Chapter 1277- Broken Rainbow
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Zhan Long Chapter 1277- Broken Rainbow

Eternal Realm’s recovery skill was too strong. Even with Meng Tian and Jing Ke attacking me together they were still unable to kill me. Instead, they were losing health quickly. Jing Ke’s health wasn’t high to start with so how could he handle our attacks. In just ten minutes his health was bottoming out.

“Peng peng peng…”

Butterfly attacked swiftly to remove his last bit of health. Meng Tian wasn’t willing to see us kill him so he shouted, “You dare be so arrogant on my Great Qin land? Jing Ke is my country’s weapon, how can you touch him!”

He pulled out the blade by his waist and he actually sliced Jing Ke’s head off. He grabbed the Broken Rainbow Dagger and stabbed it into his horse before continuing to battle the five of us.

In the end, Jing Ke died and we got nothing but experience. Luckily it was a large amount. I was 96% now and if we killed Meng Tian, I would definitely level up!

But, Eternal realm disappeared. I used Wang Ben’s Famous General Card to increase Attack by 100% and commanding effect by 20% for 120 minutes!


Blood splattered on my chest. Meng Tian’s combo stab was too strong and I was down to 20% health. When he was using his 4th attack, sparks flew and Lin Wan Er used Dragontooth Blade to block it. However, her strength wasn’t high enough.

“You are asking to die!”

Meng Tian was furious. He flipped his wrist to hook Dragontooth Blade and drag Wan Er around. The halberd stabbed towards Lin Wan Er’s stomach. Fortunately, she reacted quickly, raising the iron umbrella and opening it up!


Energy surged and the God Grade Boss’s strike landed on her defensive umbrella, dealing just 100 thousand damage to her. However, the strike was really powerful and she was sent meters away and she hit the stone pillar before she could stop herself.

But the precious three seconds allowed me to heal to full. I charged with the Ancient God Tiger. I raised my sword, using Double Hit+Fierce Ice Blade on his body. I opened my arm to use Binding Chains which trapped his horse. Very good, it actually didn’t miss, what a rare thing.

“Ao ao…”

Meng Tian pulled out the Broken Rainbow dagger to stab at me to deal 300 thousand damage. Damn, this damage was so high? Did bosses all become so strong after the update? Maybe, especially under special situations.

Meng Tian and I were battling and Darling Duck continued to heal. Moreover, she locked onto me to heal. Dong Cheng Yue and Lin Wan Er continued to control the battle. Of course, the most damage was dealt by Dancing Forest. She would knock him back every three seconds which affected his attack tempo. Especially when both his horse and him were sent flying, it was quite amusing.


Actually, if it was a one versus one I definitely wasn’t Meng Tian’s match. His stats were far stronger than a god emperor but unfortunately, he was against the five of us. He had no chance at all especially since Jing Ke was killed by us. Meng Tian had no chance of wiping our team out at all.

“Good luck, let’s make him drop the Broken Rainbow Dagger!” Dong Cheng Yue was filled with hope, “Then Wan Er’s secondary weapon will become a high grade god dagger. That Broken Rainbow Dagger is definitely a five star god weapon!”

Let’s hope so if not everyone will get disappointed.

But Broken Rainbow was Jing Ke’s weapon and it was the dagger that nearly assassinated the first emperor. It was fair for it be evaluated as a five star god weapon.

Meng Tian was at 10% health but he still didn’t give up. He used two large scale counter attacks but we solved it. This valiant general was finally about to say goodbye.

“We must drop the dagger…” Lin Wan Er prayed. It seemed like she really liked Broken Rainbow, the design was really exquisite and it was indeed one that people would like.

I was also praying for a Meng Tian general card, his effect should be much better than Wang Ben’s one!

In the end, Meng Tian cried out and followed his 50 Great Qin cavalries. We weren’t disappointed and the dagger really dropped. At the same time a card was dropped, three of them, they were all the same. So generous!


I walked forwards and picked up the card, the stats were far stronger than Wang Ben’s general card--

General Card Meng Tian: Raise Attack by 120% and Commanding Effect by 30% (Party Defence by 60%), last 120 minutes!

