Chapter 47 - Enemy Boss Is a Spy, Ally Boss Is Also a Spy
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 47 - Enemy Boss Is a Spy, Ally Boss Is Also a Spy

"Alice! Terrible news!"

Zauna's voice came through the phone. Even though Alice did not set the call to speaker mode, Zauna's voice still reached every corner of her bedroom. Fortunately, apart from Alice and the unconscious Milu Rabbit, nobody else was present in the room right now.

"The Demon King has appeared! Did you hear about it on your side?!"

"Ahh… Of course I heard of it. I'm in the demon realm right now, after all," Alice said while holding her phone with her left hand and using her right hand to manipulate the crystalline device that resembled a crystalline mouse. Then, while looking at the computer in front of her, Alice continued, "Since the Hero has already appeared, isn't it normal for the Demon King to appear also?"

"That being said… You shouldn't underestimate the Demon King's Power. A LINK account going by the name 'Milu Times' has posted details regarding the Demon King's birth. It seems the Demon King this time is considerably powerful," Zauna said worriedly. Although was confident in the strength of Alice the "Hero," looking at the description written by Milu Times, the new Demon King seemed like a tough opponent.

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from

"That Demon King managed to destroy something that even the demons' Four Heavenly Kings failed to break. I think you should be more careful, Alice. You mustn't let the Demon King find out about your identity."

"Relax. The Demon King won't find out about my identity." Alice said as she reached for a bag of snacks with her right hand. Then, after stuffing a biscuit into her mouth, she vaguely said, "Setting the Demon King aside, how are things coming along on your side, Zauna? Have you started classes yet?"

"What do you mean by 'setting aside the Demon King'… Do you think that my classes are more important than the Demon King?"

Zauna couldn't help but be frustrated at Alice's nonchalant attitude toward the Demon King. She had been worried sick over Alice when she first found out about the new Demon King's birth, yet the person she was worried about didn't feel anxious one little bit.

"I already reported in at the school this morning, and I'll officially start attending classes tomorrow... By the way, Alice, do you want to come to school, too? Although you seem to have received power from God, you still don't know anything about basic magic, right?"

"School, huh…"

Alice fell into thought. This wasn't the first time Zauna had brought up this suggestion. However, Alice had never made up her mind about attending school.

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