Chapter 29.2: White Horse Escort Agency
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 29.2: White Horse Escort Agency

Chen Shen was placed in a secluded courtyard, with skilled members of the escort agency guarding on all sides.

Considering his exceptional palm techniques and the fact that he possessed internal energy, Liu Hongan not only sealed his acupoints but also took care to bind his hands behind his back using a rope mixed with sinews to prevent any movement.

After bringing him over to the White Horse Escort Agency, they asked a few questions at the beginning, but then they left him alone, letting him stew in his own anxiety, which would make him more cooperative later on.

Chen Shen didn't waste any time. Since no one came to talk to him, he closed his eyes and started cultivating his internal energy.


The door was pushed open from the outside, and Liu Hongan, using a crutch, walked in. Despite the loss of one leg, he moved with such agility that he surpassed many able-bodied individuals.

Yang Zhi and Ma Yangfan followed behind him. The room was divided into two sections, and they stopped in the outer section, listening to the conversation between Liu Hongan and Chen Shen.

After a brief greeting, they quickly got to the point. Liu Hongan had been trying to learn about the origin of Chen Shen's martial skills, but the latter had been steadfast in not responding.

Liu Hongan smiled slyly, saying, "Mr. Chen, don't blame us for being suspicious. You clearly possess formidable martial skills and internal energy, yet you consistently pretended to be without any martial prowess, lurking in the town. What is your purpose?"

Chen Shen sighed inwardly. Since he had promised Meng Jintang not to reveal the details of his martial training, he had to keep it hidden.

If he told others that he had been cultivating his internal energy for less than three months, it would be no different from admitting that his martial skills came from the young woman in green clothing.

Seeing his silence, Liu Hongan sneered twice and said, "Mr. Chen, you're not trying to say that you were originally without any martial skills and that someon

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