Chapter 68 - Receiving Free Things Makes Me Happy
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 68 - Receiving Free Things Makes Me Happy

Alice had originally been in a good mood when she got ready to leave the church. However, by the time she walked out of the church, her mood had already fallen to the opposite end of the spectrum.

What Alice feared most had still ended up happening. Previously, the reason why she had agonized over the Hero's Sword's name and even gone out of her way to pester God for help was precisely because she worried that the Hero's Sword's name would be publicized. Then, once the entire world found out about the Hero's Sword's name, they would realize how lousy this generation's Hero was.

Although there was an even unluckier bloke named Miller, Alice still couldn't bring herself to feel happy. When she thought about how schools would pose ridiculous questions such as "Please analyze Hero Alice's psychological state when she named her Hero's Sword 'Okay' (9 marks)" in the future, she felt that she was bound to be ridiculed and hated by students.

The previous generation's Hero's "Enheria" was at least an adage that conveyed the meaning of courage. So, it clearly expressed the previous Hero's psychological state when she named her Hero's Sword. However, what the hell did "Okay" convey? How was anyone supposed to analyze anything from it?

While Alice had the option to give a random name to Father Kasandora just now instead of telling the truth, she dared not do so. This was because the HEro's Sword was a Law-grade weapon. In other words, its true name was similar to the Hero's existence—a law. After learning about the significance of laws from the Loli Goddess, Alice dared not fool around regarding matters involving laws.

Had she reported a false name to Father Kasandora, not only would she be hampering the Hero's Sword's growth, but she might even cause the Demon King's Power to grow stronger.

Thus, carrying unhappy feelings, Alice followed her memories and quickly arrived in front of Rosa's home. As a working paparazzi and former thief with the ability to bypass the realm barrier, Rosa should have access to classified information that most people weren't aware of.

Previously, when Alice had searched the internet for information on the Gryffin Kingdom's capital, the result she ended up with was merely a bunch of flattery and praise about the city's governance. She did not learn anything important about the city or the kingdom's ruler, Hatter Ceres.

Compared to the useless essays on the internet, Alice felt that it'd be more reliable to ask Rosa about the positives and negatives of Holl City and the Gryffin King.

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