Chapter 69 - I'm Coming To You
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With the GPS navigator, which she had won for free from the crying salesperson, in hand, Alice left the department store with a satisfied smile on her face.

Although the salesperson initially wanted to renege on his bet, he quickly caved after Alice threatened to call the shop's manager. If the manager heard that he tried to trick a little girl, he wouldn't be losing only the money for two GPS navigators. He would even lose his job.

Between losing a little money and his job, the salesperson naturally chose to keep his job. Thus, Alice had successfully conned…earned a brand new Brilliant Navigator Model XB-005 thanks to the Milu Rabbit.

"Beautifully done, Milu Rabbit," Alice said as she tied the unconscious Milu Rabbit back to her waist. A measly GPS navigator naturally couldn't withstand the Milu Rabbit's headbutt. It also wasn't enough to give the Milu Rabbit the fix it sought after, either. So, after destroying the GPS navigator, the Milu Rabbit had proceeded to crack one of the department store's walls before it fainted in satisfaction. "I'll make sure to name you next time."

After futilely appeasing the unconscious Milu Rabbit and arriving at the department store's entrance, Alice activated the navigator's ability using her right hand. Although the navigator's two skills—Advanced Navigation and Advanced Positioning—might seem like navigation functions, after the navigator became Alice's weapons, these two skills did far more than just navigate directions.

Sure enough, it works.

Alice nodded in satisfaction when she saw the coordinates and map that had appeared on the navigator's screen after she had entered "Rosa" into the navigator's search bar. She definitely wouldn't have gotten such a result had she tried to search such a vague search criteria using a normal GPS navigator. She hadn't placed much hope on her theory succeeding initially, so she was pleasantly surprised to see her theory hitting the mark.

It's as if my right hand had altered the laws of the navigator's functions.

In reality, Alice had suspected more than once that her right hand might be the Demon King's Power. However, looking at it now, that didn't seem to be the case. While her right hand's ability might have altered this world's laws, such as turning panties into Artifacts, it did not destroy the world's laws, unlike the Demon King's Power. Rather than destruction, it looked more as if her right hand was…creating laws?

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