Chapter 193: Er Gou's Ritual
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 193: Er Gou's Ritual

Kanon followed Er Gou to the back door of the casino. He checked his watch and as soon as it hit 10 p.m., he immediately pulled Kanon into the workshop.

"Where is this?"

Er Gou didn't take Kanon deep into the workshop but asked her to stay in the storage room.

The shelves in the storage room were stacked with black cases, behind which was a dark red iron door.

"Wait here for one minute."

Er Gou shook his finger and turned to push open the red iron door, entering the workspace.

Kanon pricked up her ears for a while, hearing continuous clinking sounds from next door, unsure of what was being done. She took off her mask and sniffed around the shelves; it seemed they were all filled with t-091.

The scent of t-091 was unmistakable, like rust sprinkled into rotten milk, very easy to identify.

Er Gou came back, holding the black case that Kanon had given him last time.

"Here we are, shall we start?"

"Start what?"

"Hmm... a kind of ritual?" Er Gou said, "Originally, I should have performed this ritual on Dark Street, but I had no choice; the police are watching there too closely, and I can't work there anymore."

"What's in Dark Street, exactly?"

"You wouldn't understand even if I told you, so I won't waste my breath."

After saying this, Er Gou pulled out a dagger from his chest and without blinking, cut across his wrist.

Blood flowed down Er Gou's arm like water, turning Kanon's face pale. The cut on Er Gou's wrist was deep, it seemed even the tendons were severed.

"What are you doing?"

"This is something I learned in school, it works well." Er Gou raised his arm and said, "You might hear some strange noises, please don't be too surprised."


Kanon nodded, but soon after, she started hearing strange murmurs in her ears.

The sound made her feel dizzy, as if she were drugged.

However, this state didn't last long. By the time the murmurs disappeared, she and Er Gou were already on Dark Street.

"How did we get here?"

"This is magic I learned from the Traveler star people; using this, you can walk

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