Chapter 263.2: The Man Who Made Her Majesty Blush and Fall In Love (2)
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Swear Fealty To Me, My Subjects! Chapter 263.2: The Man Who Made Her Majesty Blush and Fall In Love (2)

There were some small matters that Rayne did not care about.

However, in reality, the name Rayne Haines had long been famous in the land of skulls.

This was an existence that had once caused the Blood Empress and the Ancient Dragon Princess to shout his name and fight to the point of the heavens collapsing!

He was truly a monster who could bring calamity to the country and the people!

Legend has it that this hero was the next Emperor of the Haines Empire.

He killed the ancient dragon and nurtured the strongest Moonlight Queen in history singlehandedly. He repelled the projection of the goddess and pulled out the Starburst Sword. In fact, he even destroyed the Evil Star in the outer world completely…

Such an expert was naturally worthy of reverence!

Furthermore, not only that…

In the land of skulls where the Blood Cavalry resided, Rayne Haines's existence had already become the most mysterious legend. The reason was…

The Empress's attitude towards this mortal prince…

The supreme Nether Realm Empress symbolized endless killing and war. She was the most violent and heartless goddess.

Similarly, she carried that same arrogance and cold-bloodedness as a goddess towards her subordinates.

The Blood Cavalry and followers who were loyal to her were merely consumables that could be squandered at will in her pursuit of blood and war.

She would always watch coldly as tens of thousands and millions of fiends died tragically in front of her without even blinking or revealing a smile.

She was so bored that it was almost cruel.

Only by reaching the level of an apostle could one obtain a teeny bit of attention from the Empress.

As for the chosens, because these existences shouldered the heavy responsibility of expanding the territory of the Empress in the mortal world, the Empress was slightly interested in them.

However, even for these most elite mortal followers who had her blood flowing in them and were like her children…

It was difficult to say if the Empress had any deep feelings for them.

The Empress was always expressionless

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