Chapter 417 - I Can 1v2 Now
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"Hiss… I didn't think this bastard would use possession magic on Dragon's Shadow as well." Andusia gritted her teeth as she struggled to pull her body out of the dirt ground. "Fuck. This is the first time I've heard of a Demon King with possession magic as their secondary magic."

Normally, powerful magicians would try to master a second type of magic on top of their primary magic type. Take Luna, for example. Apart from being proficient in dark magic, she had also adopted spirit magic as his secondary magic, making spirit magic her second most proficient type of magic. Although Demon Kings would normally dabble a little in every magic type, their proficiencies in dark magic and their secondary magic would triumph over every other magic type they could use.

However, while everyone was free to make any magic type as their secondary magic, Andusia had never heard of any Demon King taking on possession magic as their secondary magic. After all, as the leader of the demons, Demon Kings could get their hands on any type of magic they wanted. As a result, Demon Kings would typically choose powerful magic types for their secondary magic.

Meanwhile, when it came to powerful magic types, spirit magic, soul magic, and even gravity magic would easily be superior to possession magic. Out of all the magic types in existence, possession magic could be said to be the most unappealing and unnecessary. This was because possession magic could only increase the user's strength by a very limited amount. Moreover, the activation of possession magic required an external object. Without a target to possess, possession spells would be utterly useless.

Yet, despite the limitations of possession magic, there was actually a Demon King crazy enough to develop their mastery over possession magic to a high level.

"Alice, how are you doing? Are you alright?"

Of course, even though Andusia felt that something must be wrong with Fugallo's head, it was also a fact that he had used this supposedly useless possession magic to force her and Alice

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