Chapter 142 - The Resurgence Church’s Mask of Pain (Long Chapter)
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There's Absolutely No Problem With The Magic Cards I Made! Chapter 142 - The Resurgence Church’s Mask of Pain (Long Chapter)

Witnessing the process of Dekan’s deception and manipulation, Lampard was holding his head in agony in the reception room. To be honest, he had gone all-in on Dekan the past couple days. It could even be said that he had tied his fortune and life to Dekan. Of course, the results were good because all of Dekan's seemingly risky actions turned out to be victories. As the assistant, Viscount Lampard not only protected his territory but also gained both fame and fortune. He would undoubtedly leave his name on the great achievement of overthrowing the Cardinal of Ruin.

However, Lampard had already noticed something strange about Dekan. He had some weird ambitions and would engage in extremely crazy behavior. He actually deceived a tier 8 powerhouse of the Norton Kingdom into becoming a pretty girl who’ll be singing and dancing!

Moreover, from the conversation between Dekan and Judith, Lampard seemed to hear something extraordinary. The Ice Princess… would also become an idol? When did she fall into Dekan's clutches? These were two of the highest combat powers of the Norton Kingdom. If His Majesty the King found out that the two defenders of the country were engaged in artistic work, he would probably lose sleep for at least a month!

And during the award ceremony afterward, not only would the king look at Dekan strangely, but Lampard, as an accomplice, might also suffer the king's disdain!

Lampard suddenly realized his alliance with Dekan seemed more like a pact with a demon than a pledge between friends. It seemed like he was completely trapped and couldn't get off the pirate ship.

"To save the declining Kuran Territory, three legendary girls form an idol group and debut. Let's use this as the beginning of our plan." Dekan, without caring about Judith’s presence, started discussing with Croix.

"I think it's a good idea. I can also ask my father to promote it more in the Kuran Territory. We can start planning the first live performance in advance." Croix nodded, approvingly.

"Wait! I don't have any experience in t

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