Chapter 276 - Unbreakable Woman
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A person who had their neck twisted had actually started speaking normally...

Moreover, judging by the voice that came out of the person's mouth, it didn't seem like their twisted neck was impeding their speech in any way.

Even Flaman, who was a Heavenly King, and Alice, who had experienced transmigration, couldn't help but be given a scare by this sudden development.

However, there were many extraordinary situations in this world, so Flaman quickly calmed down after his initial shock. Then, he carefully inspected the bound woman before hesitantly asking, "You… Are you perhaps an undead created by a necromancer?"


Alice was stunned, her mind subconsciously recalling the various zombie films she had watched on Earth. However, she quickly realized that the undead in this world should be different from the living dead depicted in those movies.

The undead in this world was a special type of creature made by necromancers using corpses or living creatures. If one were to get into the specifics, the undead couldn't even be considered a creature. This was because the undead was physiologically dead.

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The undead's souls had also separated from their bodies, the two becoming separate entities rather than just one entity. However, due to necromancy, their souls were forcibly tethered to their bodies, and they continued moving in this world in a special state where their souls took on the dominant role while their bodies became subordinate to their souls.

In this special state, while the undead could still move their bodies like a living person, their senses would be dulled, and their emotions would become rigid. In severe cases, they would even lose their ability to hold cognitive thoughts, thoroughly becoming a puppet to the necromancer that created them.

Moreover, there was a relatively subtle feature regarding necromancy, that was, when using it on a corpse, if the corpse had just died not long ago, it was possible to extract the soul of the deceased from the surrounding soul fluctuations and stuff the deceased's soul back into their corpse. This could also be considered a kind of resurrection in a sense.

Though, Alice doubted that many people would want to get resurrected in such a manner.

"But necromancers have gone extinct thousands of years ago. Moreover, they were made extinct deliberately," Alice said, frowning as she looked at the undead woman with the twisted neck. "Could the necromancers' legacy have been passed down secretly?"

"Impossible," Flaman said, shaking his head as he denied Alice's conjecture. "If we are talking about society thousands of years ago, the necromancers might be able to pass down their legacy without anyone knowing since information dissemination and transportation in that era were under-developed.

"However, times have changed already. If a necromancer were to appear in the modern era, even the slightest sign of their appearance would quickly reach the ears of whichever country they appeared in."

Necromancers might possess strange magic, but they were not known for their concealment ability. When it came to concealment, they might not even match the average thief. So, there was no way they could hide their tracks from the human and demon realm's powerful countries in an era where information technology was widespread.

"Hey, I'm talking to you," the undead woman said to Alice in a dissatisfied tone. When she saw Alice and Flaman ignoring her and starting a discussion on her origins and necromancers, she couldn't help but grow upset. "I asked if you have the coin."


This world had long since transitioned into an era of mobile payment. Even though the average person would still carry some money on them, it was usually paper currency, and few would carry coins on them. Hence, it didn't take long for Alice to figure out what the undead woman was talking about.

Alice reached into her pocket and pulled out a coin with her right hand. This was the Torres Royal Coin she had found in the Void Matter Mimicry book. Although she had previously returned the coin to its original position in the book, the coin had fallen out when she was packing the Void Matter Mimicry book with the others. Since the coin was a small item, she put it into her pocket instead of returning it to the book again.

"Are you talking about this coin?" Alice asked as she held the coin in front of the undead woman.

[Weapon: Torres Royal Coin]

[Quality: Garbage]

[Effect: Mana +1]

[Additional Effect: None]

The coin's weapon information remained the same as when Alice first inspected it in the secret room. The coin had no special abilities, so Alice found it surprising that it had actually managed to attract an undead.

During ancient times, necromancy was considered a wicked act since it involved defiling the corpses of others. As a result, necromancers eventually disappeared under the anger of countless people. Likewise, the undead that these necromancers created had also disappeared.

Of course, along with the development of magic technology, the act of studying corpses was no longer considered evil. Nowadays, many people even willingly contribute their corpses to further the advances of magic research. Even so, necromancers did not reappear. Instead, replacing them were alchemists, who researched corpses in a much more detailed and systematic approach.

"Yes, that's the one! The Torrest Royal Coin!" The undead woman's eyes lit up when she saw the coin pinched between Alice's fingers. Hurriedly, she said, "Untie me. I've found my target already."

"Your target is this coin?" Alice asked as she looked at the undead woman. "Will you attack us if we untie you?"

"No, no, I will only attack my enemies. I won't recklessly attack those with no grievances or enmity against me. The fighting outside just now was only because this big oath attacked me first. I was only passively defending myself," the undead woman said while looking at Flaman warily. "If you untie me, I will tell you why I am looking for this coin."

"Your cognitive abilities seem very normal," Alice said, surprised by the undead woman's lucidity. The average undead should have weak thinking ability, with some only moving on instinct. Yet, this undead woman behaved no differently from a normal person. "But I remember that the undead are not allowed to lie, right?"

Undead were special creatures whose souls were merely tethered to their bodies. When a normal person lied, their souls would have obvious fluctuations. However, since their souls and bodies were perfectly integrated into one entity, these fluctuations could only be sensed by spiritual magicians.

The souls of the undead would similarly fluctuate when they lied. However, because their souls were only forcibly tethered to their bodies, these soul fluctuations could easily break the tether between the soul and the body, turning them into true corpses.

"Which is why everything I've said is the truth!"

Seeing that Alice knew some of the undead's characteristics, the undead woman hurriedly nodded to Alice's question. However, because her neck was twisted 180 degrees, the creaking sound her neck made when she nodded sounded quite horrifying.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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