Chapter 418 - Strength-Type Challenger
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 418 - Strength-Type Challenger

"We can't win using brute force. This guy's strength has already gone beyond the level of the average Demon King," Alice said as she wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth. Of course, the blood didn't originate from internal injuries. Instead, her mouth simply suffered a few cuts from Fugallo's wind blades. "Andusia, we're going to have to use tactics, so listen up…"

Fugallo naturally wouldn't give Alice and Andusia time to discuss plans to go against him. The instant Alice started speaking to Andusia, Fugallo promptly began gathering a frightening amount of mana next to him, the sound of strong winds coming from the ball of mana.

Evidently, apart from dark magic, the second elemental magic Fugallo was most proficient in was wind magic. Apart from being able to increase the user's speed, wind magic could also be used to exhibit considerable cutting power, so it was a very useful magic type.

"This… Is it really doable?"

While Fugallo was gathering mana, Alice summarized her entire plan into one short sentence for Andusia. Although it was only one sentence, Andusia immediately understood what Alice was aiming to do. However, when she saw Alice's current state, she couldn't help but grow concerned.

Unfortunately, despite her concerns, Andusia had no choice but to trust in Alice since she couldn't come up with anything better. She might have considerable combat experience as a former Demon King, but Fugallo wasn't some amateur, either. He didn't leave much room for her to exploit. She also couldn't possibly keep relying on Alice to protect her, right?

After gritting her teeth, Andusia jumped off Alice's shoulder and flew straight at Fugallo. During her brief conversation with Alice, Andusia had also been gathering her mana like Fugallo, so she was ready to take action at any time.


Fugallo originally wanted to use another Eye of the Storm to thoroughly eliminate Alice and Andusia. However, before he could launch the mana gathered next to him, he saw Andusia flying at him at great speeds.

Andusia's current body might be tiny, but the mana contained within that tiny body was not at all weak. While rapidly approaching Fugallo, Andusia transformed her mana into a large black claw. Then, she had this claw ball up into a fist and sent a punch flying at Fugallo.

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