Chapter 319 - You Too?
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"I apologize for my previous rudeness, Lord Demon King."

After Alice untied Mador, the latter promptly knelt in front of Alice and expressed her apology. Although magic technology and culture in this world had already reached a very developed stage, some formalities from the feudal era remain even to this day.

Mador did not suspect that Alice was deceiving her anymore. After all, the Demon King's identity was of utmost importance. Even if she didn't know about the Demon King's true identity, Frosette, the daughter of the Heavenly King of Water, and the Four Heavenly Kings should know it, right?

So long as Alice didn't plan to kill her or hand her over to the Rhine Kingdom immediately, Mador would have opportunities to contact Frosette or report this matter to the Four Heavenly Kings. Then, she could have the Four Heavenly Kings verify Alice's identity.

"It's fine. It was my fault for using the wrong type of mana," Alice said, waving her hand in embarrassment. She was entirely at fault for causing the misunderstanding this time.

After this incident, Alice found that she needed to separate her black and white panties. Otherwise, if she created another similar misunderstanding in the future, she might not be able to salvage the situation as well as she did today.

Spatial storages existed in this world. It was just like the weapon box she used to keep the Hero's Sword and the pendant she used to keep the power armor. After reflecting on this situation, she felt she might prepare two spatial rings specifically for storing panties. That way, not only could she avoid making another blunder like today, but she could also transfer a pair of panties directly into her right hand with just a thought.

"Then, the person who had me pass on a message for 'Magic Tower Know-It-All'..."

Mador suddenly recalled the strange incident she had encountered today. Originally, she had accompanied her classmate to visit "Magic Tower Know-It-All" for a consultation. Yet, when she left Magic Tower Know-It-All's office, she failed to remember what exactly she had said to the information broker.

Afterward, she was called upon by a counselor and lost consciousness. After she regained consciousness, an old magician informed her that the Demon King had hypnotized her without her knowing and used her to pass on a message to "Magic Tower Know-It-All" to recruit him.

Now that Mador thought about this series of strange events again, she had a creeping suspicion that these were all Alice's doing.

"Ahem. Frosette went by 'Academy Know-It-All' in the March Academy, so I subconsciously assumed that 'Magic Tower Know-It-All' is also a spy." Speaking of this matter, Alice couldn't help but grow a little gloomy. She felt that she was taking things too much for granted. "After realizing my blunder, I contacted Frosette and asked her for information on the Royal Magic Tower's spy. Then, I discovered that you, the person I controlled, turned out to be the spy I was looking for."

Mador couldn't help but look at Alice awkwardly after hearing the other party's explanation. Wasn't this Demon King a little too rash and unreliable? However, Alice's words and behavior showed that she seemed to be truly acquainted with Frosette. This increased Alice's credibility in Mador's eyes.

All five spies responsible for infiltrating the various human kingdoms' best magic academies maintained frequent contact with each other. Meanwhile, it was a fact that Frosette was responsible for infiltrating the Gryffin Kingdom's March Royal School of Magic. Moreover, Frosette was also the daughter of Ellu Shax, the Heavenly King of Water. Frosette definitely knew about the Demon King's true identity. So, if even Frosette acknowledged Alice, Alice was most likely the new Demon King.

To think the new Demon King would be the Gryffin Kingdom's princess… Mador was greatly surprised by this revelation.

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"Anyway, I came this time mainly to learn more about a situation from you." Since Mador basically believed that she was the Demon King, Alice naturally had no more need to hide the purpose of her visit. Even if Mador still held some doubts in her heart, the demoness could simply ask Frosette and the Four Heavenly Kings afterward. "Frosette told me someone has contacted you asking for our intervention in the Rhine Kingdom's succession rights."

When Mador heard Alice mentioning this matter, the last shred of doubt in her heart vanished completely. This was because this matter was something known by only the five spies and the Four Heavenly Kings. The fact that Alice knew of this information meant that Frosette truly believed that Alice was the Demon King.

Hence, Mador did not think of hiding this information and nodded. Then, she began to share all the information she knew:

"That's right. The other party seems to have discovered my real identity already. He has sent me multiple letters thus far. Although these letters are disguised as love letters on the surface, the letters' content is basically a request for the demon race to partner with him to seize power in the Rhine Kingdom, and all of these letters are signed by Prince Etoria."

"But Prince Etoria clearly doesn't know about your true identity," Alice said, chuckling. Luna had previously pried into Etoria's memories. Although Etoria possessed fetishes inappropriate for a prince, it was a fact that he didn't have any memories of colluding with the demon race. "You might not know this, but the old magician who sent you back to your dorm is actually a highly skilled spirit magician. Moreover, he came to the tower with Prince Etoria."

Mador came to a realization when she listened up to this point. If Etoria truly was the person trying to collude with the demon race, just now was the perfect opportunity for him to strike. So long as he had the old spirit magician plant some memories into her mind, he could easily manipulate her to instigate a war between the demons and the humans. At that time, the demons would have to participate in the war even if they didn't want to.

"Not to mention, Etoria was and is currently still the most likely successor to the throne. He has no reason to partner with us. So, the Etoria contacting you must be someone else," Alice said. "You've infiltrated the Rhine Kingdom for some time now. Do you have any ideas who might be doing this?"

"...If we are talking about someone trying to involve the demon race in the Rhine Kingdom's succession, the most likely suspects would be the other successors who have very little presence," Mador said after giving Alice's question some thought. "For starters, there is the Eldest Prince Collins Doyle, who became obsessed with games and anime culture long ago. Then, there is the Third Prince Arcana Doyle, who is still attending middle school but has no character whatsoever. Lastly, there is Princess Lilith Doyle, who seemed to receive no importance from the king whatsoever."

So the Eldest Prince is an otaku. No wonder he isn't interested in the throne.

Alice nodded, seemingly reaching an understanding.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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