Chapter 84 - Maou no Pantsu (魔王のパンツ)
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 84 - Maou no Pantsu (魔王のパンツ)

"That's…my underwear?"

Luna was briefly stunned when she saw the panties in Alice's hand. Then, she hurriedly looked down at her lower body and found that her panties had indeed gone missing.

Alice's attack just now wasn't as simple as it seemed. She was fully aware that the stat bonuses the Hero's Sword presently provided were not enough for her to cause any substantial damage to Luna. So, despite her attacks looking like they were meant to kill Luna, they were merely meant as a distraction.

Take the upward slash Alice executed against Luna's neck, for example. That attack was meant to have Luna shift all of her attention onto her neck. If Luna's attention was focused on her neck, she would be less likely to notice what was happening to her lower body. Meanwhile, taking advantage of this situation, Alice had swiftly torn off the flimsy piece of fabric from Luna's body.

Unlike the time Alice faced Grant's soul, she currently wielded the Hero's Sword in her right hand. Even though the Hero's Sword had been weakened significantly due to Luna's seal, it still provided Alice 4000 points in Strength. So, tearing off a pair of panties was no trouble for her at all.

Meanwhile, before Luna could make sense of why Alice had stripped her of her panties even at such a crucial time, Alice clenched her right hand and tightly gripped onto the pair of black lace panties.

Afterward, turbulent dark mana burst out from Alice's right hand like water gushing out of a broken dam. Then, the dark mana transformed into a thick black mist that flooded the area.


Luna was having a difficult time keeping calm right now. Even as the Demon King, her heart couldn't help but start beating violently when faced with such immense dark mana at such close distance. After all, the vastness of that dark mana surpassed even that of the dark mana within her.

What's going on? Aren't I the Demon King? Why does she suddenly have more dark mana than me?

Luna suddenly felt that she didn't have enough brainpower to process this situation. As the Demon King's Power's host, she had never seen someone with stronger dark mana than herself.

However, Alice did not pay attention to Luna's confusion. Honestly, she was similarly shocked by the volume and concentration of dark mana that had burst out of her right hand. Even though she had used various types of panties previously, she had never experienced such a huge reaction before.

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