A card that added both attack and defence stats, this was a really popular card. If things go wrong when we fight the boss, we would use it, if not we would just keep it. Such a card would be really popular. Think about it, form a 100 men team and raise the whole team’s defence by 60%. Just thinking about it made me feel excited.

Lin Wan Er kept the Broken Dagger and shared the stats in the party, it was a level 240 weapon. Such a strong Attack, it was suitable for Assassins--

Broken Rainbow (5 Star God Weapon)

Attack: 17000-233500

Agility: +770

Stamina: +760

Magic: +755

Strength: +720

Bonus: Raise users Attack by 185% and Attack Speed by 120%

Bonus: Ignore 40% of target’s defence

Effect: Rainbow Swallow, 30% chance of summoning a rainbow to swallow a target, reduce movement speed by 50%

Effect: Lord Killer, 5% chance of stunning when attacking, last for 1 second, effect raises to 15% against a Lord

Effect: Chasing a Kill, Reduce movement speed of enemy players by 20%

Unique Effect: Broken Rainbow, every 10 kills, raise defence by 1%, max 300% defence

Introduction: Broken Rainbow, a dagger made by Lady Xu from Zhao country, it is really sharp. The Assassin Jing Ke hid and waited for the emperor to enter, however, his assassination failed. After which, Jing Ke was killed by the first emperor and Broken Rainbow fell to the hands of the Qin. thousands of years later, it ended up in the mortal. It was said that the person who gets this dagger will obtain the most chasing ability.

Required Charm: 1000

Required Level: 240


Broken Rainbow’s stats were too IMBA such that everyone was speechless. After five seconds I said, “That Chasing Kill effect is too shameless…”

Dong Cheng Yue nodded in agreement, “Right, all enemies Wan Er face will slow down, it is more shameless than Mage’s Cold Ice Arrow. If she catches up, Rainbow Swallow has a 30% chance of triggering. So basically anyone that she targets won’t be able to flee and can only try to fight back and kill Wan Er.”

I shook my head, “Tough. Look at the unique effect, every 10 kills her defence will rise by 1%. She can go to the newbie village and kill monsters to get 300% defence. With her armor effect, her defence will multiply, she would be 600% that of normal assassins. She would be the top armored Assassin in game.”

Lin Wan Er smiled, “Hoho stop it, let me tank the next boss and try?”

“Okay!” I accepted.

Continue. Meng Tian dropped many other equipments. There was a black halberd which was a three star god weapon. I kept it. Time to sell it in the guild. Zhan Long had many cavalry players. Yue Yan Yan. One Second Hero, Ice Coffee, Tang Heart etc had needs and they could afford them.

The third was a helmet and it was a one star god artifact. It was something for the auction house so Lin Wan Er kept it and we would split money later to give everyone some income.

The final equipment was the worst, it was a Divine staff with okay stats and no defence stat. Zhan Long’s top monk Follow Buddha didn’t need it!


There were a few strengthening stones that we split.

We continued on the path to the third floor and then suddenly there was a voice message request from Song Han. It should be urgent if not he wouldn’t have found me.

His voice spread over, “Brother Xiao Yao are you busy?”

“Still okay, what is up.” I held the damp wall and stepped into the third floor.

He laughed, “Old K’s mother came to see him and said that he doesn’t do much and could still wear branded goods and she didn't believe it, so… He said that he must do something huge if not he won’t go back.”

“Oh?” I smiled, “Old K is planning to do what?”

“A factory!”

“What factory?”

“Mocha, Fox and I discussed and plan to invest in a fashion factory, do you have connections there? Lin wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s business, we can buy some designs from them and then produce clothes and sell online. We can slowly do up our brand. Do you think we have any potential?”

“Do it if you want, I will support you.”

“That… Sister Mocha’s money is mostly spent on this villa, Old K and I don’t have much so we need Brother Xiao Yao to invest a little.” He smiled.

“I knew it! I am in a map, I will bring Wan Er and Dong Cheng to the studio later and let’s discuss?”

“Okay, deal! Whether or not Old K can get a wife would depend on whether or not we work hard enough!”


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