long Xing clenched his fist, “Right, General Xia Ye is right. Sir retreat! You are the Xiao Yao King, we are just generals. We are different!”

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