Chapter 85 - God: Stay Away From Me!!!
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 85 - God: Stay Away From Me!!!

Manipulating the Demon King's Power, Luna poured all of the mana in her body into her hands, desperately resisting the gigantic hand before her.

The collision of the two powers created shockwaves that sent the surrounding gravel flying away, clearing out an open space in the mansion ruins. Alice also vaguely saw the unconscious Milu Rabbit taking flight. Although the Milu Rabbit looked a little dirty because of the dust and dirt stuck to its fur, Alice didn't spot any injuries on it, so she couldn't be bothered to pick it up right now.

Meanwhile, after Alice activated the Demon King's Grip, the black lace panties in her right hand had also disappeared, resulting in her reverting into a helpless little girl. Had she not grabbed onto the Hero's Sword in time, she might've been blown away by the shockwaves as well.

Even so, Alice still couldn't intervene in the situation taking place in front of her. She could only watch as the gigantic palm continuously advanced toward Luna while Luna desperately tried to stall the palm's advance with her petite body and delicate hands.

Although Alice couldn't see Luna's current state with her eyes due to the giant palm's obstruction, she could tell that Luna was being continuously weakened based on the Hero's Sword's weapon information.

The seal placed on the Hero's Sword was Luna's creation. So long as Luna's power was weakened, the seal on the Hero's Sword would weaken as well. Meanwhile, according to the weapon information Alice received, the Hero's Sword's stat bonuses had already recovered to 6000. Although it was still a little short from making a full recovery, the weakening of the seal proved that Luna wasn't doing so well against the giant palm.

Just like Alice thought, Luna was indeed in a terrible state right now. Despite being the Demon King's Power's wielder, she was being suppressed by even stronger dark mana. This feeling was akin to one rising to the position of the world's richest person, only to have someone else buying out one's company with even more money.

Moreover, Luna finally realized where this absurdly powerful dark mana originated from. If her guess was correct, it should've come from her black lace panties.

Although Luna had yet to figure out why Alice could gain such immense dark mana after holding onto a pair of black panties, she was certain that Alice had only gained this mana the moment she gripped onto the panties. So, she had no choice but to make such an inference.

This won't do... I still can't stop it...

Luna was still young, after all. She hadn't even reached 20 years old yet. So, even though she had acquired the Demon King's Power, she didn't have a lot of time to train with it. The fact that she only managed to plant a portion of the Demon King's Power in King Hatter's body a year ago could also prove that she had only learned how to make use of the Demon King's Power a year ago.

Unfortunately, although it could already be considered amazing that she managed to accumulate such a huge amount of power in only a year, it still wasn't enough to contend against Alice's panties. Very quickly, Luna could feel her hands getting eroded gradually, her body losing all of its ability to stop the gigantic palm's advance.

Meanwhile, seemingly noticing that Luna had lost the ability to resist, the gigantic palm wrapped its fingers around Luna and squeezed tightly. Then, it ruthlessly smashed Luna against the ground before exploding like a popped balloon, the burst of dark mana that resulted from the explosion corroding Luna's power and sending Luna flying and crashing into the distance.

…It seems panties triumph again.

Alice felt a little complicated over her victory. It was strange to defeat her enemies using panties no matter how she looked at it.

However, Alice didn't dwell on this matter for too long since she needed to verify whether Luna was still alive. That was the Demon King, after all. If she let Luna escape, the silver-haired maid would only pose a problem to her in the future.

At this point, the Hero's Sword had also fully recovered. Although the stat bonuses the Hero's Sword provided were no match for Law-grade panties, at least it wasn't a one-time use item.

…Should I use panties to tie my hair next time? They're not easily noticeable, and I can use them at crucial moments.

While walking toward Luna with the Hero's Sword in hand, Alice began summarizing the problems exposed in this battle—It wasn't scary to have a problem. What was scary was not having a solution for a problem.

