Chapter 192: Acting
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Gu Yi returned to his work at the mine, his mind preoccupied with the interrogation process he had just undergone, while also pondering how to solve his current dilemma.

There was only one conclusion.

Unless he could immediately gain Er Gou's complete trust, there was no way Er Gou would help him. Moreover, even if Er Gou did end up trusting him, he wouldn't be able to be present on site to uncover what secrets Dark Street hid.

"It's all this damned mine... fuck!"

Gu Yi vented all his frustration on the ore.

If it weren't for the fact that each time he entered the mine he was unable to deduce anything, he wouldn't be completely unprepared for his current situation.

Time ticked by, second by second.

After his shift, Gu Yi returned to the casino but didn't find Er Gou. Leaving the casino, he went to the Red Light District to look for people. Not only was Er Gou nowhere to be found, but that woman was also missing.

With no other options, he could only return to his lodging and close his eyes.

"Let's begin."

(Deduction begins!)

(You never ended up meeting Er Gou.)

(At 10 PM, you arrive at the police station.)

(You push open the door and enter the police station.)

(The police tell you to stay in the lobby to rest, and after a while, they let you stay in the office, completely unattended.)

(You sit in the office, utterly bored.)

(At this moment, you hear the office phone ringing.)

(You shout loudly.)

(A police officer enters the door.)

(Police: What are you doing?)

(You: The phone's ringing, aren't you going to answer it?)

(Police: Are you stupid? Where is the phone ringing?)

(The police curse and sit next to you.)

(The phone rings again.)

(You walk over and pick up the phone.)

(The police don't care about you, thinking you're acting foolishly.)

(Police: Performing some kind of act, huh?)

(You continue to answer the phone.)

(Your vision is filled with nothingness.)

(You terminate the deduction!)

"Why does taking a phone call lead to such a situation?"

Gu Yi blinked and sat up from the bed.

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