Chapter 1357- Defending Dragonslayer Fortress
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Zhan Long Chapter 1357- Defending Dragonslayer Fortress

At dawn, most of the Royal Army troops had passed Dragon City. Jing Yin followed behind and rode a white horse. She smiled, “Your Highness, what are our chances of winning this time?”

I looked towards the north and didn’t hide my thoughts, “We will definitely win!”

Jing Yin smiled, “Your Highness’s confidence isn’t lower than previously when you were The Executor.”

“Of course. Pearl’s troops don’t lose out much to Sif. Along with us and with Dragon crystal Cannons and God Dragon Cannons, it will be difficult to lose. Moreover, Dragon City is attacking alongside us.”



Not long later, we arrived at Dragonslayer Fortress. It was renamed Dragonslayer City. The traditional words Dragonslayer was written on the walls but in truth, it didn’t slay dragons. Instead, it was working closely with the dragonriders of Dragon City. Before I arrived, I saw dozens of dragonriders flying through the air. The one at the helm was Qing Luo. She smiled, “Sir Dragonrider you are finally here. Frost and Pearl have waited for a long time.”

“En, open the gates.”


Qing Luo shouted and the gates of the city slowly opened. Royal Army and Heaven Barrier Army surged in. The moment we entered, we heard dense conch sounds from the west. Qing Luo’s expression changed, “Not good, hybrid demons are attacking again.”

“Do they come often?”

“There were a few waves these few days but only a few thousand came. They are just trying to disturb us, who knew where Sif learned such a tactic from.”

I smiled, “Let’s go take a look.”


We didn’t head to the administrative hall as Frost and Pearl had headed up the west wall. When I flew over, Pearl smiled, “Li Xiao Yao is here!”

I landed and saw a dense group. There were at least hundreds of thousands of hybrid demons. Moreover, not only them, but further behind were a bunch of players.

“Oh?” I smiled, “Clear Black Eyes is having thoughts about Dragonslayer City!”

Pearl frowned, “The adventurers that joined the hybrid demon faction want to attack Dragonslayer City? How did that

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