This fight with Luna made Alice realize that storing all of her panties in a pouch was incredibly risky. She would essentially lose all of her trump cards if she lost the pouch, after all. Should she meet an opponent who guarded their panties well or did not wear panties at all in the future, she wouldn't be able to replicate the solution she used today.

Although Luna was sent flying quite a distance, Alice quickly arrived beside Luna thanks to the speed boost the Hero's Sword provided. She even picked up the Milu Rabbit on her way. Though, since there wasn't anywhere she could hang the Milu Rabbit on her nightdress, she had no choice but to leave it by her feet for now.

Looking down at Luna, Alice quickly noticed that the silver-haired maid was still alive. Although Luna had lost consciousness and injuries covered her body, she still showed faint signs of breathing.

Moreover, with her enhanced senses, Alice keenly noticed that the wounds on Luna's body were gradually healing. This should be the Demon King's Power in Luna's body taking effect.

Although it pains me to kill a girl, it is a pity that you are the Demon King. There really is no reason for me to keep you alive.

Alice tightened her grip around the Hero's Sword's hilt, her eyes fixated on Luna's slowly recovering body. Although Heroes and Demon Kings were still bound by the laws of this world, their existences already transcended the understanding of this world's mortal civilizations. If she let Luna be, none of the civilizations in this world would be able to deal with her. So, even though Alice felt uncomfortable about killing Luna, she had no choice but to harden her heart and do it.

Let's use Holy Cross—

[2 minutes and 12 seconds until skill cooldown is over.]


Alice suddenly realized that even though the fight just now was intense, felt like it had lasted for years, and even spanned across four chapters, all of the moves they exchanged were completed in an instant due to their incredibly high stats. So, in reality, very little time had passed, and the Holy Cross Slash's cooldown had yet to finish.

Let's just use a normal attack since that's the case.

With such a thought in mind, Alice hovered the Hero's Sword above Luna's heart and plunged it straight down without hesitation. She planned to stop Luna's heart using the Hero's Sword.

Alice's plan went relatively well, the Hero's Sword successfully stabbing into Luna's heart. However, Alice quickly discovered that even after getting stabbed, Luna's heart continued beating rhythmically, behaving as if it was completely unaffected by the presence of a foreign object. Even Luna's breathing remained faint but steady like before.

...Sure enough, it won't be easy to kill a Demon King.

Alice frowned. She had more or less expected such a situation to happen. According to historical records, the previous generation's Hero had to seal Demon King Grant using the War God's Lock for 50 years before Grant's physical body died.

Meanwhile, Alice knew very well just how powerful the War God's Lock was. Even a weakened version of the taboo had pushed her to the brink of death. Yet, a Demon King's physical body would only die after getting sealed by the full version for 50 years. If a Demon King's body had such toughness, it was entirely normal for a Demon King to be immune to physical attacks.

Thus, if Alice wanted to kill Luna, she would need to use some special means such as the Hero's Power.

However, the problem now was that Alice still didn't know how to use the Hero's Power. While the Hero's Sword should carry the Hero's Power, Alice had never undergone any training to properly use it. If not for her right hand's unique ability, she wouldn't have the stats needed to stand her ground against Luna today.

It seems I'll have to use panties again.

Alice scratched her head as she came to this conclusion. Luna's body was gradually healing even now, so there was no saying if she would regain consciousness before Holy Cross Slash's cooldown finished. So, to ensure that Luna didn't make a comeback or escape, Alice needed to find another way to kill Luna as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the only method Alice could think of right now was to use a pair of light-attributed panties. However, her ammunition stockpile was currently buried under the ruins, and it'd be impossible to locate it within two minutes. Then, was there any other way she could acquire panties immediately?

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Wait, there is one.

Seemingly having thought of something, Alice gripped the Hero's Sword's hilt and closed her eyes. Then, she began using the Hero's Sword's other skill.

—Word of God.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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