Chapter 269 - Even a Rabbit Can Have a Bright Future
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The Tale of Hero Alice's Social Death (Pantsu Hero Alice) Chapter 269 - Even a Rabbit Can Have a Bright Future

Alice looked at the ashes of the burnt Soul Mark Scroll for a moment. Then, she crouched down and grabbed a pinch of it with her right hand.

She was a little curious as to whether these ashes would carry any special abilities. After all, the fragments of the Radioactive Soul Stone she previously shattered had retained some of the soul stone's strength, each fragment being given a "Not Bad" rating. So, perhaps the ashes of the Soul Mark Scroll might also retain some of the original scroll's effects.

[Weapon: Soul Mark Scroll Ashes With Scant Amount of Soul Energy (Small)]

[Quality: Fine]

[Effect: Spirit +10, Mana +10]

[Additional Effect:

Soul Remnants (Passive Skill. Remnants of a Demon King's soul. Can be used to improve the quality of a soul to a certain extent.)]

It really does have an effect. It even received a "Fine" rating. That's already on par with the academy's magic robe, Alice thought as she looked at the ashes pinched between her fingers. The ashes felt much more textured than she expected. They didn't disintegrate and stick to her fingers like the ashes of normal paper. That was probably because the Soul Mark Scroll was much sturdier than ordinary paper.

Afterward, Alice carefully scraped off the ashes on her hand and reunited them with their companions on the ground.

If this was when Alice had just transmigrated to this world recently, she would have most likely felt that these ashes were useless. She might have even stepped on them and sent them scattering all over the place.

Now, though, Alice had a different view on these ashes.

Personally, Alice couldn't really think of a situation where the Soul Mark Scroll's ashes might come into use for her. However, the story might change if these ashes were in the hands of an alchemist. Hence, Alice intended to bring these ashes back and hand them to Lacey. Perhaps the young and talented alchemist might find some use for these ashes.

It didn't really hurt to try, anyway. The blonde Demon King's soul was most certainly eliminated. Hence, her soul's remnants were attached to the Soul Mark Scroll's ashes, allowing the ashes to gain a special ability. Thinking back now, Alice felt that had she destroyed the Radioactive Soul Stone when Grant's soul was inside it, the soul stone's fragments might have also gained a similar additional effect.

While Alice was thinking of finding a random notebook to tear off a blank page and turn it into a paper bag, the Milu Rabbit suddenly jumped off the experiment table. Then, it ran up to Alice and started sniffing the Soul Mark Scroll's ashes.


Alice grew a little curious when she saw the Milu Rabbit's actions. Then, when she saw the Milu Rabbit turning to look at her after sniffing the ashes, even if she was bad at reading expressions, she instantly understood what kind of intentions it was trying to convey. "You…want these Soul Mark Scroll ashes?"

Although Alice didn't know why, she felt that the Milu Rabbit had become a little smarter. Unfortunately, it would seem that the Milu Rabbit still couldn't understand complex human language. So, the Milu Rabbit simply tilted its head when it heard Alice's question.

Alice chuckled helplessly when she saw this response. She nearly thought the Milu Rabbit had become sentient for a moment. Even so, the Milu Rabbit's current behavior was indeed quite different from before. So, Alice rubbed the Milu Rabbit's head with her right hand and inspected the information panel that had popped up in her mind.

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[Weapon: Spiritually Sluggish Milu Rabbit]

[Quality: Not Bad]

[Effect: Strength +3, Speed +3]

[Additional Effect: Penetration (Passive Skill. The head's destructive power against obstacles is greatly improved.)]

Nothing had changed. This was also why Alice could be certain that the blonde Demon King hadn't possessed the Milu Rabbit's body. If the blonde Demon King did possess the Milu Rabbit's body, the information shown here shouldn't be so monotonous.

After thinking it over, Alice felt it wouldn't be a problem to let the Milu Rabbit have the Soul Mark Scroll's ashes. There was only a small amount of ashes here. Even if she brought everything back to Lacey, she doubted that Lacey could produce any significant research results.

Although Alice wasn't an alchemist, she knew that alchemy was a field of study that involved many experiments and data accumulation. Without these things, alchemists couldn't produce any useful results. It was just like how alchemists could construct a working human body using the Seed of Nature but couldn't do the same for an elven body. It was because alchemists lacked elven corpses to research.

Meanwhile, it was obvious that the small pile of Soul Mark Scroll ashes here wasn't enough to conduct a useful study. The ashes would most likely be expended before any useful results were produced.

Since that was the case, she might as well give these ashes to the Milu Rabbit. At the very least, the Milu Rabbit had very clearly noticed something special about the ashes since it was trying to acquire them. Considering that the blonde Demon King had previously tried to invade the Milu Rabbit's body and spirit, maybe eating the ashes that carried the remnants of the blonde Demon King's soul might help its spirit recover?

"Since you want them, you can have them," Alice said, smiling. Her Milu Rabbit was probably the only Milu Rabbit in the world who'd get the opportunity to eat the remnants of a Demon King's soul.

Meanwhile, the Milu Rabbit seemingly understood Alice's words this time as it promptly began nibbling on the ashes after taking another look at Alice.

Will it become even smarter after eating these ashes? Alice wondered as she watched the Milu Rabbit eating the ashes and recalled the obvious change in the Milu Rabbit's behavior.

However, despite the change in the Milu Rabbit's intelligence, its obedience to Alice did not change. This fact was made clear after Alice had managed to obtain the Milu Rabbit's weapon information even after it had regained consciousness. This proved that the Milu Rabbit didn't harbor any sense of resistance toward her even when it was awake.

The only problem was that the Milu Rabbit was no longer seeking to knock itself unconscious after seeing Alice. This made Alice wonder whether the Milu Rabbit's "Penetration" ability would have any more opportunities to improve.

Should I help it raise the hardness of its head…?

Alice fell into contemplation as she looked at the Milu Rabbit's head.

Novel Notes

Made a change to Chapter 262:

Several thousand years ago, the psychokinetic and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using psychokinetic-attributed mana to cast this taboo.

Several thousand years ago, the mind and spirit attributes had yet to be separated. So, the first comment should be referring to using mind-attributed mana to cast this taboo.


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