Chapter 81 - Stupid Tradition
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The cross made of blinding light instantly devoured Luna's body and brightly illuminated the surrounding area, making it seem as if it were daytime right now. With how intense the light was, people outside the mansion district should notice it as well. So, it probably wouldn't be long before someone came to check up on the situation here.

To think I would have to yell out the Hero's Sword's true name to use its skill…

Alice couldn't help but be exasperated when she recalled what had just happened. She had seen characters in manga and novels shouting out the names of their weapons before launching their ultimate moves, so she could somewhat understand why the Hero's Sword had such a requirement as well. However, unlike a certain blonde girl's weapon, Alice's weapon didn't have a cool name like "Excalibur."

Fortunately, the Hero's Sword's strange name of Okay wasn't without its benefits. When Luna heard Alice abruptly shouting "Okay," she was momentarily caught off guard and ended up eating Alice's Holy Cross Slash straight to the face. Alice could also relate to Luna's reaction. Any normal person would definitely be surprised if the opponent they fought suddenly shouted "Okay" just as they were about to launch an attack.

It really makes you wonder how that Hero named Miller managed to cope with such a restriction... His fights must've been terrible, right?

When Alice thought of the unlucky Hero who had named his Hero's Sword "What the Fuck," she suddenly felt that she was no longer the most miserable Hero in history. Then, after comforting herself in such a manner, she returned her focus to the dissipating light in front of her.

Can she survive after taking such an attack straight to the face?

The Holy Cross Slash was undoubtedly a skill only the Hero could use. Its destructive power was already on the level of taboos. However, unlike taboo bombs that would cause wide-area destruction once detonated, the Holy Cross Slash's destructive power was much more controlled. Thus, even though the Holy Cross Slash possessed taboo-level destructive power, the damage it dealt to the target's surroundings was minimal.

After Alice waited for some seconds, the dazzling light eventually faded, and the faint morning glow coming from the distant horizon became the only source of light in the area again. Meanwhile, Alice also quickly located Luna's figure among the rubble.

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