Chapter 12: Stealing the Mask
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Weird Live Broadcast: I Can Deduce Endlessly Chapter 12: Stealing the Mask

(You hold Dr. Gui's mask and access card in your hand, unable to explain yourself.)

(Dr. Gui grabs your head and slams it hard against the wall of the locker room.)

(Your head is smashed into the wall.)

(Your vision turns blood red.)

(You died.)

"Damn it..."

Gu Yi was so scared that he leaned back and hit the wall behind him.

Dying so many times, but it was the first time he died by hitting the wall.

This Dr. Gui looks gentle and cultured, but why is he so much more ruthless than those nurses when he gets violent?

"Let's try again, but be more careful this time."

(Deduction begins!)

(You sit on a bench and reflect on your mistakes.)

(You decide to change your approach to theft.)

(You have already bypassed the surveillance cameras and pedestrians many times, so your actions are very skilled.)

(Just like last time, you quietly wait behind the locker, waiting for an opportunity.)

(Dr. Gui goes to the shower room to take a shower as usual.)

(You carefully pry open Dr. Gui's locker and take out the mask and access card.)

(You know that Dr. Gui will definitely come out to look for you after discovering the loss, so you decide to find a place to hide the stolen items.)

(You take off your clothes and wrap the items up.)

(You walk to the corner of the locker room, lift the drain cover, and hide the items in the sewer pipe.)

(You take the opportunity to escape the locker room.)

(You hide in a blind spot and observe Dr. Gui.)

(He goes in and out of the locker room door, looking more and more panicked.)

(After a while, the security personnel with teleportation abilities arrived next to Dr. Gui.)

(Security: Where is your mask?)

(Dr. Gui: Um... I'm looking for it.)

(Security: You have three minutes left.)

(Dr. Gui covering his cheeks.)

(Dr. Gui: I can't find it. My locker was broken into, and someone stole my things!)

(Security: We checked the surveillance footage, and no one entered the locker room during this time. Don't be cunning, come with us.)

(Dr. Gui: You can't treat me like this.)


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