Chapter 13 Night Stroll (1)
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 13 Night Stroll (1)

In the Weird World.

In order to prevent his mask from getting wet in the sewer, Gu Yi found a plastic bag from a clean trash can in advance and then ambushed Dr. Gui in the locker room.

Gu Yi had already stolen the mask several times during his deductions, and he was like a habitual offender who successfully obtained Dr. Gui's mask and once again witnessed Dr. Gui's tragic end of being taken away by the security department.

"Tsk tsk..."

Gu Yi watched Dr. Gui leave, took back the mask, and hid it in the toilet.

From various doctors, Gu Yi knew that Dr. Gui was a solitary person.

This was also one of the reasons why Gu Yi had no scruples when stealing the mask.

Most people wouldn't talk to Dr. Gui, even if he was taken to Room 0, no one would notice.

Gu Yi hid in the toilet and used his talent.

(Deduction begins!)

(You put on the mask and left the toilet.)

(No one came forward to question you when they saw you, and you felt an unprecedented sense of freedom.)

(You went to the nurse station and stole the key to the ward.)

(You hid the key in your pocket.)

(As people came and went at the nurse station, some people started to notice you.)

(You were worried about exposure and quickly hid in the toilet, putting the mask and clothes in a garbage bag and hiding them in the ventilation duct.)

(At 7:00 p.m., all the patients went to the treatment room.)

(You were injured and the doctor allowed you to rest for a week.)

(When you entered the ICU, the nurse searched you.)

(She found that you were hiding a fork and the key to the ward.)

(The nurse called the security department.)

(You paused the deduction.)

As soon as Gu Yi saw the security department, he immediately stopped the deduction.

After his mental strength had been enhanced, he could terminate the deduction at any time, which could reduce the psychological impact of some death scenes on himself.

"It seems that this won't work, let's try another method."

(The deduction begins!)

(You stole the key according to the previous deduction method.)


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