Chapter 85 - God: Stay Away From Me!!!
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 85 - God: Stay Away From Me!!!

Manipulating the Demon King's Power, Luna poured all of the mana in her body into her hands, desperately resisting the gigantic hand before her.

The collision of the two powers created shockwaves that sent the surrounding gravel flying away, clearing out an open space in the mansion ruins. Alice also vaguely saw the unconscious Milu Rabbit taking flight. Although the Milu Rabbit looked a little dirty because of the dust and dirt stuck to its fur, Alice didn't spot any injuries on it, so she couldn't be bothered to pick it up right now.

Meanwhile, after Alice activated the Demon King's Grip, the black lace panties in her right hand had also disappeared, resulting in her reverting into a helpless little girl. Had she not grabbed onto the Hero's Sword in time, she might've been blown away by the shockwaves as well.

Even so, Alice still couldn't intervene in the situation taking place in front of her. She could only watch as the gigantic palm continuously advanced toward Luna while Luna desperately tried to stall the palm's advance with her petite body and delicate hands.

Although Alice couldn't see Luna's current state with her eyes due to the giant palm's obstruction, she could tell that Luna was being continuously weakened based on the Hero's Sword's weapon information.

The seal placed on the Hero's Sword was Luna's creation. So long as Luna's power was weakened, the seal on the Hero's Sword would weaken as well. Meanwhile, according to the weapon information Alice received, the Hero's Sword's stat bonuses had already recovered to 6000. Although it was still a little short from making a full recovery, the weakening of the seal proved that Luna wasn't doing so well against the giant palm.

Just like Alice thought, Luna was indeed in a terrible state right now. Despite being the Demon King's Power's wielder, she was being suppressed by even stronger dark mana. This feeling was akin to one rising to the position of the world's richest person, only to have someone else buying out one's company with even more money.

Moreover, Luna finally realized where this absurdly powerful dark mana originated from. If her guess was correct, it should've come from her black lace panties.

Although Luna had yet to figure out why Alice could gain such immense dark mana after holding onto a pair of black panties, she was certain that Alice had only gained this mana the moment she gripped onto the panties. So, she had no choice but to make such an inference.

This won't do... I still can't stop it...

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