Chapter 271 - Might as Well, Since We Are Already Here
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 271 - Might as Well, Since We Are Already Here

"Did you have to ransack the entire place?"

Andusia didn't know whether to laugh or cry when she saw the emptied room. Of course, she didn't think that there was anything wrong with Alice's actions since she had similarly done such a thing when she was invading the human realm as the Demon King. Specifically, she had ransacked the houses of slave owners.

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Not to mention, Alice was supposedly the Demon King of this era. So, it was a matter of course for her to inherit the legacy of the previous generation's Demon King.

"Might as well, since we are already here," Alice said, shrugging as she picked up the cloth sack full of items. Although the combined weight of all these items might be a huge burden to the average person, it was nothing to Alice. "Sorry for the trouble, Gel."

"It's fine. It is my honor to be of help to you, Lord Demon King," Gel said, shaking his head with an awkward smile. He had already learned about Alice's identity as the Demon King from Andusia, so he couldn't help but have complicated feelings when facing Alice.

Although Gel had known that the new Demon King had already appeared and met with the Four Heavenly Kings, the new Demon King's identity was never made known to the public for certain reasons. Thus, even as the Heavenly King of Water's close aide, Gel only knew that the photos of the Demon King spread online were fake. He didn't know what the Demon King actually looked like.

Of course, Gel was someone who had managed to become Ellu Shax's right-hand man, so he naturally had a good head on his shoulders. Even if Ellu didn't tell him the reason, he could more or less guess why the Demon King chose to hide her identity. It was most likely because the new Demon King had yet to mature in strength, and she might face assassinations from the humans if her identity were exposed.

However, Gel did not expect the new Demon King to work as a spy in the human realm. Moreover, through some unknown means, the new Demon King had managed to become a princess in the Gryffin Kingdom. To top it all off, this new Demon King had subsequently returned to the demon realm and seduced his little sister…

These developments were so outrageous that even fantasy novels wouldn't dare to adopt such a plot.

In addition to feeling bewildered, Gel also felt relieved to learn about Alice's identity. Originally, he was worried that his little sister might suffer through hardships because she was having a relationship with a human girl. However, it would seem that his worries were unnecessary as his little sister had apparently found herself quite the amazing partner.

Alice naturally wasn't aware of what was going on in Gel's mind. Instead, she turned to look at Andusia curiously and asked:

"Did you tell them?"

Alice knew that Andusia had taken Kamia and Gel out to have a discussion just now, but she didn't know what exactly Andusia had told them. She was alright with Andusia sharing some of her secrets with Kamia and Gel since Gel, as the Heavenly King of Water's right-hand man, would learn about these secrets sooner or later. However, she also had some secrets related to the human realm she couldn't afford to share.

"That's right. I told them about your 'Demon King' identity and that you came here in search of the previous Demon King's legacy," Andusia said as she turned to Alice. After saying so, she used mana to convey her subsequent words directly into Alice's ears, "Of course, I didn't tell them about your identity as the Hero and that your true goal is to deal with the Demon King's Power. I doubt these are secrets you can freely tell to demons."

It went without saying that Alice couldn't share her identity as the Hero with demons. As for her goal of targeting the Demon King's Power, it might not be as problematic of a secret to share with demons, but she felt that it still wasn't the right time to share it. After all, the demons were still hoping for the Demon King to help them occupy a better environment.

Before Alice was confident in fixing the demon realm's environment, it was best if she kept her goal a secret from the demons. Otherwise, the demon realm would go into chaos even without any intervention from the human realm. Only after a viable method of fixing the demon realm's environment had been discovered would the demons be willing to abandon their thoughts of invading the human realm.

Compared to Gel, Kamia didn't react much toward the revelation of Alice's identity. She behaved the same way around Alice as she did before. After all, Alice was her second mother in her mind. No matter what other identities Alice had, Alice's identity as her "mother" would always take the highest priority.

"By the way, did you do something other than ransacking this place?" Andusia suddenly asked after flying around in the room for a moment. "I felt a taboo's mana fluctuations coming from this place just now. After returning, I noticed that the ambient mana here has also recovered a little… What did you do?"

"Ah, that's because I found a Demon King's soul hiding in one of the taboo books just now." Speaking of this matter, Alice decided that she might as well talk about her previous encounter. She could also use Andusia's knowledge to determine the blonde Demon King's identity. "The other party was a blonde woman adept at spirit magic, and she had stored her soul inside a Soul Mark Scroll. She dragged me into her Spiritual Realm when I opened the book and tried to possess my body."

"A blonde woman adept at spirit magic?" Andusia fell into thought with a frown on her face. "That should be the Eighth Demon King, Miriya Hampa, the Demon King before me. I recall that she was a spirit magician. She is also a blonde, according to historical records... But you say that she dragged you into her Spiritual Realm?"

"That's right. I just so happened to have fulfilled the activation conditions she had set for her Spiritual Realm," Alice said, nodding. "But she has terrible eyesight. My Milu Rabbit's soul also got dragged into her Spiritual Realm, and she ended up mistaking its soul for my soul. When she tried to possess my Milu Rabbit's body, I launched a surprise attack on her soul and damaged it."

"I see. Yes, that fellow should have poor eyesight. Basically, all portraits of her passed down in the demon realm show her wearing glasses for vision correction," Andusia said, realization dawning on her. "But why did the air here suddenly recover so much mana?"

"That woman tried to escape after eating my attack. She folded the Soul Mark Scroll into a paper crane and flew out. So, I attacked her with a Burning Star," Alice said. Then, scratching her head in frustration, she continued, "But that woman dispersed my Burning Star with a simple Mana Balancing. Fortunately, she probably got distracted because of the attack, and combined with her poor vision, she ended up crashing into a wall. Then, I quickly burned her to death."

"I see. So, the mana in the air is a result of your taboo getting dispersed by Mana Balancing," Andusia said, an expression of schadenfreude appearing on her face when she heard Alice's words. "Indeed. If it were up to me, I, too, would use Mana Balancing to disperse your taboo in such a mana-deprived environment. Then, I'd smack you in the face with a taboo before your mana recovers."

"Hmph. Says the Demon King, who I subdued in only a few moves."

Out of frustration, Alice grabbed Andusia's body out of the air and began nudging her tiny head with her knuckles. Then, once Andusia started seeing stars in her eyes, Alice put the figurine on her shoulder and returned her gaze to Gel.

At this time, Gel didn't even dare to breathe loudly. He had heard the entire conversation between Alice and Andusia, so he couldn't help but grow anxious.

However, seeing as Alice had talked about eliminating a Demon King's soul so casually, it shouldn't be an important secret, right? Alice wouldn't eliminate him over such a small matter, right? ...Right?

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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