Chapter 48 - Alice the Noob
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—Thanks for getting me killed, noob.

Alice grew a little embarrassed as she looked at the chatbox on the bottom-left corner of her screen. The game she downloaded was an MMORPG. It was a standard MMO that involved killing monsters, leveling up, and raiding dungeons. Logically, such a game shouldn't require much skill to play; everything should be fine so long as she spent some money.

However, Alice had forgotten one little detail: that was the fact that this game was being operated in the demon realm. In other words, the game was catered toward demons. Meanwhile, demons were a race that worshipped strength. Even weak civilians lacking talent had undergone harsh training since they were children, thus granting them physiques far surpassing ordinary humans.

In contrast, Alice was nothing but an ordinary human girl. With her inferior reaction speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, she couldn't even execute moves that demons considered basic. Sometimes, when fighting bosses in the game, she wouldn't even notice an attack was coming at her until it had hit her in the face.

The current situation was one such example. Alice had joined a party to raid a dungeon. Originally, the character she controlled should be responsible for tanking hits from the dungeon boss. Yet, when the boss attacked, Alice had failed to activate her skill in time, which resulted in her and one other teammate getting vaporized.

There's no way I can continue playing this…

Just like Alice expected, as soon as the rest of the party defeated the boss and completed the dungeon, the party leader immediately removed her from the party.

Alice had gotten a lot of benefits thanks to her identity in the Demon King. One such example was the small fortune Flaman had transferred into the e-wallet account she had made recently. Meanwhile, thanks to this money, Alice splurged like a tycoon in the MMORPG she downloaded, which, in turn, allowed her to secure a party easily. Unfortunately, despite the powerful items she bought, her performance wasn't even half that of the average player.

Alice couldn't help but sigh at this situation. Without utilizing the power of panties, her body's parameters were no different from an ordinary human girl's. She naturally couldn't compete against demons, who possessed far superior physical performance than her.

Of course, if Alice intended to take a game seriously, she could also consider tying a pair of panties around her right hand. However, the problem was the special effects that came with the power of panties. She would have to deal with holy light blinding her eyes or black mist flooding her room throughout her entire gaming session, and that definitely wouldn't be a comfortable experience. Also, in the off chance that someone entered her room while she was gaming and saw the panties tied around her hand, that would instantly lead to her social death.


Alice pursed her lips as she looked at her game character displayed on the monitor. There was nothing more upsetting to a gamer than being called a "noob" by other players.

After hesitating for a moment, Alice slowly reached for the pouch tied to her waist with her right hand.

"Lord Demon King, the other Heavenly Kings have arrived already and are currently waiting for you in the conference room."

Suddenly, knocking sounds followed by Davis's voice came from the door, causing Alice to instantly retract the fingers that had already slid into her pouch.

"I'm coming!" Alice shouted. Then, she stood up and grabbed a black glove from the side of her table. This glove was a different one from before. The previous one she wore had already been obliterated out of existence when she used Destruction Grip against Flaman.

Let's hope Flaman can convince them that I am the Demon King… My reserve is running low already.

Alice prayed as she sighed. Including the one she wore, she currently had five pairs of panties on her person. However, only one of them was black. She also couldn't find it within herself to ask for black panties from Heris. After all, Heris hadn't done anything bad to her thus far, unlike Rosa. On the contrary, the demoness had treated her quite well since they met until now.

Of course, Alice had also tried buying new panties to use as weapons. However, after the panties she ordered online had arrived, she found that her right hand did not recognize them as Artifacts. Instead, they were only deemed as "Cloth With No Value." This development shattered Alice's thoughts of buying a large stockpile of panties.

Based on this outcome, Alice estimated that panties that had never been worn would have no value. Only after a pair of panties had been worn could it exhibit its true value and gain recognition from her right hand.

Amidst her silent lamentation, Alice reached for the Milu Rabbit tied to her waist. Only after sensing its presence did she feel more at ease.

Afterward, Alice made her way to the door and opened it. Then, she nodded to Davis and followed him to the conference room.

Several days had already gone by since Alice had her mock battle with Flaman. During these past few days, the three other Heavenly Kings had passed their work to their respective subordinates and traveled to the Fear Kingdom to meet with the so-called Demon King that Flaman mentioned.

With Flaman's testimony, Davis behaved much more humbly and carefully in front of Alice now. Unless necessary, he dared not speak with Alice at all for fear of offending the new Demon King. Thus, the trip to the conference room progressed in silence.

When the two eventually arrived in front of the conference room, Davis opened the doors for Alice. Then, the sight of four demons sitting in the spacious conference room immediately entered Alice's eyes.

Two people sat on each side of the long conference table. At this time, even Heris, Flaman's beloved daughter and someone who shared a close relationship with Alice, did not qualify to enter this conference room.

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"You're here, Lord Demon King," Flaman greeted Alice with a smile. Then, when he scanned the room's three other occupants and saw the strange expressions they made, his smile grew even wider. Hah! I guess I'm not the only one surprised by the new Demon King's appearance!

Afterward, Flaman quickly introduced Alice to the three other Heavenly Kings, saying, "This young lady here is Alice, the new Demon King. She destroyed the radioactive crystal the previous Demon King left behind and erased the previous Demon King's soul with her own hands."

While the three other Heavenly Kings were scrutinizing her appearance, Alice also used the opportunity to observe them. A few days ago, Flaman had already shown her the three other Heavenly Kings' pictures and gave her a brief introduction of them. Thus, she quickly recognized who the people in the room were.

Seated beside Flaman was Wintas Varak, the Windy Kingdom's ruling king and the Heavenly King of Wind. Wintas had the appearance of a feminine man, which was the complete opposite of Flaman. He also had a pale complexion, a slender figure, and long white hair. If judging solely by appearances, one wouldn't be able to tell that he was actually one of the Four Heavenly Kings. Rather than a powerful fighter, he looked more like a tactician who acted behind the scenes.

Seated across from Flaman were two female demons. Of the two, one was a woman with short dark-blue hair, an attractive body, and a look of interest on her face. This woman was Ellu Shax, the Acura Kingdom's ruling queen and the Heavenly King of Water. From the rumors Alice found online, Ellu Shax was a sadist through and through.

Lastly, the person sitting next to Ellu was a young girl with long light-brown hair. The girl was seemingly immersed in her own thoughts as she wore an absent-minded look on her face. Meanwhile, this girl was none other than Aird Mishal, the Terra Kingdom's ruling queen and the Heavenly King of Earth.

Without holding onto a pair of panties in her right hand, Alice was no different than a normal person. Hence, when subjected to the scrutinizing gazes of three Heavenly Kings, she couldn't help but feel pressured.

Fortunately, even though demons worshipped strength above all else, the demons had already developed their civilization for thousands of years. At this point, they were no longer the barbaric race that started fights for no good reason. Thus, although Wintas, Ellu, and Aird had many questions regarding Alice's identity, they did not do anything out of line toward her.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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