Chapter 275 - Wrong Way
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"This person is…?"

Alice was confused when she saw the person hiding in the bushes. Due to the dusky sky and the fact that the other party had only revealed half of the back of their head, Alice couldn't even tell the other party's gender.

Although the other party had long black hair, there was no law barring men from growing out their hair. So, Alice couldn't arbitrarily think that the other party was female simply because they had long hair.

However, what confused Alice wasn't the person's gender. Instead, she was confused as to why Flaman had asked her to come and see this person captured in the mansion's surveillance footage.

Alice couldn't see the other party's face, so she naturally couldn't tell whether she knew the other party. Moreover, she didn't have many acquaintances in the demon realm. She also couldn't think of any of her acquaintances who would appear in Flaman's house, much less hide in the mansion's bushes.

"This person followed you back, Lord Demon King," Flaman explained when he saw the confusion on Alice's face. "A few minutes after you returned, this person snuck past the patrols and infiltrated the rear courtyard after punching a hole into the courtyard walls."

After saying so, Flaman switched to another surveillance footage, showing Alice where the intruder had broken in from. From this second surveillance camera's angle, Alice could see a large hole in the courtyard's wall. It looked like something had crashed through the wall from the outside.

Flaman felt very frustrated by this situation. After all, someone had just punched a hole into his home's perimeter wall, and repairing it would cost money. Although he wasn't short of money due to his position as a Heavenly King, it still felt upsetting to encounter such a situation.

Hence, Flaman had asked Alice to come and see if she recognized this intruder. If she didn't, he would let this intruder learn what it meant for the strong to eat the weak.

"I don't recognize this person. To begin with, I don't know many people in the demon realm, and those with black hair are even fewer," Alice said, shaking her head. However, even though she didn't recognize the intruder, for caution's sake, she said, "Maybe we should capture this person first and find out their intentions."

"Okay, I'll go and catch this intruder myself," Flaman said.

Normally, Flaman would have tasked his subordinates with capturing the intruder since he had many combat personnel under him. However, the incident this time had upset him, so he decided to make a move himself.

Flaman was a Heavenly King. Aside from the three other Heavenly Kings and the Demon King, there was basically nobody he couldn't apprehend in the demon realm. So, he confidently opened the study's window and jumped out of the room.

He's as vigorous as always…

Alice shook her head and sighed helplessly when she saw Flaman jumping out of the window. Then, she walked up to the desk and sat in Flaman's chair, surfing the web with Flaman's computer while waiting for Flaman to return with the intruder. Similar to Flaman's opinion of himself, Alice also thought it should be a piece of cake for Flaman to apprehend the intruder with his strength.

However, things turned out different from Alice's and Flaman's expectations.

Originally, Alice thought it wouldn't take more than a minute or two for Flaman to return with the intruder. Yet, Flaman had only returned to the room around ten minutes later. Moreover, he was clearly out of breath when he walked in through the study's doors.

During these past ten minutes, Alice had heard explosions of varying intensities coming from outside. This showed that the fight was anything but simple. However, the fight ended just when Alice wondered if she should go out and take a look.

"This woman is much stronger than I thought. I even had to call my guards to make sure she didn't get away," Flaman said while breathing heavily. Then, he swung his right hand, haphazardly tossing a tightly bound woman onto the floor in front of him. "Moreover, I get the feeling that this woman hasn't used all of her strength. Whenever she uses magic, it feels like something is limiting her. If it weren't for those restrictions…"

“This person must be quite extraordinary for you to describe her as such."

Alice's expression turned serious when she heard Flaman's evaluation of the woman. After all, according to what Flaman said previously, she was most likely the reason the woman had snuck into the mansion's courtyard. Meanwhile, having a demon with strength rivaling a Heavenly King target her was not good news for Alice.

Alice walked up to the woman, who was tightly bound by mana ropes. Then, she crouched down, grabbed the woman's chin, and tried to turn her face toward her. She wanted to see what the person, who had given Flaman trouble, looked like.

However, when Alice took action, she failed to notice one thing—the woman's body had fallen right-side-up on the ground when Flaman threw her.

Meanwhile, when Alice grabbed the woman's chin and tried to turn her face toward her, she doubted that the woman's neck could turn 180 degrees. So, what Alice expected to happen was for the woman to twist and turn her body, making it so that her body was lying prone on the ground.

However, what Alice did not expect was for the woman to stubbornly refuse to turn her body. The woman persistently kept her back on the ground as Alice tried to twist her chin until eventually…

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Under Alice's and Flaman's horror, the woman's neck made a 180-degree turn, her chin going from pointing away from Alice to pointing at Alice…

Alice's and Flaman's expressions stiffened as they turned to look at each other. Neither of them had expected this woman to be so stubborn that she would rather have her neck snapped instead of turning her body.

Alice was especially surprised by this situation since she didn't recall using much force. With the amount of force she applied to her hand, even if the woman refused to move her body, it still shouldn't be enough to snap a person's neck.

While Alice and Flaman were silently considering how they should deal with this corpse, the woman with the twisted neck suddenly opened her mouth and asked:

"Are you the one with the coin?"

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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