Chapter 28.2: Gentle Circumvention
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Transmigration with Cheat Codes Chapter 28.2: Gentle Circumvention

Deer hide was not a cheap material, and white deer hides were even rarer.

When he considered the girl's appearance and the fact that she was holding an oil-paper-wrapped bundle of freshly cooked snacks, with no sword at her waist, it was clear that she was dressed for a more domestic setting.

Wang Youhuai had once speculated about Meng Jintang's sect while living in the area, and he had never heard of any martial arts sect in the mountains. When he asked people from the White Horse Escort Agency, the response was the same.

He had initially assumed that Meng Jintang's sect had very few disciples, which was why it didn't attract much attention. But judging by her appearance, it was clear that her everyday life was not harsh, and she even seemed quite relaxed.

This suggested that her sect probably had a well-established support system for various tasks. Otherwise, if they had to devote a significant amount of effort to tasks like gathering firewood, cooking, cleaning, and laundry, there wouldn't be much time for leisurely wandering.

Meng Jintang's still-warm snack suggested that someone at home had been cooking not long ago. If they were cooking, they needed charcoal, which could either be bought in town or supplied by someone.

Since no one in the vicinity knew about the existence of the Hanshan Sect, the latter possibility seemed more likely. Considering her clothing was immaculate, finely tailored, and perfectly fitted, it was clearly custom-made recently.

Wang Youhuai, with the strong presence of their family, was confident that no one in the Meitai Town had commissioned such a garment in these past few days; otherwise, there would have been rumors circulating by now.

Wang Youhuai secretly speculated that while this female warrior was undoubtedly highly skilled, she likely had numerous servants at home. She was young and had learned a full set of martial arts, indicating that she had been taught by her elders.

Her daily life seemed comfortable, so among her attendants, there must be at least a cook and a t

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