Chapter 318 - She Makes a Lot of Sense
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 318 - She Makes a Lot of Sense

Mador felt as if she had a strange dream.

In the dream, Mador saw the Gryffin Kingdom's princess knocking on her door and inviting her out for a chat. Then, this princess claimed that she was the Demon King, yet revealed a frightening amount of light mana that only the Hero could have in the very next moment. Subsequently, just when she was about to escape, she was caught by the princess's Dragon's Shadow, which the princess had constructed using psychic power, and knocked unconscious with a Milu Rabbit that the princess had taken out from under her dress.

If she were to tell others about this series of strange and illogical events, they would definitely laugh at her. Hence, she felt that these events had most likely happened in her dream. Or, at least, she hoped they were part of her dream.

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Unfortunately, despite her wishes, these events were simply too realistic for her to simply shrug them off as nothing but a dream. At the very least, if this were a dream, it was one that she couldn't wake up from no matter how hard she tried. Ultimately, Mador had no choice but to accept that everything she had experienced was real.

After regaining consciousness, Mador found herself tied to a chair inside a dark room. If the rope used to tie her was only a normal rope, she could have easily broken free from it. After all, one of the requirements for becoming a spy in the human realm was to have strong combat capabilities.

However, her captor had evidently taken her strength into consideration, so the rope used wasn't a normal one. Mador could feel mana in the rope, so it appeared to be a product of magic. Moreover, judging by the incredible density of the rope's mana, it didn't seem to be just an ordinary magic product, either. Even after she struggled with all of her strength, the rope showed no signs of loosening or breaking.

Mador wasn't particularly surprised by the rope's toughness since this was something the Hero created.

"Ah, you're finally awake."

Alice, sitting in the corner of the room playing with her phone, immediately noticed Mador's struggling and looked up.

"That's right. I'm awake."

Mador sneered, watching Alice put away her phone and walk up to her. The lights in the room were off. The only light source in the room just now was the screen of Alice's phone. Now that Alice had put her phone away, the whole room fell into darkness.

Although Mador was a capable fighter, her body wasn't strong enough that she could see in the dark. Hence, she could only see the outline of Alice's figure right now. Though, judging by the haphazardly placed tables and chairs nearby, they should be in an abandoned classroom.

"Why haven't you killed me yet? Are you going to hand me over to the Rhine Kingdom?" Glaring at Alice, Mador snorted and said, "Don't even think about it! I will never reveal any information about the demon realm! If you're thinking of getting information out of me, I will kill myself immediately!"

Alice got a headache when she saw that Mador was already showing intentions of committing suicide. It was fortunate that she had prepared for this and restrained Mador while the other party was unconscious. Otherwise, she would definitely have to experience another workout session.

"I already said that what happened just now was a misunderstanding. I really am the Demon King," Alice earnestly explained. She was a pure human standing in human territory, telling a demon she was the Demon King. Yet, the other party still refused to believe her. This situation gave her a huge headache. "I can explain why I accidentally released light mana just now."

"Oh? What's the reason?" Mador raised an eyebrow. Although she didn't know why Alice was vehemently insisting on proving to her that she was the Demon King, seeing as Alice didn't intend to hand her over to the Rhine Kingdom, she gradually started to change her mind. "Don't tell me you are the incarnation of both the Hero and the Demon King?"

Hero novels have recently adopted many unique settings. Among them, one setting involved the novel protagonist being the Hero and the Demon King simultaneously. Although such unique settings were considered normal in the novel industry, it was too far-fetched for reality. Mador would find it an insult to her intelligence if Alice thought that she would believe such a nonsensical reason.

"Cough, cough. No, that's not the case." Alice coughed awkwardly. Despite what she said, it was a fact that she was both the Hero and the Demon King. Yet, at the same time, both her identities as the Hero and the Demon King were also fake. So, technically, she wasn't lying to Mador. "I am not the Hero. There's no way God would choose the Demon King to become the Hero, right? I can use light mana because I had an affinity for light magic when I was still human."

Mador originally planned to pick apart whatever excuse Alice gave her. However, after hearing Alice's answer and thinking about it for a moment, she realized that the scenario Alice mentioned was, surprisingly, theoretically possible.

Demon Kings were humans chosen by the Demon King's Power. This information had stopped being a secret for a long time already. Meanwhile, it was completely normal for a human to have an affinity for light magic. Although humans with an affinity for light magic were incredibly rare, and these human light magicians would be weak on average, it was still a fact that some humans had the potential to use light magic.

"After the Demon King's Power chose me, it modified my body, and I gained an affinity for dark magic," Alice continued explaining. "So, I came to gain a body with an affinity for light magic and dark magic simultaneously… You are aware that Demon Kings are all humans chosen by the Demon King's Power, right? So, while the chances are slim, it is still possible for Demon Kings to have light affinity. However, Heroes cannot be demons, so there is no way a Hero can have dual affinities for light and dark magic."

Dammit. I'm actually starting to believe her now.

Mador wasn't a stubborn person who would refuse to change her views no matter what. Although she had initially assumed Alice to be the Hero, after listening to Alice's explanation, she started to feel that Alice might very well be the Demon King. After all, Alice had never wielded the Hero's Sword. As for Alice having such powerful light mana despite being the Demon King, it was indeed possible that the talent she had when she was a human had carried over after she became the Demon King.

Although the average light magician wasn't particularly strong, Alice had the Demon King's Power's assistance. If Alice used the mana she gained from the Demon King's Power modifying her body to activate her light magic, she could naturally increase the volume of her light mana to a frightening extent.

"Then, can you use dark magic?" Mador asked the most crucial question whilst looking at Alice. If Alice truly was the Demon King, validating this concern should be an easy task.

Alice naturally didn't have a problem with this point. She had deliberately kept the room's lights off for two reasons. The first was to avoid attracting the attention of any potential passersby. The second was to prevent Mador from seeing the item in her hand.

[Weapon: Soft Black Striped Underwear]

[Quality: Artifact]

[Effect: Strength +5000, Constitution +5000, Speed +5000, Spirit +5000, Control +5000, Mana +5000]

[Additional Effect:

Mana Cancellation (Passive Skill. You will not be affected by offensive magic);

Spiritual Abnormality (Passive Skill. You will not be affected by spirit magic);

Blood Abyss (Active Skill. Upon use, releases a sea of mana that can devour the target's soul.)]

As soon as Alice grabbed the panties she had prepared beforehand, pitch-black mist rapidly overflowed from her right hand and spread across the room.

Meanwhile, when Mador sensed the incredibly dense mana that had suddenly flooded the room, her eyes brightened instantly. Although she didn't have an affinity for dark magic, she had met dark magicians before. For example, Frosette, the demon spy operating in the Gryffin Kingdom's March Royal School of Magic, was a dark magician. Mador had even experienced the sensation of dark mana from Frosette.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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