Chapter 82 - Disarming You
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After stamping his approval on a document related to internet culture management, Hatter stretched his body and yawned. As the king with the highest approval rating in the Gryffin Kingdom's history, Hatter might look glorious on the surface, but the burden he had to shoulder behind the scenes was not something that most people could imagine.

This situation was made worse by the "Demon King's Power" inside his body. Recently, it was growing more and more restless, constantly trying to corrupt his spirit and making him mentally unstable. As a result, he would sometimes make some wrong decisions, and it would take a lot of work to make up for these mistakes later, which, in turn, distressed him even further.

"It's already half-past five? Hah..."

Hatter massaged his temples after glancing at the wall clock in the office. Although he felt frustrated by his busy work schedule, there was nothing he could do about it. He couldn't shrug off his work to the ministers helping him even if he wanted to since many important documents needed his approval. This was also why he was still working even when everyone in the palace had already gone home. He could only rejoice that he had no work scheduled for tomorrow.

However, not all was bad news. Firstly, the Hero had finally appeared. Moreover, according to the Hero's close friend, the Hero was even planning to receive education in Holl City's March Royal School of Magic.

Hatter was naturally elated by this wonderful news. Nothing could be better than having a Hero living in his country's capital city. He could already foresee that Holl City's economy would take off in the next few years. Countless companies would fight desperately to establish their businesses in the city that the Hero resided in.

For this reason, Hatter had even personally helped Alice handle her admission into the Royal Academy. The day Alice finished her education and no longer needed to conceal her identity would be the day when Holl City greeted its most rapid phase of development in history.

Apart from that, the Hero's appearance also meant that he would, perhaps, finally have a solution to the Demon King's Power residing in his body. Although there had not been any precedents of the Demon King being forcibly stripped of the Demon King's Power, all of the past Demon Kings were filled with thoughts of invasion. There was no way any of them would be willing to part with the Demon King's Power.

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