Chapter 1203- Damn
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Zhan Long Chapter 1203- Damn

"Let's go online, is Brother Xiao Yao free? If not then get ready. We should sleep early. The system will refresh on Wednesday and a new patch will be released." Dong Cheng Yue said.

I said, "A new patch?"

Lin Wan Er smiled, "A month ago Destiny said that they were going to open up new maps and those rumors lasted until now. The officials that released the news weren't believable too. But this should be true. At the Shanghai Game Convention at 9, China Region CEO Ouyang Nuo Yan said so herself. The server would go offline and it would end at 12. A new patch system would be released."

Tang Qi smiled, "This is a good thing, players won't have to fight to the death to get equipment."

"The event won't make things easier."

Lin Wan Er placed a piece of luncheon meat on my plate and smiled, "I heard that the stats of the monsters are higher than outside and the drop rate inside isn't so simple."

I asked in interest, "Wan Er, what are the pros and cons of the event equipment compared to ours?"


Lin Wan Er smiled and looked at me. She thought about it and said, "I can't remember too clearly but the equipment is split into a few greats. There aren't many of the low grade one so the lowest is around level 150. They call it D Grade and are split into D1-D7. Next would be C1-C7 which is level 180. Next are B1-B7, level 200 and then A1-A7, S1-S7 which are level 220 gear. I heard that the S7 gear is similar to one star god set equipment!"

She laughed, "Piggy you don't have to consider it, even the S7 gear are much weaker than your overlord set. The event isn't prepared for the top players. But if one can get a full S7 set, the overall strength would be quite decent."

Dong Cheng Yue said, "Xing Lie, One Second Hero, Yue Wei Liang, Fox etc have decided to head over and get an S7 set."

I smiled and asked, "Have you completed your Cresent Moon Set?"

"Soon, I am missing one piece."

"En that's good. After you gather them you can head to Old K to see if you can upgrade it. If you can then it would at least be a four star god set, that would be quite overpowered."

"En en, I know."

Tang Qi said, "The next period of time should be the event but the event has restrictions. Everyone has to start from A Grade and get from A1 to A2 and then to A7 before one can challenge the S Grade event."

I frowned, "Q-Sword will lead his team right?"

Tang Qi smiled, "En, he has promised Tang Gu and me a set of S7 equipment."

Dong Cheng Yue said, "So Brother Xiao Yao must do the same if not your gear is going to waste. Who are you thinking about bringing?"

"Bring those with high contribution..." I was helpless, "I can imagine that for a long time I will be a slave, carrying people all day long."

Dong Cheng Yue asked, "What plans do you have today?"

"Nothing much."

I suddenly recalled the scenes of Shura Mountain falling to the ground and my heart twitched, "All of you get busy tonight. I need to head to Dragon City first. Apart from that, there is something I have to investigate."

"What?" Dong Cheng Yue was shocked.

Lin Wan Er understood me better and she smiled, "It is probably regarding Pearl right?"

I nodded, "En, if I don't see her it would continue to be a worry for me."

Tang Qi smiled, "I know that your relationship with Pearl is not bad but I have to remind you that she isn't that princess anymore. She is a killer. Be careful that she doesn't kill you. If your Overlord Set drops because of that, that would be a problem."

Dong Cheng Yue pouted, "How is that possible, Brother Xiao Yao's set skill is rebirth!"

Tang Qi was a little sour, "That is hard to say. The end boss might ignore your stats and just kill you right away. For example Sif, during the battle she killed players with their invincibility."

Lin Wan Er and I looked at one another and were frightened by Tang Qi's words. That was true, top bosses were above the rules. If they really broke the rules then there was a chance that we would die badly.

But I still had to head to Hybrid Demon Territory if not I wouldn't be at ease. Moreover, this Hell Purple Lightning Pearl had become their brain. Her commands had caused huge problems for the humans so if I didn't deal with her, our next battle against the Hybrid Demon Territory wouldn't be so simple.


After supper, I went online.


I appeared in Tian Ling City and repaired my equipment. I then looked into my bag and saw many pieces of equipment that was dropped by the small bosses which I picked up near Shura Mountain. Altogether they could be sold for tens of thousands. Anyways I didn't spend much money and it was better to spend my own so I sold them all in the auction house. Maybe I would meet a dumb rich kid and earn some money.

After dealing with everything, I headed towards Dragon City.

Cold wind blew in the skies above Dragon City and there were dark clouds all over. The weather today was really bad and there seemed to be a snowstorm. Dragon City was a lone city in the snow and even Valley of the Dragons was affected. Snow fell there but it shouldn't affect much. The temperature in the valley would increase quickly.


My boots stepped on the snow. I glided dozens of meters forwards and kept Mei'er into my pet space. I jumped up and headed towards the hall. The few guards didn't stop me at all so it seemed like Frost had ordered them to allow me access. This was special permission, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others weren't able to enter the hall just like that.


I entered the hall along with a cold breeze. When I closed the door, Zhi Shu, Lanais and Frost were all there. Frost was behind her giant desk and holding a dove brush. She looked at the red seal on the side and the seal ink had started to freeze up.

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Lanais sat at the left window beside Frost and placed her snow white legs on the bed. She was a Hybrid Demon so she wasn't afraid of the cold. She wore the same thing all year round, making her look elegant and sexy.

Zhi Shu maintained her fiery nature and placed her legs on teh table, "Li Xiao Yao is here. Frost say something, the entire Dragon Territory is waiting for you to decide!"

I walked forwards and sat in front of Frost, "What happened?"

Frost raised her head and her eyes were filled with worry, "Ast night, two dragon riders were killed near Storm Abyss. They were scouting and I ordered them to fly high but they were still killed."

"Storm Abyss?" I glanced at the Hybrid Demon map, "Was it The Judge or Devourer?"


Frost shook her head, "There was only one wound on their body which was a stab through the heart. Moreover, their organs were all burnt."

"Burnt?" I was shocked, "Someone good with fire attacks?"

"No, it was lightning."

My heart felt cold, "Was it Hell Purple Lightning Pearl?"

Zhi Shu said, "It probably is her. Apart from her, only Azure is good with lightning. Moreover, the person that could kill the two dragon riders and two dragons wouldn't be simple. She used four attacks to pierce two people and two dragons. She is really vicious."

Frost said calmly, "What I am more worried about is that Pearl has control of all troops. She is the commander and her thoughts are precise and vicious. If we don't target her, Dragon City and Tian Ling City's future is in worry."

"So..." Frost sucked in a deep breath, "Someone has to discuss with Pearl. If we can bring her over, we would have a bigger chance. The Hybrid Demon Territory having a top commander can wipe us out. We need to send someone familiar with Pearl there to talk to her."

Zhi Shu smiled, "Then Lanais?"

Lanais coughed, "You really are sending me? Apart from killing her brother, I am not close with Pearl."

Zhi Shu said, "Then only Master can go..."

I didn't decline, "If I don't go then there aren't any other choices right?"

Frost stood up and smiled, "Right, you are abnormal and are protected by the gods. No one can crush your soul. Moreover, if Lanais and I enter the Hybrid Demon Territory, our god divinity would awaken Azure. If Azure himself attacks, I am unsure that I can come back alive."

I tapped Frost's shoulder, "Then let me go."

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