Chapter 48 - Alice the Noob
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—Thanks for getting me killed, noob.

Alice grew a little embarrassed as she looked at the chatbox on the bottom-left corner of her screen. The game she downloaded was an MMORPG. It was a standard MMO that involved killing monsters, leveling up, and raiding dungeons. Logically, such a game shouldn't require much skill to play; everything should be fine so long as she spent some money.

However, Alice had forgotten one little detail: that was the fact that this game was being operated in the demon realm. In other words, the game was catered toward demons. Meanwhile, demons were a race that worshipped strength. Even weak civilians lacking talent had undergone harsh training since they were children, thus granting them physiques far surpassing ordinary humans.

In contrast, Alice was nothing but an ordinary human girl. With her inferior reaction speed, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination, she couldn't even execute moves that demons considered basic. Sometimes, when fighting bosses in the game, she wouldn't even notice an attack was coming at her until it had hit her in the face.

The current situation was one such example. Alice had joined a party to raid a dungeon. Originally, the character she controlled should be responsible for tanking hits from the dungeon boss. Yet, when the boss attacked, Alice had failed to activate her skill in time, which resulted in her and one other teammate getting vaporized.

There's no way I can continue playing this…

Just like Alice expected, as soon as the rest of the party defeated the boss and completed the dungeon, the party leader immediately removed her from the party.

Alice had gotten a lot of benefits thanks to her identity in the Demon King. One such example was the small fortune Flaman had transferred into the e-wallet account she had made recently. Meanwhile, thanks to this money, Alice splurged like a tycoon in the MMORPG she downloaded, which, in turn, allowed her to secure a party easily. Unfortunately, despite the powerful items she bought, her performance wasn't even half that of the average player.

Alice couldn't help but sigh at this situation. Without utilizing the power of panties, her body's parameters were no different from an ordinary human girl's. She naturally couldn't compete against demons, who possessed far superior physical performance than her.

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